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Feb. 21st, 2018


[note left for Dietre in the mail]

[In carefully written out letters:]

This is a big step. You will do well.

Sieglinde is ready when you are. Someone will be at my home tomorrow.

She knows a few commands in German, Achtung, Aus, Hier, platz, sitz, und bleib. I know you will treat her with kindness and she will love you back in return. There is a leash law, so make sure she's kept on it. I've let her out a few times and she'll stay in the general area, but you don't want the pound picking her up. She checked out at the vet, she's had her shots (you will need to take her in for a follow up shot). There are things you need to watch out for with her breed, joint problems and epilepsy. I left the card for her vet in the envelope and a good groomer if you wish to take her in.

You are a dear friend. I would love for you to meet the man staying with me when you are ready.



Who: Nilus and James
What: Dinner and a proposal
When: February 17th - Backdated
Where: Out and then home
Rating: Fluff
Status: Complete

The prices are horrendous )


Who: Nilus and James
What: Death was only the beginning
When: February 15 - backdated
Where: The woods
Rating: None
Status: Complete

Nilus was homesick )

Feb. 20th, 2018


Nilus D

[Mental: Nilus/Misha]
[Tap. Tap. Late at night.] Am I bothering, Nilus?

Feb. 14th, 2018


delivery: liam r, nilus d, misha b

Three Valentine's Day Deliveries... )

Feb. 11th, 2018


Janus A, Alyssa V, Nilus D

[Locked to Janus A]
[While talking with Claire.] You there, Janus?

[Mental: Alyssa V]
[He tries for a real sharp, real hard mental shove.]

[Locked to Nilus D]
You make it through the crazy fine, אָח?

Feb. 9th, 2018


Call: Jason W, Eddie N, Leena B, Dick G, Cat C, Claire J, Con T, Carnival Lock, ETA: Misha B

[Once his transfer is finalized.]

[Call: Jason W]
[After being handed the phone.]

[Locked to Eddie N]
Because Miller knows, I know you do. I am fine.

[Locked to Leena B]
Leena, I am moving from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. Are you yet returned?

[Locked to Dick G]

[Locked to Cat C]

[Locked to Claire J]
I will be unable to do anything until March begins.

[Locked to Con T]
Has your memory returned?

[Carnival Lock: Beau W, Dick G, Nilus D, Sadie M, Misha B+]
I am leaving now. The interim manager will take over tomorrow. If you require anything, speak to her.

[Locked to Misha B]
[Later, when his phone is returned.]
I found you an image. [A link.]

Jan. 28th, 2018


[Carnival lock: Dietre, Sadie, Beau, Dick, Nilus, Abe, Sasha, Damian]

[Carnival lock: Dietre, Sadie, Beau, Dick, Nilus, Abe, Sasha, Damian]
Something weird's going on in town, and it's affecting how folks remember things. Also, there are reports of things going real wrong in the Capital, just in case anyone was inclined to head out that way.

Jan. 25th, 2018


Who: Dietre Abendroth and Nilus/Zeke/John Doe.
What: A belated birthday gift.
Where: The carnival.
When: Early evening.
Warnings/Rating: Low.

Happy birthday. )

Jan. 24th, 2018



[Patrick G.]
[At his ranger station, she leaves him a potted plant. A note: I got this at the Capital from a shady vendor, but it looks like the kind from back home.]

[Dawn L]

Not dead!


Any artists out there?



Who's hiring?

I'm a quick learner.

Jan. 22nd, 2018


[Mental tap - Misha B.]

Memories can't just be erased. My God.

I know who he is.

[Locked to Dietre A.]

I've been quiet, I apologize. I needed... time to think.

Congratulations are in order. Damian says you'll be out next month? I have a surprise for you.

[Locked to Damian W.]
[In Arabic] Thank you. If you have the time, may I ask your perspective on a matter?

Jan. 21st, 2018


Dietre A+Nilus, Daniel W, Carnival, Naila a-K, Cat C, FLEET: Misha B

[Locked to Dietre A+Nilus]
The lawyers have told me you ought be out by the middle of next month.

[Locked to Daniel W]

[Carnival lock: Abe W, Sasha J, Beau W, Dietre A, Misha B, Sadie M]
Greet Sadie. She is now your coworker.

[Locked to Naila a-K]
[In Arabic.] Greetings.

[Locked to Cat C]
I failed.

[FLEET: Misha B]
[Sent to Misha is a fifteen second long video of Pennyworth, shot from overhead, as the kitten sleeps in Damian's hood—as he is wearing his hoodie.]

Jan. 4th, 2018


Batfam+,Jude C+Misha B,Louis D+Misha B,Adrian M+Misha B,Claire J+Misha B,Carnival,FLEET: Misha B

[Batfam+: Leena B, Misha B, Cat C, Tim D, Dick G, Sasha J, Stephanie M, Eddie N, Holly R, Con T, Abe W, Jason W]
I thank you each for your gifts. I hope the holiday treated you well.

[Locked to Jude C + Misha B]
I do not use leather, Jude, but it is the thought that counts.

[Locked to Louis D + Misha B]
I thank you for the gifts, Louis.

[Locked to Adrian M + Misha B]
Thank you for the mittens.

[Locked to Claire J + Misha B]
Thank you, Claire.

[Locked to the Carnival: Dietre A, Misha B, "Zeke," Dick G, Sasha J, Beau W, Abe W]
To those of you who came to the manor, thank you for coming. For those of you who did not, this is also fine. We resume our typical schedule.

[FLEET: Misha B]

Dec. 28th, 2017



[Santa brings Nilus a soft lined jacket, an electric blanket, and a gas generator to plug it into.]

Dec. 27th, 2017


[Misha & Damian]

That's too much. I have no way to repay you.

[Dietre A.]

An apt replacement for those feathers I have lost. I will wear it always.

[Janus- a mental tap.]

Misha said we have much in common and that I should contact you.

Dec. 19th, 2017



Please tell me you want something easy like a grill set.

Dec. 13th, 2017


Public (minus Manning T and Iris M)

[Public minus Manning T and Iris M]

I'm looking for an artist. A good one, who I can pay to do a family portrait from a photo.

Dec. 12th, 2017


The Carnival

[Locked to Beau W, Nilus D, Dietre A, Dick G, Abe W, Sasha J, Damian W]
Hi, folks. I'm posting to say the Carnival will be dark after this coming weekend for the holidays, and t There will be holiday feasting, buffet style, at Wainright Manor come the 25th. Doors will be open, and a bus will be carting anyone that wants to come on in from the cold and eat a warm meal. Damian's kin will be there likely, and could be some other townfolks, but don't none of y'all be shy.

Added: Everyone will still get paid, course.

[Edited after this goes up.]

Dec. 9th, 2017


Dietre A & Nilus D

Who: Dietre Abendroth and Nilus/Zeke/John Doe.
What: Reunion and revelations.
Where: The carnival.
When: VERY time fuzzy. Around when the carnival reopened after the rabies scare?
Warnings/Rating: Low.

I'm not John. )

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