June 2020






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Feb. 15th, 2016


[News: Webster's Vinyl]

[All throughout the duration of the mist, Webster's Vinyl remains closed, doors locked, lights off, and no note to signify when the store will reopen. As of the mist's dissipation, all is the same.]

Feb. 7th, 2016


public, jude c


I need to borrow somebodys wallpaper.

[Oliver K/Jude C]
I'm taking you somewhere. Get a full tank.



Three bars and a carnival. Repose, you've changed. You used to be all about church and now, you're something else. I like this new side to you.

Feb. 4th, 2016


connie makes various posts to various things and people

[Rory B. aka hell hound.]
[The back door to the B&B is cracked open and inside is food, a bone to chew on and a soft place to lay down. Connie decides to go all out for the dog, believing it's gotta be some kind of goodluck charm.]

[Sam A.]
[Delivery to the hospital room. A funny card and a stuffed animal. The card says "Congrats on the bb! Hope things are going well. I know things are weird, but it doesn't matter anymore, cool? - Connie G."]

[Liam R.]
I heard you're sticking around the B&B? Did you need your room cleaned or anything like that?

[A picture taken inside of the B&B, near the stairs. There's something at the top of the stairs, a fuzzy light and maybe an outline of a person. And is that the outline of a skull? It's probably a trick of the light. Probably. Who knows! Connie adds:]

Feb. 1st, 2016




Free gallon of gasoline to the first Chevy Caprice that rolls through playing track five of the best mix ever.



[After this; midday.]

Webster's Vinyl is open. [...] Again. 20% off all jazz & blues records !


[News: Webster's Vinyl]

[After a brief hiatus (and a one-day return), a sign goes up Monday morning at the local music store, declaring on a bold purple banner in the window, that Webster's Vinyl is once again open for business. The hours are listed on a sign taped to the front door (and stuck in a plastic sleeve).

And come Monday afternoon, music plays loud enough to from the little store to bump the glass windows in their panes.]

Jan. 24th, 2016


[open to visitors - untitled, the burlesque roadhouse]

Who: Anybody
What: Untitled, the Burlesque Roadhouse, is open for business - at least for a night. It's the grand opening and perhaps the only open night, so get in while you can.
Where: Roadhouse
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Scantily clad people in your mind's eye.
Note: This is an open location post, so feel free to throw in a comment and see if someone hits it or set your threads here. I may hit the occasional open, but otherwise assume the club owner is chilling ~somewhere and making sure everyone behaves. ;)

The message was slipped under every door in town: 'THE GRAND OPENING and possibly ONLY NIGHT OF untitled THE BURLESQUE ROADHOUSE.' The date and time were printed in block on the scrap of thick white paper. 'PRESENT for TWO FREE DRINKS, NO RESTRICTIONS' )