June 10th, 2008

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Who: Ron Weasley, George Weasley, Megan Jones, and possibly Spencer Capper.
What: Drinking!
When: Evening.
Where: The Leaky Cauldron.
Why: Why not?

Pretend this says something amazingly clever. )

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Tag to Megan

Who: Michael and Megan
When: Today... look I don't really want to look up the time right now.
Where: Starting in Meg's bookstore.
Summary: Fun and adventures!

Having the day off, Michael rarely stayed at home. Even if he was tired, he fell asleep in the most awkward of places. Park benches, the undergrounds waiting for a train, even against light poles. Today he was hoping for something more... fun.

And what was more fun than walking into a bookstore full of really cute girls, that was also run by a really cute woman? Well, what ensues after, of course. The two that were working smiled at the handsome regular that came in. Michael winked at them both, and like the sun rising every morning, a blush spread through their faces.

Spying the springy brunette that he was pursuing - distracted at the counter, as she counted books or something or other - Michael waltzed up and placed his arms crossed upon the edge.

"Excuse me, Miss? Could I speak to a manager? There's just too much work and not enough play going on in here."

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Tag to Parvati

Who: Pansy and Parvati
Where:: Starting at Pansy's work
When: This week.
What: Parvati interrupts Pansy at work.

She sat at her desk, parchments scattered everywhere, her hair in a loose bun as she hovered over said messy parchments with quills and inks. Pansy had been working on this particular advertisement for Moonchant and Minks for a week now. Something just wasn't quite right...

As her thoughts heavily saturated her brain, she didn't notice that a particular pink minx had walked in her office door demanding immediate attention. In fact, it only took Parvati one shrill moment to get the Slytherin's notice.