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Jan. 19th, 2017


Public, Newt P, Louis D, Cat C, Perry P


Kid from the bar, did you spend time in the local lock-up after a very determined effort to pick a bar fight? You owe me your bar tab.

[Newt P]

Do you mind if I impose that beast on you for the duration of the visit home? Is there anything you want from back there, aside from a decent cup of tea?

[Louis D]

In the brief interlude between trouble and not, thanks very much for the Christmas of the old country. I'm headed back shortly, if you've got an overwhelming desire for Marmite, Cadbury's that doesn't taste of shite or a box of teabags, now's the time to tell me.

[Cat C]

You make it to Russia yet?

[Perry P]

I haven't seen your face lately.

Jan. 14th, 2017


[Ryan Manor: Gwen, Perry, Harry]

Who: Gwen, Perry, Harry
What: Lunch!
Where: Harry's house on the lake
When: Lunch-ish, now-ish
Warnings/Rating: Goblins and spiders?

Gwen and Perry had agreed to meet at Harry's, but it was way too cold for Gwen to ride her bike out to the big houses by the lake. So, she called for an Uber (which someone at the facility had taught her was an option for transportation), and she arrived at Harry's in a super short time. It was about five minutes before she was meant to meet Perry, and she wandered around the gates that led into Harry's palatial home. Under her boots, the ground crunched, and she was super glad she'd layered a long-sleeved tee under her sweater. Her denim skirt was short, but the blue stocking she wore under it were thick and warm, and her tan boots reached to her knees and were super good for walking on the frozen ground. It felt maybe kind of like it might snow, but she couldn't be sure. She thought all the physical requirements were present for snow, but sometimes nature seemed to dismiss physical requirements (which made limited sense to the girl that was currently tugging her mittens more securely onto her cold fingers).

Surprisingly, she wasn't really worried about this social interaction. Harry was being unpredictable in his behavior, but Gwen thought Perry might be really good at this particular version of Harry Ryan. It wasn't that she believed Harry (currently) to be more similar to the version Perry had known, but Perry cared about Harry, and she thought that counted for a lot. And, too, she felt super glad that she'd informed Harry about her particular circumstances. She'd felt bad about her previous deception, and now that was behind them. With any luck, she'd walk out of here with a super good idea of how Harry had been altered, and maybe they could devise a plan to proceed.

Jan. 12th, 2017


Perry P

[Locked to Perry P]

Hi, Slytherin, we're having lunch at Harry's tomorrow.
Signed, Ravenclaw.

Jan. 5th, 2017


Perry P, Jason W, Harry R, MJ W

[Locked to Perry P]
Hi, Perry.

[Locked to Jason W]
Thank you for your assistance. Are you okay?

[Locked to Harry R]
You've been super quiet, Harry. Isn't it lonely in that super big house?

[Locked to MJ W ]
People are so difficult to understand sometimes.


Perry P, Jude C

[Locked to Perry P]
Tiger, there arcade is under new management. Do you want to check it out with me? 😘😘😘

[Locked to Jude C]
How was Christmas, hotshot?

Dec. 30th, 2016



[Unacquainted with the internet, by and large, but he gives it a shot. As Newt P.]

I am seeking Jack Penhaligon.

Dec. 26th, 2016


Delivery to Perry P

[As requested, something sweet. The cake fits inside of a square shoebox, which is wrapped in reindeer paper. On top of the box, in loopy, girlish letters, there is a warning: This side up!

The dessert is not bakery beautiful, but rather obviously homemade. It is comprised of thin layers of cake with nuts and apricot jam all in between. There is a silky chocolate glaze on top, and it has been cut into squares. There is a Christmas card with the box. It has a jolly Santa on the outside, and more of the loopy handwriting on the inside.

Enjoy, Perry
& share with your aunt

Dec. 18th, 2016


spidey kids lock(gwen r, flash m, perry p, mj w, felicity h, marta f), phonecall: mj w

[Out of the blue.]

Who missed me?

[And because their last call dropped, he phones MJ directly. Ring, ring.]


perry p.

