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October 13th, 2012

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Hey everyone! What the subject says! As usual now, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - I promise to make a totally shocking, non-discussed-endlessly-before event sometime -...

Starting on Monday 15th and ending on Sunday 21st, we're having a replay of all the clothes-related events so far!

Because these're not nearly enough, I'm adding a brand-new one. After much srs debating and thought, I'm naming it 'the Costumes event', meaning you can choose from a much wider variety of outfits. Medieval, superheroes, animals, pirates, whatever you'd like. The usual rules apply - the clothes will show up suddenly on them, and the characters' usual clothes will vanish or shrink (this would happen to anything they borrow, as well). Your pick.

You can choose just one outfit and stick with that the whole time, or switch through a number of them, or make them have one for just a while, or not have your characters affected at all.

On top of this, there's a chance your characters' outfit will affect how they act. For example, if someone were to pick an Infinity outfit, their character could feel more angsty and sad than usual. If someone picked a superhero outfit for them, they might feel more heroic. And so on. This wouldn't be a full personality switch, more like little bursts of it. It might not be just the personality, either - someone with a fairy outfit might find themselves occasionally sparkling or floating, or someone with a ninja outfit might have their speed and stealth increased, someone with a chef outfit could find that they can manage to cook even if they didn't know how to before... This effect is part of the costumes event and will count for replays of it.

That's about it, feel free to ask any questions as always.