June 2020






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Dec. 29th, 2016


Sheriff Simms, Connie G

[Report: Sheriff Simms]
[He leaves the report on her desk, with a TL;DR note paper-clipped on.]

Caroline Janice Broadside. Lived the next county over. We found a truck near the body. Ran it, and it belonged to her husband. He passed from a massive heart attack. When I called to ask about the truck, they said she dropped the kids off and took the truck. She was depressed, apparently. Pulled her ID. Definitely her. Looks like she was squatting in an abandoned house nearby. She's off for cause of death, but it's going to be strangulation. Was definitely involved with someone before, probably the caller, but nothing looks weird. Sent off some samples. Will let you know what I get back.

[Locked to Connie G]
[From upstairs.]

Last box, Sis. Hey, there's something here with my name. Webster's handwriting. What do you think? Tinker toy? Flux Capacitor? A manifesto about squib sons? [He includes a picture of a dusty, old, wooden box. It has a piece of curled up and yellowing tape on it. And, yep, it's Webster's handwriting.]




Bookstore's open. Could use some new inventory.

Bring in some used books you want to trade in. Get credit. Get 50% off whatever books you want to take home.

Give these old books home. There's some good things in there. Promise.

Dec. 27th, 2016



[Sasha J]

I hope you had everything you wanted for Christmas.


I did a bit of snooping around the rec center and found an old room. Inside there was a plaque that read "Artifacts Club" and nearby I found a couple of strange items locked away in glass containers. Would anyone be interested in revitalizing such a club with me? Also, not unrelated, does anyone know how to lock pick? I don't like smashing perfectly good glass.


[Report: Police Department]

[He leaves his report about the strange call on the boss' desk, along with the transcript of the call recording, and a note clipped to the file itself.]

It's going to take some time to scour those miles of woods. I was thinking I would start near the Carnival and make a loop. I'll ask some intrusive questions of the wood people while I'm out there, but we shouldn't expect any cooperation. I can handle this one without my work husband. Will report in periodically, Boss.

PS: Let me know if you'd prefer texts about my exciting adventures in future, or if you're the old fashioned type.


Dec. 15th, 2016


Sheriff's Dept. lock

[Locked to Patrick G & Dick G]
Gunster, Greyson, I'm [...] Sheriff Simms. Do either of you know if there's a holiday party planned for the dept. at all?