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October 9th, 2011

[Oct. 9th, 2011|12:47 pm]
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Thomas )
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|01:23 pm]
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Kitty, I know you have good intentions, but for the last time, the answer is no.

I don't even know what speed dating is!
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|03:18 pm]
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This is not Gotham. But I wouldn't say it's better than Gotham either. The same crime, the same corruption.

And I'm not any more sure that I'm doing good here than I was there.
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|03:57 pm]



The slow path isn't so bad. Really. Okay, driving me barking mad, but there's bound to be something happening soon, right?


Course I'm right. Something fantastic.
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|04:38 pm]
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Bloody hell, I had to do some fast thinking to come up with a "maiden name" for the marriage license! Why did no one tell me there'd be a marriage license? I must've looked like an idiot. Anyway. Rather happy now. Just wanted to thank all you lot who came to the ceremony and the party. Sebastian, thank you so much. It was ... wonderful, all of it.

And now, it was a lovely time, but now, if anyone wants me or Aaron for the next week or so, they can, with my great love and appreciation, piss right off.

ooc )
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|05:34 pm]
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A man who has lived by the sword,
A life that has been twice restored,
First fighting for glory,
Then to change sorrow's story--
What does his heart seek as reward?
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|06:08 pm]
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I will not admit I miss Reynold.

It's raining today. It's nice.
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|06:10 pm]


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Does anyone want to go dancing? I miss it!
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|08:01 pm]
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Anyone seen my hat?
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[Oct. 9th, 2011|11:03 pm]
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Auron )
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