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October 14th, 2011

[info]kiseki_mods in [info]kiseki_rpg

Activity check - Take 4!

Time for the bi-monthly Activity Check! In case anyone's forgotten, the activity requirements can be found here in the FAQ.

Please comment here and provide the necessary info - I won't ask for specific formatting, just go with whatever's easiest for you. As long as I can see you've fulfilled the minimum requirements, it's all good.

The post will be open for a week! You have the rest of the week to gather any missing comments. Any posts or threads played after this post goes up can be counted for the following AC - you simply can't have a thread count for two different periods.

The following characters didn't pass AC last time:

Kobato Hanato ([info]alittledove)
Kazahaya Kudou ([info]memorandom)
Eagle Vision ([info]flylikean)
Gigei ([info]moodforadance)
Yama ([info]littlemountain)
Yuuko Ichihara ([info]tit_for_tat)
Suu ([info]atrueelsewhere)
Kamui Shirou ([info]revelations4_22)
Setsuka Sakurazuka ([info]mommylovesyou)

This post is now CLOSED.

[info]kiseki_mods in [info]kiseki_rpg

Event \o/

Needs moar mod-posts, right?

Time for an event!

Starting on Tuesday 18th, and ending a week after on the 25th (*), characters will sometimes be forced by Kiseki's magic to follow - literally - other people's commands. Say somebody tells them to "get out", then they would find themselves doing so, even if the other person didn't actually mean for them to do it.

It could affect anybody, and how long the effects of each individual command lasts is up to the mun - the character might be able to stop themselves before they completely follow the order through, or they might be stuck doing one motion for a good while.

As always, feel free to ask any questions o/

(*): So that it doesn't seem like I'm ignoring the crit given re: event timing already - this one has a shorter plotting period because it wouldn't require much plotting before-hand, and so that it won't overlap as much with the 31st, which is when I assume we'll have the Halloween dance thing.