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Jul. 20th, 2016


Atticus M, Jason W, Gwen R, Hunter R, Billy K, Oliver K, Perry P, Daniel W, Etain S, Manning T

[Locked to Atticus M]
How'd it go, compay?

[Separate locks: Jason W, Gwen R, Hunter R, Billy K, Oliver K, Perry P]
I gotta feeling there was no ID checking happening at that party. How'd it go?

[Locked to Daniel W]
You have a good time, gringo?

[Locked to Etain S]
You make it to the party, chica?

[Locked to Manning T]
Hey, brother.

Jul. 19th, 2016


Leena B, Jason W, Hunter R, Stephanie M, Naila A

[Locked to Leena B]
How are you?

[Locked to Jason W]
Did you do anything stupid?

[Locked to Hunter R]
Simply say you are in one piece and I will leave you be.

[Locked to Stephanie M]
Miller, have you disappeared again?

[Locked to Naila A]
[In Arabic.]
Aunt, were you in attendance?

Jul. 6th, 2016



[After he wanders in to see what's going on at the rec center.]

So when I overhear that the town's getting some big to-do because of all the "hardships" it's had lately, that's probably something I should be worried about, right?

Jun. 25th, 2016


Eddie N, Hunter R, Jack P

[Locked to Eddie N]
Well, I need some help. Don't you just love being the first person I turn to?

[Locked to Hunter R]
[After doing a significant amount of research.] We don't know each other.

[Locked to Jack P]
So, I'm gone for a few weeks, and you write a real news story?

Jun. 20th, 2016



I would like a cat or a dog.


[quicklog: oliver & hunter & puppies at the graveyard]

Who: Oliver & Hunter & puppies
What: A drawing session.
Where: The cemetery.
When: Late afternoon.
Warnings: None.

[Summers turned his paintbrushes all green and gold, all of his ocher pencils would soon be worn down to inoperable nubs. Oliver gave colors to summer, and it wasn't lost on him that a graveyard made for strange juxtaposition to that kind of palette. Maybe he didn't have a great and established experience with graveyards because he thought of them in slate and gray like graphite headstone rubbings on phantom paper. So Oliver didn't bring a plume of colors or varied supplies with him on the walk to the local cemetery. There was just a cheap, composition notebook in his hands and a couple of mechanical pencils sticking out of the front pocket of his blue corduroys.

The plans hadn't exactly been set in stone, and Oliver found a little irony in the turn of phrase as he wandered between headstones. He figured on just wandering with aspirations of finding the gravedigger at work. Oliver found it difficult to imagine Hunter going anywhere without his dogs, so it seemed like a safe bet to come here.

Maybe it was weird to want to draw the dogs of somebody who was practically still a stranger, but after what had happened with the woman in Sonrisa, Oliver couldn't stop thinking about that big, wolf-like dog with all those teeth. He thought that maybe if he drew it, he'd be able to get it out of his head. It seemed like a good plan of attack, but Oliver didn't have much experience with drawing animals. He needed some live models, to find his footing.

That was the plan anyway, as he made his way across the grass, squinting with appreciation for the summer sun that would provide light for hours to come even though it was late in the afternoon.]

Jun. 18th, 2016


Billy K, Hunter R, Jason W, Connie G, Text: Sam A

[Locked to Billy K]
How you doing with Wren gone?

[Locked to Hunter R]
You been quiet, mijo. You ain't needed a ride nowhere?

[Locked to Jason W]
Hey, chico, I finally got some time to talk. Sorry bout that. You gotta second to call? [He gives his #.]

[Locked to Connie G]
Those pancakes were something else.

[Text: Sam A]
[Just 'cause. He sends her a selfie with Ted.]

May. 25th, 2016


jude phonecall, but open to those nearby when this goes down

[After this. When he'd seen the really disturbed woman pull out a gun, he'd ducked behind the counter and stayed hidden even after the gunshot fell to silence. Eventually, he'd come up shaking with sweat on his face. The woman's body was an arc with blood splatter all across the floor like an impressionist volcano. He winced away, fucked up by the sight of it, sobbing to no one and shaking at the idea of having to call the police or who the fuck ever you were supposed to call in these situations. The woman was clearly dead, she didn't even twitch, and Oliver felt sick when he sank down behind the counter again.

Thats when the dog came. Oliver's fault for leaving the door propped open all day because he liked the breeze. They didn't have AC at the house in the woods, and breeze felt familiar, organic. The dog took her by the neck. He was big and black, and Oliver sat on the floor watching as the dog bared his teeth on her throat and dragged her out of the store, leaving a long trail of blood that would eventually lead to the woods.

