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Jan. 4th, 2018


Batfam+,Jude C+Misha B,Louis D+Misha B,Adrian M+Misha B,Claire J+Misha B,Carnival,FLEET: Misha B

[Batfam+: Leena B, Misha B, Cat C, Tim D, Dick G, Sasha J, Stephanie M, Eddie N, Holly R, Con T, Abe W, Jason W]
I thank you each for your gifts. I hope the holiday treated you well.

[Locked to Jude C + Misha B]
I do not use leather, Jude, but it is the thought that counts.

[Locked to Louis D + Misha B]
I thank you for the gifts, Louis.

[Locked to Adrian M + Misha B]
Thank you for the mittens.

[Locked to Claire J + Misha B]
Thank you, Claire.

[Locked to the Carnival: Dietre A, Misha B, "Zeke," Dick G, Sasha J, Beau W, Abe W]
To those of you who came to the manor, thank you for coming. For those of you who did not, this is also fine. We resume our typical schedule.

[FLEET: Misha B]

Dec. 30th, 2017



[Once the letters are delivered. The forum name shows as Tod G. ...This time.]

Dearest, )


Jude C

[What's delivered to him at town hall is simply a treasure map, hand drawn, with an X marks the spot.

Should he follow the directions, there is a small treehouse. The inside is lit with dozens of fairy LED lights, all controlled by battery of course. A small burner to heat up tea also rests on the floor along with a plush air mattress strewn with fluffy blankets and pillows that's large enough for two, should Jude ever want company.]

Dec. 24th, 2017


[Several Individual Locks]

[No presents from her this year, but she can at least send messages on the forum. All the same, but each is locked separately (except Sam and Cris, which is locked to both of them).]

[Individual Locks to: Patrick, Destiny, Dahlia, Aedan, Sam/Cris, Daniel, Jude, ...and Seven]

Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year.
-Marta (Sunshine)

Dec. 17th, 2017


Bar lock

[Locked to Cat C, Jude C, Claire J]
Cat's going to be working you two. Sorry for the late notice, I should've told you earlier, but we're closed Christmas, and if anyone needs Christmas Eve or the 26th off, let me know. I'm happy to fill in.

Dec. 14th, 2017


misha b

[misha b]

hi, sunshine.

Dec. 13th, 2017


Jude C

Pretend I'm a jolly fat man.

Dec. 1st, 2017


Sasha J, Abe W, Cat C, Janus A, Tim D, Jason W, Nilus, Dietre A, Claire J, Jude C, Daniel W

[Locked to Sasha J]

[Locked to Abe W]
Abraham, hello.

[Locked to Cat C]
You have left town?

[Locked to Janus A]

[Locked to Tim D]
Dawson, I take it you no longer require access to the manor.

[Locked to Jason W]

[Locked to Nilus/Zeke]
You are well, Nilus?

[Locked to Dietre A]
You require extraction?

[Locked to Claire J]
Claire, how is your basement?

[Locked to Jude C]
How is the cat?

[Locked to Daniel W]
The affliction has passed.

Nov. 22nd, 2017


quicklog: jude and oli @ pizza

Who: Oli & Jude
What: Brotherly reunion over pizza.
Where: Repose's pizza parlor
When: Current.
Warnings: Nada.

From the basement of Sonrisa to the fallen-dusk cold of Repose's mild mannered streets, Oliver was struck with nostalgia, or deja vu, or whatever the proper word for recurring wonder was. Oliver didn't know, he figured Jude would know as his brother knew most words for most things, but Oliver must have grown beyond the curiosity of asking at some point. Something about growing older or growing apart.

Whatever, the point was that fall felt familiar. It felt like the new beginning that the boys had promised themselves all that time ago when they'd first come to this stupid town with all of the stupid people that Oliver had somehow managed to grow fond of despite himself.

Mercy, it was biting cold, and Oliver hustled quickly along the sidewalk for fear of losing his fingertips or the end of his nose due to Everest-like exposure. There might have been some blame to befall himself if Oliver was capable of stopping long enough to scoop it up in claim -- after all, he'd optioned out of wearing a jacket or coat because his new sweater was a perfect, idyllic blue that matched his Starry Night sneakers. His mustard yellow corduroys had to of been a few years old by now, and there were clues of different colored paint speckles around the knees and the pockets and the hems at his ankles. It was a timeline that could be traced back through Oliver's gray period, his green period, his red.

