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Feb. 6th, 2017


Quiet Home: News & Narrative

Who: Damian Wainright & Jonathan Heron
What: a compromise/narrative + news post
Where: the Quiet Home
When: a few days after Misha's ECT treatment
Warnings/Rating: threats, 'involuntary treatment,' and mentions of death

The story, though it ended there on lips and the impression of myriad, bedraggled consciouses, continued, unknown to all but the players involved. )

Jan. 16th, 2017


News: Quiet Home

[Misha Bellamy is sent home after his treatment at the Quiet Home under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Heron. An envelope is given to him to take with him explaining the effects of his new regime of medication.

Please be aware of the possible side effects that Mr. Bellamy may display after treatment:


These effects are expected and completely normal at this stage of treatment.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Jonathan Heron, MD

Jan. 6th, 2017


Delivery: Marta F

[It doesn't come as a gift from santa for the holidays, because this is more than that. But it comes, nonetheless, in a nondescript cardboard box with no return-addressee.

Inside, packed lovingly in tissue paper, is a porcelain doll. Delicate with dark hair and a pressed little dress, she looks quite comfortable in the nest of tissue that makes up her bed.

It's only when she's moved that the truth becomes clear, that the image is shattered. She comes apart in pieces, chunks of porcelain, limbs detaching, clattering against one another with any shift.

There's no note. There doesn't need to be.]

Jan. 4th, 2017


[Gwen R, (edit: Jonathan H)]

[As Marta F, locked to Gwen R]
Hey baby, I heard you got away from the weird fuckers that were keeping you locked up. [...] You doing okay?

[Anonymous Secret Santa to Jonathan H, after her disaster with Gwen. She just wants something to go right.]

Hey baby. You never said what you thought about your second book. Did I bore you to death?

Jan. 1st, 2017


Misha B

[Written notice to Misha B]

Friday, you are scheduled for a consultation regarding your current treatment plan. Someone will be by to fetch you around 10am.


J. Heron

Dec. 19th, 2016


Secret Santa Delivery: Jonathan H

[After his reply to the first book, another one arrives the very same day. Again a little battered at the corners (someone's been trolling the second-hand shelves).]

Number two!

Dec. 5th, 2016


Jonathan H

It's your lucky day! What do you want a total stranger to get you for Christmas?

Nov. 15th, 2016



[B.N. (Before Ninjas)]

I reckon I'm late some, but things took to being complicated, and I figured it wouldn't hurt still looking for some folks I met from Halloween. I was dressed as Rocky from Rocky Horror, and I met up with a real nice rebel that taught me bout balloons some. And I helped Marty McFly out with some mirrors in a funhouse.

Either you folks still keen on talking?

Oct. 3rd, 2016


Victor H

[Locked to Victor H]

I wasn't aware you were moving here. I might have made different plans had I known.

Sep. 26th, 2016



Clinical trial for any such person displaying symptoms of depression. Beginning selection Oct 1. Participants comment under a lock, for preferred anonymity. Aliases allowed.

Sep. 7th, 2016


Quiet Home Residents, Patients, and Staff

[Locked to Quiet Home Residents, Patients, and Staff]

I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to all of you.

My name is Jonathan Heron, and I've taken a position at the Quiet Home as one of the attending psychiatrists. I am living on the grounds as well, so I am available whenever the need arises.

I look forward to getting to know all of you a bit better over the coming weeks.


J. Heron

Sep. 6th, 2016



[After this.]

To the damn bastard with the feathers: What the heck's your problem, son? You ain't got nothing better to do than see a soul tormented? How bout if I buy you some tissues and introduce you to your palm?


Various Locks

[Eddie N]
Quick! We need to make a list of all the things Pepperidge Farm doesn't remember. I'll start:

Troll dolls.

[Cat C]
Everything okay? No flower visions?

[Damian W]
You know, most people don't admit that it's likely they'd kill someone to their face.

[Jonathan H]
I didn't realize you were on these forums. How are you doing?

[Daniel W]
Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

Feeling better, stranger?

[Jude C]
[Reluctantly.] I know Johnathan H. He's a doctor. He was just trying to make sure I was okay.

[Bruce W]
[Once she's feeling better, she actually DOES send him a bulletpointed list of all the public information along with her personal danger ratings about everyone in town (sans Cat & Eddie). She makes no apologies for the High School student drama that gets included thanks to her younger employees. EXAMPLES: )

Have fun with the pages and pages of that, Bruce.]

Aug. 31st, 2016


Public [ETA: LOCKED]

[Someone didn't get the memo like the rest of the town, so someone currently has some flowers all tucked into her hair.]

I missed you, too, honey bunny. You coming over? I know how much you love making your little hyena laugh.

Aug. 30th, 2016



Oh, of course the town goes insane the very moment I get my head screwed on right. The carnival will be closed this weekend due to unforeseen floral circumstances.

Aug. 28th, 2016



I don't remember this town being so lively last I was here.