Oliver covered his face with both hands, shaking. He felt sick, and he knew he wasn't supposed to be here. If the police came, because surely somebody called them after hearing a gunshot, he wasn't supposed to be here. What if the authorities asked about him or where he lived or where he came from? It was best to go unseen, but he didn't know what to do. So he picked up the Sonrisa phone and called the bar where his brother was supposed to be.]

[Phonecall: Jude/Oli]

May. 20th, 2016


Lou D, Hunter R, Atticus M, Manning T

[A lil after this.]

[Locked to Lou D]
Okay, asere. You gonna lemme buy you a new phone?

[Locked to Hunter R]
Hey, mijo, you been quiet.

[Locked to Atticus M]
Anything burn down yet?

[Locked Manning T]
How's Joey been?

Apr. 25th, 2016


Wainright Manor: Hunter R & Damian W

Who: Hunter Reed & Damian Wainright
What: meeting? arguing? who knows!
Where: the manor
When: recently
Warnings/Rating: TBD

It was neither early nor late. )

Apr. 20th, 2016


Hunter R, Jason W, Call: Wren H

[Timefuzz; midday.]

[Locked to Hunter R]
Hey, mijo. How you doing?

[Locked to Jason W]
Sorry I had to cut it short before, blanco.

[Call: Wren H]

Apr. 17th, 2016


[Public, locked from Damian W.]

anybody up north drive to town in evening? like to hitch rides, got $ for gas.

Apr. 16th, 2016


Hunter R, Gwen R

[Locked to Hunter R]
Are you finished with your tantrum?

[Locked to Gwen R]

Apr. 13th, 2016



Is there anything to do here after 8pm?

Apr. 8th, 2016


[Cris, Damian, The Trailer Park Residents]

[Text to Cris]

I'm ok just going home ok?



[Call to Damian W.]


[A Post to Trailer Park Inhabitants]

Did anything hit the park???


Hunter R, Oliver K, Peter C

[Locked individually: Hunter R, Oliver K, Peter C]

I am checking in to inquire about your physical and emotional condition after the unfertilized chicken fetus hunt.

Apr. 7th, 2016


Lou D, Daniel W, Connie G, Jason W, Hunter R, Gwen R, Oliver K, Billy K, Melody B, Iris M, Wren H+

[Midday, the day after the egg hunt.]

[Locked to Lou D]
Sorry for being slow, Lou. You make it through that mess alright?

[Locked to Daniel W]
Least tell me you're alive, huh?

[Locked to Connie G]
Doing okay, blanca?

[Locked to Jason W]
Easter egg hunt treat you okay?

[Locked to Hunter R]
Hey, mijo.

[Locked to Gwen R]
Gimme an update, chica.

[Locked to Oliver K]
Hey, you ever talk to Sam?

[Locked to Billy K]
Hey, kid, you hanging in there?

[Locked to Melody B]
Melody, lemme find you someplace. Posting public ain't real bright.

[Locked to Iris M]
Iris, you gotta minute?

[Locked to Wren H]
I heard you were outta town. It help you make any kinda decisions?

[Locked to Eddie N]
I know that wasn't supernatural, but maybe we can talk anyway, huh?

[Text to Sam A]
[After he's been gone for a couplea hours. 'Cause he can't not.]
Hey, mami.

Mar. 25th, 2016


Sasha, Cat, 'Aubrey', Gwen, Oliver, Hunter, Louis, Public


tell me you got someone devastating and wonderful as your partner for this shindig. i want to know details.


do you egg, ma'am?


hello. i think you're my dance partner for this affair.


are you alright out there? if you left for any particular reason, can we fix it?


eggs? gwens? are you alright with the world, sunshine?


you're known for being the man with the dogs. (positive, positive). recommendations for a friend, who'd like to own a dog that isn't puppy milled, will nominally be a guardian and is actually going to love him thoroughly.


are you participating in the ode to spring that is digging for pastel-colored eggs?


it occurs to me that i never paid that much attention to the rules of this particular game.


Hunter R, Jason W, Gwen R, Seven M, Melody B, Destiny S, Sunshine F

[Locked to Hunter R]
Looks like we're partners, huh?

[Locked to Jason W]
You said you do security?

[Locked to Gwen R]
How's it going out there for you?

[Locked to Seven M]
Everybody's home. How's it going there?

[Locked to Melody B]
You talk to Eddie?

[Locked to Destiny S]
You been talking with Wren, I heard.

[Locked to Sunshine F]
Hi. You know who I am?

Mar. 14th, 2016


Daniel W, Gwen R, Hunter R, Melody B


[Locked to Daniel W]
You ain't even come round to kiss Sam while I was away, huh? You must be feeling sick or something.

[Locked to Gwen R]
I'm sorry I was a jerk. I was a lil overwhelmed. That wasn't real nice or faira me to take out on you.

[Locked to Hunter R]
You didn't check in. You doing okay?

[Locked to Melody B]
We needta talk. You gotta minute?

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