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Jun. 19th, 2019


public. anon.

[Might be excessively drunk at the time of this posting, but somehow aware enough to be anon.]

Advice time plz! Advice time, okay, yeah? I need some.

Say you meet someone right, and at the time you meet them you aren’t really yourself. Like YOU ARE yourself but a different version of you? And like you weirdly hit it off with the other person but you KNOW they wouldn’t treat you the same if you were your regular self and you wouldn’t be acting the way you act around them if you were your regular self mostly so you start feeling bad about it because hey they’re actually cool sbut you ARENT REALLY LYING to them cuz you ARE YOU but not you but you know things will be totally awk and maybe you wont be friends if you show them the real you

Do you SHOW THEM or keep up tyhe way things are also is there a time frame when you should do the showing like, i assume the longer you wait the worse it is but maybe i gotta be delicate about this


You’re playing an online game right and you make yourself a fucking cute girl when you’re not and you meet thi sperson and you make friends with them and you talk everyday and you do stuff for eachother and they think youre a cute girl but youre not and you like them when di you tel them????

ESCEPT in my situation it's real life and im not a cute girl they want to fuck in the version they know me so maybe my example isnt good cuz we do hang out but it's hard

Jun. 17th, 2019


tandy b, klaus h


hey dude are you gonna come pick up your stuff?


feel like i should check on you and make sure youre doin ok

Jun. 7th, 2019


Who: Alex White & Klaus Hargreaves
What: Introductions
Where: Outside Alex's Trailer
When: Friday night, late
Warnings/Rating: General warnings for thoughts of death and specific ways to die.

Eleven is for... )

May. 28th, 2019


Tandy B, Steve M, Janus A, Ragnar L, Public


Okay, ISO not random anon sex. I'd like a non-crazy roommate if poss. Me: smoker, wiccan, cat-lover, sex worker. You: not a total POS.

[Separately to Steve, Janus, and Ragnar]

I promised a mutual friend I would talk to you. I fully realize we don't know each other and you have no reason to give a shit about me, ftr.

[Tandy B]

So I talked to the other magic guy, as promised.

May. 23rd, 2019


[Bonfire: Everyone!]

Who: Everyone! Anyone!
What: Travis' bonfire.
Where: Lakefront, behind Mason's home.
When: Nowish/Night
Warnings/Rating/Add'l: Anything goes. In headers place: locations, warnings, indication whether a thread is open.

The bonfire. )

May. 17th, 2019


Log: Lakeside mansion

Who: Seven, Klaus, and the ghost of Liam past~
What: New meaning to ‘ghosted by my ex’
Where: Seven’s home by the lake
When: After this, and this
Warnings/Rating: Here there be sads

And if I only could I'd make a deal with God and I'd get him to swap our places. )

May. 15th, 2019


Quaint little town you have here. Nicely delineated between this side and that side. Reminds me of home in a way. All you need is a gambling/opium/heroin den.

May. 11th, 2019



Best book you ever have read and worst book you ever have read.

Give me your answers and I'll put your name in a drawing for a free espresso drink of your choice for Monday morning.

Edit. Noah - come in and get your drink.

May. 5th, 2019



[So, so Anonymous. A few days after this.]

Looking for someone who can explain some paranormal shit. Backwards messages written on mirrors. Ice-cold puddles appearing in the middle of a bedroom.

Apr. 1st, 2019


This place. It's not even the worst place I've lived but still, you know? This place.

To my compadre that I smoked with briefly, I hope your friend is okay.

Christ on a cracker.