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Aug. 26th, 2019


Adrian M, Lou R, Destiny S, Marta F, Aubrey R

[Locked to Adrian M]

[Locked to Lou R]
Are you involved in this latest drama?

[Individual locks: Destiny S, Marta F]
What have I missed, my dudes?

[Locked to Aubrey R]
How many hikers have you lost in my absence?

Aug. 9th, 2019


Adrian M, public

[Adrian M]

[After hearing nothing.] Kid.


Got to say. For the record? Glad I didn't get caught up in this one. I'm not musical.

[Newt P]

My turn to check in. You heard from Adrian, much?

[ETA: Dietre A]

Hey kid. Heard from Adrian?

Jul. 11th, 2019




[As anon.] That military place. How easy is it to find out if they worked out what trouble went down a while back?

Jun. 24th, 2019


[Separate locks to Ren S, Misha B, Noah N, Holly W, Damian W, Lou R, Dietre A]

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a long-term project at the facility and will be staying there for the project's duration. As the nature of the project is classified, I won't be able to answer messages until it has been completed. Please send any important messages care of my name to the facility's address. Thank you.

[There will be no response to any replies to this message.]

Jun. 19th, 2019


public. anon.

[Might be excessively drunk at the time of this posting, but somehow aware enough to be anon.]

Advice time plz! Advice time, okay, yeah? I need some.

Say you meet someone right, and at the time you meet them you aren’t really yourself. Like YOU ARE yourself but a different version of you? And like you weirdly hit it off with the other person but you KNOW they wouldn’t treat you the same if you were your regular self and you wouldn’t be acting the way you act around them if you were your regular self mostly so you start feeling bad about it because hey they’re actually cool sbut you ARENT REALLY LYING to them cuz you ARE YOU but not you but you know things will be totally awk and maybe you wont be friends if you show them the real you

Do you SHOW THEM or keep up tyhe way things are also is there a time frame when you should do the showing like, i assume the longer you wait the worse it is but maybe i gotta be delicate about this


You’re playing an online game right and you make yourself a fucking cute girl when you’re not and you meet thi sperson and you make friends with them and you talk everyday and you do stuff for eachother and they think youre a cute girl but youre not and you like them when di you tel them????

ESCEPT in my situation it's real life and im not a cute girl they want to fuck in the version they know me so maybe my example isnt good cuz we do hang out but it's hard

Jun. 18th, 2019


Adrian M

[Adrian M]

[As rumors start to spill out] Kid. Talk to me.


Lou & Misha: the Capital

Who: Misha B and Lou R
What: Late-night bus-stops
Warnings: Let's go with TBD.

with the rime of the city clinging to the windows )

May. 15th, 2019


Quaint little town you have here. Nicely delineated between this side and that side. Reminds me of home in a way. All you need is a gambling/opium/heroin den.

May. 4th, 2019




Little girl by the swimming pool. You get what you were looking for?

And whoever walked out with my cigarettes for someone else's JD you owe me half a bottle or half a pack, either way

Apr. 28th, 2019


Louis D, Dietre A, Adrian M, Iris M, Daniel W, Public

[Locked to Louis D]
Louis Donovan.

[Locked Dietre A]
Hello, Dietre Abendroth.

[Locked to Adrian M]
Adrian March, I will check in on you.

[Locked to Iris M]

[Locked to Daniel W]
Hello, Daniel.

[Posted anonymously.]

I would have murdered you, so I am glad you turned to sand in your paradise.

ETA: [Locked to Misha B]

Apr. 26th, 2019



You tagged along with my blood lust and never judged me for a moment. Were you real? Or just a dream?


Public, Adrian M


Is there an official body-count out yet from the people who were awake?

[Adrian M]

Kid, talk to me. You awake?

Apr. 25th, 2019


Daniel W, Billy K, Louis D, Marta F, Lou R

[Locked to Daniel W]
All right, Daniel?

[Locked to Billy K]
I suppose that didn't help matters.

[Locked to Louis D]
Are you all right, Louis?

[Locked to Marta F]

[Locked to Lou R]
Hello, Lou, I'm Patrick's boyfriend.

Apr. 12th, 2019


Public, Patrick G, Adrian M


What's the town view of the bar with the lowest barrier-to-entry within five miles?

[Patrick G]

Hey, kid. How's it going?

[Adrian M]

Come up for air, kid?

Apr. 11th, 2019


While The Chamberlain's Men will be closed on Easter Sunday, we will be open Good Friday, like the sacrilegious bastards we are. Anyone bold enough to wear pastel will get a free matching color shooter. Ladies, if you are crazy enough to do so, wear a rabbit costume and get free entry and drinks all night. No, bloody queens don't count.

We open at 9pm and close at 2am.

Mar. 23rd, 2019




Not looking for a saw. Looking for a guy named Sammy Fletcher. Reward for a lead on the guy. In a town like this, someone's gotta have seen him. Hard to stay beneath the radar.

Mar. 6th, 2019




'Ground settling' sounds a whole lot like bullshit to me.

Feb. 25th, 2019


[ Trio Lock ]
I trust we have all survived.

[ Rae ]
How fares your winter?

[ 'Akela' as 'Vana' ]

[ Public, Anon ]

Far too many legends paint wolves as fools.

Feb. 10th, 2019


log: sushi time w/ adrian, patrick, and lou

Who: Lou, Patrick, and Adrian
What: Sushi dinner
Where: A sushi place in the Capital.

He'd been eight, so at least the bar to clear for seeming grownup wasn't exactly high. )

Feb. 5th, 2019



[After this and this and this.]

Come on, people. Can we not go easy on the woods for five minutes?

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