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Dec. 31st, 2018


public; anon

Anyone have any advice for what to do when you feel pretty depressed and don't see a way out? Please don't tell me to take a bath or listen to Enya, self-care isn't really cutting it.


Ren's New Year's Eve's Party )

Dec. 6th, 2018


Kratos S

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Nov. 12th, 2018


Mayers + David P, Kratos S, Louis D, Holly W, Public

[Mayers & David P]

Is everyone okay?

[Kratos S]


[Louis D]

way weirder than postcards this time.

[Holly W]

how're you doing, man?


that was trippy.

[Edit: Public]

Whoever kicked me in the chest btw. Hi.

Oct. 29th, 2018


Delivery: Atticus M, Janus A, Mean-Eyed Cat

[All attempts to contact 'Steve M' on the forums, or to reach him by phone or email, are unsuccessful.]

[Delivery: Atticus M]
[Steve leaves Atticus a letter, detailing that he's leaving to do some work as Cap, feeling morally obligated to do something in regards to the current political climate. Included with the letter is a flip phone with a single number, one that, according to his writing, will go directly to him, if Atticus ever needs him. He reiterates his feelings for the man, along with his well wishes.]

[Delivery: Janus A]
[Janus receives a letter from Steve. It's fairly short, stating Steve's reason for leaving (see above) and that he'll miss Janus. He tells Janus to take care of Atticus.]

[Note: the Mean-Eyed Cat]
[A note from Steve is left at the Mean-Eyed Cat, along with the key for the little house in back. The note says that Steve has left town and that an interim manager will be coming in in the meantime. If anyone wants to step up and take more shifts, instructions are given. The bar remains deeded in his name and the bills are paid regularly and on time.]

Oct. 14th, 2018


The Cat: Rae and Kratos

Who: Rae and Kratos
When: Recent
Warnings: N/A

Rae chose the Cat like she chose everything else: on whim )

Sep. 28th, 2018



Truth. Or drink.

Here's your first question: What is a secret that you kept from your parents when you were growing up?

Sep. 13th, 2018


Call: Atticus M, Mean-Eyed Cat, Dahlia H, Public

[A day or two after everything calms.]

[Call: Atticus M]

[Locked to Mean-Eyed Cat Employees]
Everyone, check-in.

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Dahlia, how're you doing?

If anyone needs any help with cleanup, just let me know. I'm pretty good with lifting heavy objects.

Sep. 4th, 2018


Narrative; Kratos

Who: Kratos and fam
What: Infrasound!
Where: Repose and beyond
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: Safe.

( 'No pity for these things, there is no pity but mine, oh father, for the pity of your butchering rawblood death.' - Sophocles )

Sep. 3rd, 2018


[Mean-Eyed Cat Employees]

[Mean-Eyed Cat Employees.]

Problem. Gone now.



[While this begins to seep into town.]

Gosdfuck theres waspsin me ifeel thembuzzinmoving in me icant throwthemup cuz in myhead stujckin my headcan t throwrmup turninginsiwde out cant thrownm up fuckiING BUZZING FUCKS THESE WASPSS!!1 GET OUT!!!

Aug. 21st, 2018


[(After)Life: Fen, Kratos, Nel]

Who: Fen, Kratos, Nel
What: A conveniently timed repair
Where: (After)Life
When: "Soon"
Warnings/Rating: Doubtful

The sink's malfunction had required nothing more than a thought—at present, any water from the faucet would erupt upward, soaking wall and ceiling. Inside the pipe, a toy which a child had left behind was jammed at the perfect angle to cause the fountain effect that Nel found ridiculously entertaining.

At present, she was dressed in yellow and black, and she was reclining on one of the studio's many sofas. It was early in the day, and she'd messaged Fen indicating that he should arrive sooner rather than later. Not that she'd considered an explanation for why her exquisitely burly brother could not resolve the matter of the sink himself. Truthfully, she wouldn't allow Fen to fix her sink, even had there not been machination afoot, so it would require no true talent of acting on her part. Nel was as capable of fixing a sink as she was of repairing the motorcycle that was parked at the entrance to the studio.

