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Dec. 27th, 2016


Briar and OPEN; (Good) Diner

Who: Briar McKenna and OPEN to people who work at the diner, other patrons, nosy people, etc.
What: Sitting down for lunch. Also I am basing this off of the diners I have been to, if it has already been established that it is different feel free to throw things at me. I shall edit.
Where: (Good) Diner
When: 12/26 Lunchtime
Warnings/Rating: TBA.

I ran my mouth off a bit too much; oh, what did I say? )

Dec. 23rd, 2016


Delivery: Nick Morgan

[The box is large. Refrigerator box large. It is delivered quickly, and needs to be opened within 24 hours, or so the delivery states.

The wrap job is hand done, and it took a few rolls of wrapping paper, one can tell because it's mismatched. There are about ten bows on it. And lots of curly ribbons.

The box is also very oddly heavy, not refrigerator heavy, but it's an oddly distributed weight.

When the wrapping paper comes off, it is, indeed a refrigerator box, that has been repurposed for this gift. There is a big arrow pointing up And a few notes that state "this side up."

The box doesn't open from the top, the front opens, like a door. Inside...There is a Christmas Party. Stacked from the bottom up: A cooler filled with packing ice and a nice looking prime rib. On top of that is a case of soda, a case of beer, a box with some bottles of champagne (not expensive, but not the cheapest either), and a couple boxes of wine (this secret santa sprung for the champagne and a good prime rib, had to compromise on the wine - so boxes it was). Candy canes. Christmas tree shaped snack cakes. Etc etc etc

There are a couple of bags of Christmas decorations and string lights. And instructions for various Christmas themed party games.

And folded neatly in a shirt box: A Christmas Sweater

There's a card in there somewhere. It says "Christmas is about the giving. So here's something for you to give. Maybe when you give those bonuses you could do it at a little Christmas Party."

Also included, is a three month subscription to Vnyl with the info to go set it up how he wants.]

Dec. 20th, 2016


diner: nick & destiny

Who: Nick & Destiny
What: Chats
Where: Nick's
When: Current-ish

It was sometime in the mid-afternoon when Destiny made her way into the diner. She had a scarf and a sniffle. Dark blue tights beneath a blue jean skirt, a heavy-knit sweater of burgundy with a fluffy-yarn hat to match. She wanted to ask for her job back, but walking in through the diner doors, she was overcome with a feeling beyond that. She was suddenly starving. Starving despite the weird-twisted sensation that her stomach took on when she absorbed the scent of grease and meat.

The nausea was touch and go for the most part, but it seemed to give way to pure hunger considering how little our girl was privileged to imbibe on most days via her own means. The boys at Clary House, as it was so dubbed in her mind, kept everything rather stocked these days, so going hungry wasn't a true concern… but she still wasn't wholly comfortable making use of other people's things.

So yeah, she was hungry on this afternoon. She wanted french toast and oatmeal, carbs stacked with butter. Her mouth watered, and simultaneously, her stomach rolled over on itself. Destiny covered her mouth with the back of her hand when she sank into a seat at the counter. With a deep breath drawn through the nose, her nausea was sated. And she smiled, waving to the cook through the little window with expectation of Nick to come rolling around the bend at any moment.

Dec. 7th, 2016


Lock - Nick Morgan

Do you hate Christmas? Or do you love Christmas? Or are you ambivalent about Christmas?

I love Christmas.

Nov. 26th, 2016



[As Sunshine F.]

Welcome back to the time of year where you have to decide if dealing with the fucking temperature is worth whatever you have to go outside for. When I'm rich and famous (ha fucking ha!) I'll just have someone deliver all my shit to me.

[Edit to Harry R.]
[After her conversation with Gwen. As Marta F.]

What the fuck, asshole?!?

Nov. 23rd, 2016



[Nick M.]

Hey, Gwen's not feeling great so she won't be at work for a little while.

[Marta F.]

hey dude

Nov. 5th, 2016




Sorry for the interrupted service, folks. Diner's open. And in case you forgot that we're good at food, we're doing half-off for the weekend.

Nov. 1st, 2016


Nick M

[Locked to Nick M]
Hi, uh, when is the diner going to be opening again?

Oct. 29th, 2016


Late reveals

Who: Nick Morgan
What: Belaaated reveals
When: Immediate post-party lapsing into now

When he came to, the fucking chair was parked five foot from his prone body like a mocking punchline to a fucking great joke. )

Oct. 26th, 2016



"We die to each other daily. What we know of other people is only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. And they have changed since then. To pretend that they and we are the same is a useful and convenient social convention which must sometimes be broken. We must also remember that at every meeting we are meeting a stranger."

-- T S. Eliot

I would like to extend my gratitude to the rebellious young man in the leather pants that I met at the soiree. You, sir, reminded me that life is for the living.