Okay, so finally, the pizza spot! Oliver blew through the door with chattering teeth and the brass-blond of his poorly-colored hair sticking up like coils of wire. Oliver was on time. In fact, Oliver was five minutes early, which he realized while using numb fingertips to check the glowy front of his cell phone with dark eyes squinting from behind new glasses. Jude, of responsibility and precision, was surely already here, so Oliver scanned the booths as he walked up through the parlor with a sudden and bizarre kind of dread that told him he wouldn't recognize his brother at all.

Nov. 21st, 2017



[Posted in the very wee hours of the morning.]


[A minute or two later, an addition.]

tommy? when do we have to leave?

[At a certain point, she simply stops replying to comments.]

Nov. 18th, 2017


jude & hannah: tea

The coffee shop wasn't, begging pardon, strictly a tea-shop. There had been one briefly in town, a jazzy sort of outfit but it had been stripped away clean and the town had shuffled back around books and coffee scented with the smell of pages and mildew in the back of the store Jude loved terribly much and combed through like a pickpocket on a Sunday. Which, actually, wasn't far from small boy long since grown up. Did he have the knack these days of pulling a wallet from a coat pocket or the back of a pair of jeans without tipping off the owner? Jude's fingers didn't often itch and he'd gotten used to being a con-man in retirement, one with a back-up job in a bar that hadn't grown old. But the little boy would have looked curly head around the room and itched for thievery.

He wasn't a boy anymore, but man and one clad in last-year's rust wool sweater worn over a plaid shirt that frayed a little at the collar and cuffs with a stack of paperback books pulled from this week's box of new-old books, and perhaps a little of the old yen was banked embers, not yet fully ash because he had Oli to think on. Oli who he hadn't seen since the weather had warmed, now long since cooled and chill and it was easier to play with the mental flexibility of a boy calculating the angle for a pocket than to consider all other parts of the whole in childhood that had conjured a brother as well as a trade.

It wasn't Oli he waited for now. The tea set before the seat opposite as well as his own steamed fragrantly, not Nilgri or oily bergamot, both of which lay inside caddies in the cupboard of the small, warm apartment over the General Store, but chai. The coffee shop frothed milk, sprinkled cinnamon, drizzled honey until it was not tea so much as confection, and he awaited the woman he half-thought of as doll, stitchery-smile and broken-bodied determination for the seat opposite, without trepidation (although he couldn't help, while he waited, flicking through a copy of Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex.

Nov. 13th, 2017


jude c.

[Jude C]
You never let me know about that possibility of going to get pizza.

Oct. 30th, 2017


Janus A, Cat C, Atticus M, Mean-Eyed Cat Employees

[After a brief absence from the carriage house & town.]

[Locked to Janus A]
Do you know Cat, by any chance?

[Locked to Cat C]
Cat, I could use your help, if you want to give it.

[Locked to Atticus M]
You going to be able to manage without me?

[The Cat Employees: Jude C & Claire J]
I'm going to be gone for a week or so. Hopefully no longer. Both of you should be fine without me, but if you need extra help, I'll work it out with Cat, who you can reach out to. See you both in a few days.

Oct. 20th, 2017



And how about those of us who make our living after dark and aren't foaming at the mouth yet?

Oct. 14th, 2017


delivery, sasha j

[delivery: hannah s]

[In a series of small, battered tins and labeled in tiny handwriting, a selection of assam, earl grey, breakfast and darjeeling tea. The note is addressed and signed.]

[sasha j]

hi, sasha.

Oct. 10th, 2017


[public + locks to daniel w, sam a, jude c]

[locked to daniel w]

You never did say how the party went, Daniel. What did you dress up as?

[locked to sam m]

Hello Sam. Have you talked the party to death already?

[locked to jude c]

Hello there, Jude. How are you?


[Posted anon.]

I'm looking for a football player.

Oct. 6th, 2017


Matt D, Janus A, the Cat, Billy K

[Locked to Matt D]

[Locked to Janus A]
Hey, A Janus. How'd you do at the party?

[Locked to the Cat: Cat C+Jude C+Claire J]
Everyone good?

[Locked to Billy K]
Hi, Billy, I live in the house with Atticus. I hear you're in one of the guest rooms.


daniel w, louis a, misha b, public

[daniel w]

first things first, sunshine, are you lucid?

[louis a]

i would place hefty bets on your costume having a literary bent, sunshine. did it? and did you have fun?

[misha b]

white smoke, please and thank you.


i'm almost nostalgic for the last party, where'd the anon i threw a shoe at go?



You were a doll on a carousel. Do you still have the music?

Sep. 19th, 2017



[But posted Anon. Once the flyers about Halloween start appearing around town.]

fucking seriously? we're doing this again? Whose stupid enough to keep going too these things?

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