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December 14th, 2009

[info]kiseki_mods in [info]kiseki_rpg

OKAY, I can't keep delaying this because we have Things Planned for later.

So. Event time!

In an attempt to make as many stupid events as possible and to make people hate Kiseki a lot, this time all clothes will disappear \o/ Including whichever your characters're wearing. Those in particular will end up replaced by a bed sheet - just a regular one (though you can pick the color and pattern?), which will show up wrapped around the waist for the guys and around the chest for the girls (kind of like a towel? and idk ambiguous characters can pick whichever they like the most).

Any plot relevant items of clothing will remain - such as TB!Subaru's gloves or Kobato's hats, but other than that, it's all gone!

To keep everyone from freezing their asses off, Kiseki'll change into a spring-like weather for the time being.

This event starts today and will end on Friday, and this time it is mandatory, since it's not fun otherwise. Not everyone has to be affected at the exact same time, by the way! As long as it happens at some point, it's fine if it's delayed for a while.

As always, feel free to ask any questions (and since most people're offline atm and I can't consult on chat, please let me know if the timing's troublesome, I can adjust it or we can work something out!).

P.S.: For future re-playing, it'd work like with the other clothing!related events - if your character tries to borrow something, it'll just shrink the hell down and it'll be impossible to wear.