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Jan. 27th, 2016


[Around Town: Kyle V and Adam S]

Who: Kyle V and Adam S
What: Bumping into one another after all this time
Where: near the laundromat
When: yesterday, evening
Warnings/Rating: n/a

What are you doing here? )


[Text to Ethan]

Just after this

Adam's in town.

Jan. 6th, 2016


[locked to Kyle V]

Ugh. Entire bottle of champagne to myself was a bad idea. And I struck out. Twice. Remind me never to fix my hair if the lights are going to go out.

What about you? Hungover greasy breakfast food?

Dec. 28th, 2015


[Locked to Ethan S.]

Thank you for the presents - I can always count on you to have good taste. I hope you had a magical Christmas with your family.

Ammon (finally landed on a name) and I had a lovely time, though I think you may have been right that whoever gave him to me is a little odd. I had another present - a bag of cat toys and some yarn. And a note that just says 'I miss you'.

...There's nobody in town that I don't not see enough for them to miss me.

Dec. 21st, 2015


Ethan S and Kyle V

Who: Kyle V. Ethan S.
What: Dinner and a delivery
Where: Kyle's house
When: Same time as this
Warnings/Rating: PG

Kyle had spent most of the day cleaning out the room at the front of the house. He was stronger than he looked and stubborn to boot and he’d managed to push most of the abandoned furniture to the side and back of the room, exposing a lovely wide space below a magnificent chandelier, which would be amazing once he’d got someone in to firstly take it down and clean it and secondly replace the wiring so that it actually worked. Right now, it was simply dusty and huge, its size in perfect proportion to the high-ceilinged room that one day Kyle was going to have as a magnificent dining room, he’d decided. It was dark now, but he knew that the view from the floor to ceiling windows would give quite the view of the front porch and the ground beyond.

Knock knock )


[Delivery: Kyle V]

[shortly after this]

[Adam made it to the door, box in hand, but stopped short when he spotted both Ethan’s much nicer car and the view of the two of them inside, lit by the soft glow. It clearly looked like a date, and he hesitated in even dropping the kitten off. It mewled in the box though so he went for it.

Left on the step in a box with holes in it, decorated with a too large bow was a tiny gray and beige tabby kitten, with a white belly and white feet. He’d thought he was going to wait, but panicked once he rang the bell, so there was no note, no indicator of who it was from.]

Dec. 9th, 2015


Locked to Kyle V.

[locked to Kyle]

Ky. I was hanging out with this girl and she just....poof. Disappeared. Ran into the woods or something. Did I suddenly turn into a troll?!?

Nov. 29th, 2015


I've decided that I want to get a cat. Does anyone know of any kittens that need homes? Or have a recommendation for local shelters I could contact? Doesn't have to be a kitten - actually I'd probably be better off with a full grown cat that needs a new home, but the part of me that melts at cute and fluffy forced me to ask about kittens.

Because who doesn't love kittens?

Nov. 28th, 2015


My original plans were vetoed, but with the turkey finished and the leftovers packed away, it was time to get busy with decorations. I got to supervise this year and I think so far it looks pretty good.

All decked out )

Nov. 24th, 2015


This Is Not a Fixer-Upper

Who: Ethan and Kyle
What: Checking out the new place
Where: Kyle's House
When: Flashback - about 6 months ago
Warnings/Rating: N/A / PG

“You’re like an excited little puppy,” Ethan told Kyle into the phone, driving his car towards where the house was. He’d been excited for his friend, mostly because the excitement over closing on a house was contagious, despite that whole ‘very adult’ aspect of it. He still lived at home and no one seemed to have an issue with it. Of course his house was also huge, so that might be part of it.

The neighborhood Kyle had directed him towards wasn’t what he was expecting. Actually it wasn’t the neighborhood, it was the woods, the ones with a bunch of abandoned houses and Ethan was starting to glare through the windshield. “I’m almost there,” he said. Then hung up, slowing to stop in front of the house that Kyle had directed him to, seeing his friend outside of it. “You said it was a fixer-upper,” he called getting of the car and bringing the chilled bottle of champagne with him, though this was hardly worth toasting with the good stuff he’d looted from the family wine cellar.

“I did,” Kyle agreed happily, carefully getting up from the ancient swing that was just about still hanging and hopped over a couple of broken boards and holes in the floor to stand at the top of the steps, before the front door - the one thing that was brand new, given that the previous one had been missing entirely. “Do you like the door? I made them install it before I'd close. I couldn't bear the idea of getting my first house and not getting a set of keys on the day I move in.”
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Nov. 23rd, 2015


Mirror, Mirror

Who: Kyle and Meredith
What: what's in the future?
Where: Carnival
When: Monday evening
Warnings/Rating: language? unsure

Kyle didn't regret buying his tumbledown old wreck of a house. Not a bit. Not for a minute. Not at all. Well - mostly not at all. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but...Okay, it was a little teenie weeny bit foreboding after the sun went down. Old houses creaked all the time, right? And loomed? And most of the time, he could lock himself up in the corner of a room with paints and canvas and he could lose himself enough that the surroundings didn't bother him. Channelling the nerves and edging fear into creativity.

Most of the time.

Tonight, though, he'd needed to get out of the house and he'd headed to the carnival. Bring lights, people, deep fried, supposedly edible things on sticks. A world away from his overly large, very lonely place-called-home.

He was still licking his fingers clean when he saw it. The sign asking him if he wanted his fortune told. Well, it seemed like fun and he doubted it could do any harm. Pulling a white handkerchief from his pocket, he properly cleaned his hands and headed that way, a bounce in his step.