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Nov. 28th, 2015


[B&B: Nimue and Connie]

[The photograph was not particularly old. The year was 2000, and the image depicted was that of a man judging a science fair. It was not the type of photograph that Nimue was regularly drawn to. The photograph was much too modern, much too founded in the reality of everyday living. The girl was a magnet for antiquities, and she'd much more love for gothic romances than was healthy or readily admitted. Normally, she gravitated toward images that were firmly rooted in a time that was not her own. Perhaps 2000 nearly counted, as she'd been a child then and completely unaware of her own legacy.

In summation, the image was not at all what one would find in Nimue's personal travel collection.

The photograph had been found and donated to the Town Museum, as many such images were, and she'd handled it with the sole intention of classification. But something about the image sparked within the girl, and she attempted to climb within its edges.

She was no novice. This party trick had been performed since she wore frilled knickers and shoes of black patent leather. Her ability to do this single and solitary thing, it had led her family to believe she was destined for greatness. But there had been no greatness, and she'd never learned another a trick. A very wealthy one-trick pony, was Nimue.

But this image did not comply, and she spent the hours after her failure attempting to learn about the man reflected within. The search led her to the old inn, and it lead to the girl behind the counter there. Nimue was not particularly gifted in casual conversation, and she showed no exemplary skill or grace in this moment. Wearing a skirt that was a-line and much too dowdy for her age, paired with a sweater in camel, coat open and one stocking down, she held the photograph up to the girl's face.] I believe this man to be your relation.



[As Damian W]

A depiction is not an homage; nor is it proof of devotion. Especially not when it is done without skill and thought, as well as being entirely devoid of accuracy. I do not wish to see another fat, plastic infant in plastic hay on someone's lawn.