Hi! Secret Santa buddy here! Tell me everything about yourself ever. :)

Dec. 13th, 2016


Claire J & Matt D (& Jude C), Perry P

[Locked to Claire J & Matt D (& Jude C)]
Do either of you know how to make bath bombs and/or want to help make them, regardless of skill level?

[Locked to Perry P]
Hi, tiger.

Nov. 27th, 2016



[After this.]

So Felicity got ahold of Mr. Ryan, and he's saying his son's doing fine. Also, they fired me.

Nov. 22nd, 2016


[Jack, Felicity.]

[Jack P.]

Hello. Just letting you know I am available if you have any assignments.

[Text to Felicity.]


Nov. 19th, 2016


[locked to spiderkids]

So Harry's physically okay but not doing so great in the head. Gwen, you probably know more than I do. Our bigger problem right now is them coming after Perry and Gwen. They let him leave, but they've probably still got him on camera getting into that room through the vent. I covered the common areas, so they won't know where he came from, at least not yet. If they figure that out, though, Gwen's going to have a problem, and they might come looking for him too.

The other question is what you do about somebody who's screwed up but doesn't want to leave. Harry had a shitfit when Perry showed up, it sounded like.


[News: RyCorp/League/Facility]

[There's a slight situation on the science campus in the Facility. A young male, name withheld, is found within RyCorp's secure level and escorted out by RyCorp guards. It is believed he entered the level through another level within the building, though the situation is still being investigated. Guards are being questioned, and security is, at the request of RyCorp, being strengthened. There are rumors, of course, about the purpose of the break-in, and they range from the very fanciful (someone was being kept prisoner!) to the most trite (he simply got lost on the way to the bathroom!). Whatever the reason, it means that guests and visitors are restricted for the time being.]

Nov. 1st, 2016


Gwen, Perry, Harry (with Jason on surveillance)

Who: Gwen, Perry, Harry (with Jason on surveillance)
What: Checking on Harry
Where: Facility: League → RyCorp
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Good luck, okay? And be careful. )

Oct. 25th, 2016


spidey lock again wahhoo

[Spidey Kids]

Hey, so Harry called me this morning and he sounded like he was in pretty bad shape. While we were on the phone, someone showed up at his place and took him. Gwen and I checked it out and it looks like a professional job, no dealer shit. His dad called him the night before, so we think it's possible it has something to do with him.

The good news is that I think his dad probably saved his fucking life. We found a shit ton of blood on the scene and IDK how much longer he had if that was his (Gwen can you confirm?). The bad news is who knows what the fuck will happen to him now. We gotta get him out or at least see where he's at.

Ideas? I gotta- my sister's in the fucking ER so I can't do shit right now, but once I make sure she's okay I'll do whatever I can.

Oct. 24th, 2016



Hi Wendy, I just want to be sure you're okay.


spidey kids/sunshine

[Spidey Crew:]

uuhh I was stuck at work all night but you guys good?

[Gwen R.]


[Sunshine F.]

yo I gotta go check on Gwen but you good?

Oct. 9th, 2016


Perry P, Harry R

[Locked to Perry P]
Hi. I attempted to contact you before, in order to apologize, and I deleted the message when you didn't immediately respond. I realize now that I should have allowed the apology to remain.

I'm sorry.

[Locked to Harry R]
Sorry for getting sick.

Oct. 5th, 2016


Text: Sam A, Lou D, Casey D, Manning T, Jason W, Gwen R, Perry P, Oliver K, Cale R & Connie G


[Text to Sam A]
Hey, mami.

[Locked to Lou D]
Hey, Lou, how's it going with Daniel?

[Locked to Casey D]
How you doing?

[Locked to Manning T]
So, a pumpkin patch, huh?

[Locked to Jason W]
Hey, chico, how you holding up? I heard your dad was back in town.

[Locked to Gwen R]
Oye, chica, all going good?

[Locked to Perry P]
Hey, kid, remember me?

[Locked to Oliver K]
Chico, got anything for me?

[Locked to Cale R & Connie G]
This is me reaching out about the maze, kids. Just tell me what you need done.

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