July 3rd, 2010

[info]lemortvivant in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Bran and Gabby
What: Visiting, introductions, and awkward fun
Where: 1106
When: The day after this, at 2 {timelines confuse me}
Warnings: Who knows

the Dark and Mysterious Raven was not impressed )

[info]old_fashioned in [info]bellumlogs

WHO: Helena and Lily
WHAT: Reunions! Happy times! And maybe some splainin', which might lead to sad times. ._.
WHERE: 104
WHEN: UM... sometime after Helena gets out of the hospital (which was on the 21st, I think). Keeping it vague since I can't keep I straight anymore

She let out a soft exhale in relief when the elevator car hit the first floor without incident. )

[info]whatbefell in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Xavier and Sam
What: Business talk. Oh and power disabling.
Where: 904
When: June 24th, 8:00 PM
Warnings: Swearing?
Notes: Xavier gave Sam a call, assumed ooc, switching their visit from Monday to Thursday. Timelines suck.

La nuit du chasseur )

[info]thefairestone in [info]bellumlogs

WHO: Pilar and Mimi (and the door's open so everyone wander in k?)
WHAT: Decorating
WHERE: Room 707
WHEN: June 25th noon
WARNINGS: Possible swearing

At least the longest wall would be finished. )

[info]wickedwicker in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Sam and Joanie
What: Semi-awkward talking
Where: 904
When: June 24th, 5:15 PM
Warnings: None anticipated, though with Joanie, swearing is always a possibility. EDIT: PG-style smoochin' going on here people

A cheesy gift is a sure sign of a good potential relationship. )