Sep. 26th, 2016



[After it's more than too late, of course. Eviction notice taped to the front door of the house that he used to share with He Who Shall Not Be(n) Named, his clothes and the supplies from his studio in garbage bags and suitcases, piled high by the curb. Freki and Geri's leashes looped around his wrist, with a week's worth of their kibble shoved in his backpack along with a few tins of soup.]

Any non-horrible spots to camp around town, in autumn, with two furbabies. Go.

Sep. 22nd, 2016


Gwen R, Ronan X, Destiny S

[Diner ppl lock]

Gwen, you got a new name for the roster. Destiny's joining us. She can help double-up the late nights so you're not solo.

Both of you, break her in gently.

Sep. 13th, 2016


log: nick & destiny dinertalks

Who: Destiny & Nick
What: Awkward suggesting.
When: Nowish
Where: Nick's diner
Warnings: Nothing, except maybe language and passing mentions of sex work.

She didn't bring Wyatt this time. One of the girls was watching him back at the caravan, the one she was preparing for leave(not for good, maybe just awhile). She liked the idea of 'for good', but there was a part of her that knew 'for good' didn't exist beyond minimum wage. Still, it was better than nothing. Because when she was alone, nothing was the worst.

Destiny took this moment of alone time to park her truck at the diner, and she got stoned while the midday sun heated up the cab's interior so that sweat beaded down her spine, but she didn't care. Music played on the radio, poppy and morbid while Destiny checked her eyeliner in the rearview. It was a baby blue smudge across both lids, crayon-thick but nothing bright enough to be offensive.

Smoke dissipated from the joint that she stamped out in the ashtray, and Destiny kept her head back against the seat as she tried to formulate a course of dialogue, some sort of route to follow. A map. A map to treasure.

Of course it occurred to her to use magic. Not on Nick, and not why she was here, but in some grand and dangerous way that would procure lots of cash. The idea was a little thrilling, but mostly fleeting, and nothing something she would ever have the stomach to do, not while she had Wyatt to take care of. She couldn't be caught up in anything that would get her locked up like her mother. So, she could be good with part time jobs, and the cliche of belly dancing classes in the Capital.

Maybe she'd start selling her underwear in the internet, she hadn't thought out the specifics yet, but she'd figure it out. The first step of figuring things out was asking Nick for a job. She knew that his operation was small, and that he might not need her, but he might not not need her too.

So she summoned her thoughts, and her head, and she fluffed her hair just a bit before she exited the cab of her truck and marched into the diner.

Sep. 3rd, 2016


Nick + Frank: the diner

Who: Nick and Frank
What: Diner food, coffee, refresh and reacquaintance
When: Recent
Warnings: Nada, unless language.

Some days, the old itch climbed back onto his shoulders and sat there like it was in the driving seat and there wasn't a goddamn thing you could do about it but ride it out, patient )

Aug. 20th, 2016


log: nick & destiny

Who: Nick, Destiny, & bb Wyatt
What: Breakfast, and exposure.
Where: Nick's diner.
When: A few days back.

He didn’t look at her and see shame, he saw hustle. )

Aug. 17th, 2016



[It's a small town, and it stands to reason that not introducing himself might be more trouble than hiding out, so he asks the important question:]

Coffee. Black, nothing fancy. Best place in town, go.

Aug. 3rd, 2016




So I just had a little old lady do a dine-and-dash. What the hell.

Jul. 22nd, 2016


daniel w, dahlia h, nick m

[Daniel W]
Its time for some sage, old person advice-giving time.

[Dahlia H]
Hi! How's your mood? That's the prerequisite before I ask you for a big favor(but a big favor that pays!)

[Nick M]
Can I get a reservation for two on Sunday afternoon? Tell your chef to prepare his finest toast.

Jul. 20th, 2016


Nick M, Felicity H, Perry P, Jason W

[Locked to Nick M]
Hi, not-sir. I have like three things to talk to you about, and I don't think you'll like any of them a super lot, but just give me a chance.

[Locked to Felicity H]
Did you dance?

[Locked to Perry P]
[When he doesn't hit this right away.] Are you okay? Is Aunt May okay?

[Locked to Jason W]
I'm uninjured.

Jul. 3rd, 2016


Public, Eddie, Destiny, Ronan


So I got a line-cook out sick and another line-cook with a death in the family out of town. If the burgers suck, you're shit out of luck because you're stuck with me.

Also hiring someone to run errands. Got a truck, will pay for gas, looking for somebody to make a few bucks an hour picking up stuff in the Capital and running back there once a week.


Hear you run the carnival. Went back a week or so ago. Wren's gone?


Heard you settled that tab. You bring that boy in for toast that's fresh.


So what's this about you killing yourself working goddamn how many hours?

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