She'd no sessions scheduled until the evening, and she was, at present, relaxing. Music played, and she was drinking beer from the bottle. She'd fed the evening before, and she was currently beginning to feel hunger, but not dreadfully so. She liked drawing out the sensation of want, and learning more about Rae's mysterious and Greek handyman seemed rather a wonderful way to pass the time.

The front door was, as it always was during business hours, unlocked—after all, Nel had nothing to fear from anyone at all.

Aug. 19th, 2018


Kratos S

[Call to Kratos S]

[Mid-morning, to the number listen on his handyman fliers. Ring.]

Aug. 16th, 2018


who: Ren Solitaire & Kratos Spartan
when: While Ren was moving in.
where: Ren's new apartment in the neighborhood.
What: Ren is moving, and meeting new neighbors.
warnings: None that I can think of.
status: COMPLETE.

Someone else might have called this behavior  )

Aug. 1st, 2018



[Locked to "David"]

[Not bothering to anon.] Will you respond here? I'm curious to know if the postcards were an aberration for you.

Jul. 31st, 2018


Gem: Rae & Kratos

Who: Rae and Kratos
What: Handy stuff!
Where: Gem
When: After this.
Warnings/Rating: Safe.

Rae’s eyes cooled, her hold on her coffee became somewhat more imperial. )

Jul. 21st, 2018


Public, Mars M + Hannah S, Steve R + Claire J + Kratos S, Patrick G


So what's the verdict on the postcard thing?

[Mars M + Hannah S: 'Mayers' lock]

Are you guys being mysterious and epistolary?

[Steve M, Claire J, Kratos S]

We should do a drink or something, in honor of the letter-writing craze. Claire, you're included on the basis that you served way more time listening to Cash than me.

[Patrick G]

Hey man. As a native, can I ask if this is totally normal?

Jul. 19th, 2018


Delivery: Mean-Eyed Cat

[As promised, Claire drops off a rather large amount of assorted homemade cookies to the Mean-Eyed Cat. The lion's share has been put into a tin for Steve. There are two smaller tins for Jaime and Kratos, and another that was made up for customers to share. Upon inspection, there are some cookies that got hit with cookie cutters into the shapes of a pipe, a deerstalker, and a magnifying glass. Unfortunately, those do not translate well into cookies without all the fancy frosting, and Claire can't do fancy frosting. So, you know, they're just kinda weird blobs.

There is not a raisin or dried cranberry in the whole lot.]

Jul. 11th, 2018


Mean-Eyed Cat lock, Claire J, Dahlia H, Oliver K

[Locked to the Mean-Eyed Cat, which pretty much is just Jamie M & Kratos S at this point]
Sorry about the bar being closed on the 4th. Everything's cleared up.

[Locked to Claire J]
Hey, Claire, how're you doing? How're you liking Vade?

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Hi, Dahlia. It's been a while.

[Locked to Oliver K]
Hi, Oliver. How're you?

Jul. 4th, 2018


[News: Repose/Worldwide]

[It comes out first as an incredulous claim, then a large news source picks it up, then another. There are partisan takes on the issue, but ultimately it comes down to this: Captain Liberty was real. A man claiming to be him, a so-called Steve McRory, who says today is his 100th birthday, though he looks no older than his early thirties, has opened himself to interviews. Either he's delusional, and committed enough to make several props (including authentic-seeming photographs), or he's telling the truth. As the day wears on, a few veterans come out to verify that they knew this man, and several of them have their own stories and accompanying photographs, all seeming to show a man identical to the one claiming to be this 'Captain,' a man most in this day and age thought relegated solely to the pages of comic books.

In Repose, the bar is closed before it even manages to open on the 4th, with several black cars having swarmed it. Steve, after giving a handful of interviews over the internet, is nowhere to be found.]

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