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Jan. 16th, 2016


[Log: Pizza Party - Grant and Parker]

Who: Grant Stevenson and PJ Ramsey
What: Pizzas with Grant and Parker (new podcast j/k)
Where: 676 1/2 Main Street
When: After this, and once the pizza tracker says ready
Warnings: You're not going to regret clicking this link

Seriously click that link up there. )


[Call to Cat C.]

[Late. Five minutes after bar closing--on the money. Ring ring.]

Jan. 13th, 2016


[Private to Grant and Jason]

[Private to Grant]
You don't know me, but I heard you might be helping a new friend of mine. I want in. Or, out, I guess is a better term. Can you help me too?

[Private to Jason]
I hear you might be willing to help someone gain some freedom and keep it... Is this true?

Jan. 10th, 2016



I made it back to town just in time for the annual meeting of the "Summer Tire Club" out on Central.

Jan. 8th, 2016


[locked to grant s]

[Cautiously posted the day after the train ride.]

Were you there?

Jan. 7th, 2016


[Public] - [Cat C] - [Sasha J]


A New Year, a new act is brewing, and that means new blisters. But more importantly new music. The music choices are endless. Right now I'm leaning toward something Big Band-y.

[Sasha J]

My cat actually ate that goldfish on New Years Eve. Which is both sad and hilarious.

[Cat C]

[...] When is Happy Hour?

Dec. 28th, 2015


[Public, Cat & Owen.]

[Cat C.]

[He sends her copies of what he received from Owen. (Thank you, Repose High School, for your contribution of a photocopier to the anti-assassin league.)]

What do you think?

[Matt D.]

[Using the chosen name purposely.] I am thinking I will name the dog Owen to confuse the situation further.


Does anyone know anyone else that has actually gone to this party?

Dec. 27th, 2015


Daniel W, Grant S, Meredith J

[Locked to Daniel W]
Thanks for the coat, huh?

[Locked to Grant S]
You've made my daughter real happy. The pies are the perfect size for her stuffed animals.

[Locked to Meredith J]

Dec. 26th, 2015



[After this.]

Anonymous pearls? Really?


[public, Reece E]

Where is he?

Where did my dad go?

Where did he go?!?

No one will tell me anything!

[Locked to Reece E]


Can you-

Could you help me?

Dec. 22nd, 2015



[Owen D.]

You're not going to be able to avoid me forever, Owen.

[Cris M.]

Hey, Sheriff. Can I ask you a favor?

[Call to Cat C.]

[Landline at the bar. Ring.]

Dec. 17th, 2015




Untangling Christmas lights can be added to my list of many skills. I have a gift.

Dec. 15th, 2015


[ OPEN to Mean-Eyed Cat Patrons]

Who: Grant, Cat, and whoever else.
What: Drinks and billiards. Super innocent stuff.
Where: Mean-Eyed Cat ("Good" Bar)
When: Evening. Recent.
Warnings/Rating: None yet.

The Mean-Eyed Cat was busy and crowded that night. There was a line for the pool table, short games and names scrawled at the bar. It smelled like hops, like cigarettes, and there was no rule about smoking inside there. The air was thick, and the music wasn't Christmas despite the chill in the air outside. No, keeping true to the bar's theme, the music had twang and soul, and the seats at the bar were all crowded together. People sat close, talked loud, and the bartender kept the drinks coming. The waitress wandered, taking orders from people on booths and in chairs, and the place was a warm kind of loud. A couple danced pressed together between bar and pool table, and nobody bothered them. The whole place had the feel of being just outside of real, an escape that didn't bother pretending to be anything but what it was. What happens at the Cat, stays at the Cat.

Grant was at the bar a few minutes after a non-existent whistle blew in a non-existent factory after a non-existent day in 1941, wondering where the time had gone and contemplating a beer that wouldn't get him drunk. He kept an eye out for his former compatriot, sparing a thought for her passing allegiances with the kind of speculative military calm that other people called "waiting." The people in this town had been friendly to a fault so far, and Grant had made a conscious effort to blend in, wearing a sweater and jeans (probably tailored a little too close because he had only worn them twice in his lifetime), and maybe it was strange to be in a bar without a crowd of men with tags around their necks.

Dec. 14th, 2015



Would anyone near the carnival be able to help me? The heat's gone out, and I'm not sure where I should even start.

Dec. 12th, 2015


Grant S, Reece E

[Locked to Grant S]
Well? Did they erect a monument of thanks in your honor?

[Locked to Reece E]
Have you considered moving out of that house masquerading as a hotel? Possibly finding a responsible roommate and getting a nice little house in middle-class boredom? It seems like it would be just your kind of thing.

Dec. 11th, 2015




I kind of stumbled on a super important scientific discovery, which I feel is only right to share with the world at large. My discovery is as follows: I have determined that A Christmas Story kind of sucks if it's watched before Christmas. I suspect it might actually degrade in enjoyment factor with additional time increments between holiday and viewing, and that Christmas Day proximity is the key ingredient for not-suck. But I can't actually test my proximity suspicion until next year, so it'll just be an untested theory until further notice.

Dec. 1st, 2015


[Quicklog: Leftovers with Grant, CLOSED]

[Grant had several plates with cheap plastic pie covers stacked in the passenger seat of his truck. The vehicle was a second-hand four wheel drive he'd bought from a farmer moving out of the county six months ago. He took out his phone and carefully punched out a post on the town forum that informed everyone where he was, and that he had the food ready. After a moment's thought, he told everyone to be cautious in this weather.

He'd made a lot of extras. When the holiday week arrived, Grant refused to sit around and feel sorry for himself, so on Wednesday he had started cooking and he hadn't stopped until Friday morning. It had been very satisfying, making all those good things out of raw and uncollected ingredients, an act of unskilled creation that Grant had enjoyed immensely. It helped him keep his mind off the places he had been and the things he had done, in the months previous.

He parked outside the General Store and opened a thermos of hot coffee.]

Nov. 28th, 2015


log: grant/matt, the woods

Who: Grant and Matt
What: Reunions and some light following around
Where: The woods
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: N/A

He turned and looked over his shoulder. His gun was in reach, but he didn't move for it. He just looked. )



If you didn't get a real Thanksgiving or you just really like leftover turkey and stuffing, let me know, I have lots.



[As Damian W]

A depiction is not an homage; nor is it proof of devotion. Especially not when it is done without skill and thought, as well as being entirely devoid of accuracy. I do not wish to see another fat, plastic infant in plastic hay on someone's lawn.

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