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Jan. 7th, 2017


Log: Dinner, Isaiah and Cat

Who: Isaiah and Cat
What: A bribe of dinner to leave the lab
Where: Cat's surprise!
When: Saturday night
Warnings/Rating: Will update if needed

Isaiah'd had to set a timer )

Dec. 30th, 2016


Matt D, Isaiah B, Leena B, Reece E

[Lock to Matt D]
You're much more talkative when wearing a santa hat.

[Locked to Isaiah B]
How did you know that a nice lipstick will make me forgive almost any wrong?

[Locked to Leena B]
Did you have a nice holiday, kitten?

[Locked to Reece E]
How much do you charge by the hour?

Dec. 22nd, 2016


[Public, Cat C]

[Somehow, the powers that be know to deliver Isaiah's gift(s) to his lab. It comes through the mail room (and through who-knows-how-many screenings) and ends up sitting on his desk in the outer portion of the lab. Eventually, between their reduced holiday hours, one of his lab techs lets him know that they're sitting there waiting to be opened.

The contents of the boxes actually make him smile. For the first time in... too long.]

Not sure who this is from, but [...] thanks. Interesting combo you came up with.

[Locked to Cat]
Is this your handiwork?

Dec. 19th, 2016


secret santa delivery: Isaiah B

[A bundle of presents arrive that are all hand wrapped with big bows and glitter and it's really out of control. The first gift is a certificate for archery lessons. The second is (and secret santa thinks they're hilarious for this one) a kamasutra book with a note (I heard you like biology ;3). The third is gift card for a comedy steak house in the Capital.]


[Public EXCEPT Isaiah B]

halp friends of isaiah haalp

Dec. 10th, 2016



[Isaiah B.]

What's up, doc?

[Bruce W.]

I heard you had a little trouble in the shape of ninjas.

Nov. 26th, 2016


Isaiah and Matt

Who: Isaiah and Matt
What: A meeting
Where: Isaiah's Area 52 Lab
When: Nowish?
Warnings/Rating: Will update as needed - possibly some talk of medical/science/experimental things?

There were two sections of the lab )

Nov. 14th, 2016


[Narrative: Isaiah]

Who: Isaiah
What: Narrative
Where: Military Labs, Area 52
When: Now-ish
Warnings/Rating: Over-working dude

It was easy to lose track of time in the labs )

Nov. 7th, 2016


[One last News-ish Update: Area-52 Labs, AEGIS Group]

[Last one for a while, I promise!]

[Dr. Bishop has finally returned from his "personal leave" (complete with some whispers about his currently less-than-peak-health appearance). He spent part of the morning in closed conference with the Commander, and once that was complete, he was seen returning to his lab. The former lab techs are mostly reassigned, save for two. New techs are assigned to fill the gaps in staffing. Clearance level for the lab is increased, and those assigned to it are required to have additional confidentiality clauses added to their employment contracts. And work continues on, (mostly) as usual.]

Nov. 6th, 2016


[locks to cat, AEGIS]

[Lock to Cat C]

Check in. [Thinking.] Please.

[Group lock to AEGIS]

Has a new squad leader been designated?

Nov. 3rd, 2016


[Cat C]

[No one's seen him at work in over a week. There's hardly been a sign of him at all.]

Cat, I'm sorry.

Oct. 28th, 2016


[News-ish Update: Area-52 Labs]

[Should have posted this on Tuesday. Sorry, everyone! This week has been crazy.]

[Though the memo from the previous week stated that Dr. Bishop would return after the weekend, his office remains dark. Those techs able to continue their work without his supervision remain in the lab. The others continue to be reassigned elsewhere.]

Oct. 26th, 2016



[Public and not anon]

Magic girl? Were you real?



[AEGIS Team]
[Basically everyone on this lock.]

If anyone needs a hangover cure, I can cook something up for you. It might involve electricity but don't worry about that ;3

Oct. 25th, 2016



Blue in the hay.

Snakes in the kitchen.

Oct. 11th, 2016


[News-ish: Area-52 Labs]

[After Monday night, there are whispers around some of the labs that Dr. Bishop was pulled into the Commander's office. For the second time in less than 24 hours. But unlike the first time, the second time included other people, lasted longer, well into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

When he's finally allowed to leave, a memo is distributed that Dr. Bishop will be taking several days of personal leave and that he'll return the following week. The other members of his lab team are to continue on with their work if possible, or report to be reassigned if not.

Several hours later, Dr. Bishop's car is seen driving toward the Capital.]

Oct. 10th, 2016


Flash M, Faol C, Felicity H, Sasha J, Michael C, Matt D, Connie G, Isaiah B, Sharon C

[Team Group Lock]
Commander wants everyone who attends this Halloween thing? Keeping an eye out. I guess you could say that previous events have been a little on the odd side. Oh, also, everyone say hello to everyone. Next time? Madison gets to be the social one.

Sep. 18th, 2016


Project AEGIS team, Janus A, Atticus M, Matt D, Potential recruits: Faol C, Sharon C, Michael C

[Encrypted lock to AEGIS: Cat C, Flash T, Isaiah B, Felicity H]
[After a official email from the Commander announces Steve's position as captain, and after Steve sends them all his own (heavily-redacted and not by him) military case file, beginning with notes from 1941 and his failed attempts at joining up with the army.]

I thought I'd best introduce myself. I'm Steve. AKA Captain Liberty, if any of you are old enough to know him. Have we all ever gotten together anywhere as a group?

[Locked to Janus A]
How're you doing, Allen? You've been quiet.

[Locked to Atticus M]
I bit the bullet, so to speak.

[Locked to Matt D]
[After seeing this.]

Hey, Teddy, sorry about the delay.

[Locked separately; Faol C, Sharon C]
I've heard you've been in talks about joining up with Project AEGIS, correct?

[Locked to Michael C]
Hi, Michael.

Aug. 30th, 2016



Oh, of course the town goes insane the very moment I get my head screwed on right. The carnival will be closed this weekend due to unforeseen floral circumstances.

Aug. 26th, 2016



Malware FOUND but can't be deleted. Searching for other solutions??

Aug. 25th, 2016


[Wainrights+, Eddie, Cat, (added:) Dickie?]

[It takes most of a day after Cat bails for Isaiah to really figure anything out. As the 24-hour mark marches up and he worries about system resets, in desperation and a hope that mixing tech and serum won't prove disastrous, Eddie gets a dose of the serum that Isaiah had shoved in his bag on his way out of the lab. And it makes the glowing circuits on his arm fade from their blue, leaving marks behind but none of the light. Some of his coherence increases too, which is a relief, though it's not perfect.

But he's pushed his own body too far and knows he needs to rest. And eat, but rest first. He hadn't slept for a while before Cat had contacted him (that damn necklace), and there hasn't been any rest since. He needs to crash. And while he tells Eddie to rest too, he doesn't know how long either of them will be out. So, a note to the residents of the house (trying to go off of the names he's heard) and Cat. And Eddie, because it seems rude to talk about the guy without letting him know.

On the forums, because it's easiest:]

To Eddie and Cat's friends in the fancy house:

Got something to work, but it's not perfect. Things are at least a little more stable. Holding steady for now, but there's some rocky moments. Eddie's hanging out but if he's weird, just go with it. We're good for the moment.

I'm crashing in one of your four billion guest rooms.


He's better. Not 100%
I'm going to be expecting us talking once I'm conscious again.

[After this, and not thinking to change the name given to him.]
Cat says you know about food here?

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