November 2019






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Nov. 7th, 2019



This is stupid
Why the fuck am I bother

Anyone into Zorro around here?

Oct. 30th, 2019



This is so awkward since people will know who
Salutations is too pretentious

Hi. I am Audrey, though I typically go by Aud. I am introducing myself since I will be a new face at The SecondHand Bookstore.

I'll be working there part-time.

Again, hi.

Oct. 29th, 2019


Locked to Noah

[Filtered to Noah Nicodemo-Webster]

My name's Rey Smith; I'm staying in town for the next few months, and Atticus McVickers suggested I get in touch with you about working at the B&B and tell you he'd given me the green light. I'm willing to do pretty much any kind of physical labour: cooking, table service, cleaning, maintenance. And I've done retail work so I would also be able to handle the front desk.

I do have a degree in History but I'm not averse to hard work. I expect to be here at least six months.

If you've got any open positions that you think I'd suit for, I'd be glad to drop by and talk, or answer any questions you have. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Oct. 27th, 2019


Who: Ren Solitaire and Rey Smith
What: Rey has some news for Ren
When: Friday 25 October, lunchtime
Where: Diner
Warnings: Discussion of magical crimes

It doesn't matter if you're interested or not, if they're interested in you. )

Oct. 17th, 2019


[Arcade, group log, open.]

Who: Anyone who wants to come/group log thing.
What: A dark, free-night.
Where: The Neon Retro Arcade.
When: Fridayish, after this.
Warnings/Rating: Anything goes in here. Feel free to start individual threads within.

The arcade, as a rule, was open later than most anything downtown. The owner wasn't local, and he really didn't care how the thing was run, not as long as it was making money. The place didn't open until after noon most days, and it closed late, making it a regular haunt of the town's younger adults. But tonight was special. Tonight it was 10 pm, and all the lights inside were turned off. The games still operated, neon casting the otherwise dark space in a bright-bubblegum glow that still maintained clusters of shadows and utter darkness.

The games were all free for the evening, and the PlayStation and X-Box, situated against the back wall and across from a pair of couches, were also free to use. There was a cooler in the back hall, next to the bathroom, with drinks, and the music that played through the arcade speakers was loud and fun, adding more conversational privacy to the already dark space.

And it went without saying that no one was policing anything happening within. Even the local sheriff was understood to be looking away for the night, thanks to anonymously greased palms.

Oct. 11th, 2019



Hello. My name is Rey Smith, and I used to summer on the lake with my foster family. I'll be staying in Repose for the next few months, at least through the New Year.

I'm looking for at least part-time employment in town. I have a degree in history and can handle all types of clerical work. I'm also available for shop assistant positions, odd jobs, and manual labor. If anyone is looking for seasonal workers, I could also take a position for the holidays. Thanks in advance for any leads.

I still think we should talk. I've learned some things you might want to know. Not about your parents and only indirectly related to Uncle Luke. But it's not the sort of thing that we should discuss on a forum like this.

Also I haven't spoken to your family.

Oct. 10th, 2019


log; coffeeshop; ren & rey

Who: Rey Smith and Ren Solitaire
What: WTF are you doing here?
When: Thursday.
Where: Coffee shop
Warnings: Language

Use your words. )