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Jan. 14th, 2017



[Frank C.]
[Some chocolate chip cookies mysteriously appear in the carriage house before she writes him a message.]

I had extra cookies I needed to get off my hands. Patrick has baby mouth.

Dec. 29th, 2016


Frank C, Cris M, PJ R

[Locked to Frank C]
Got a message. You're interested in the Carriage House?

[Locked to Cris M]
Found somewhere. Thanks for letting me stay. Thanks for coming. Anyone else I should thank? Hitting PJ up now.

[Locked to PJ R]
Save me any Oreos?

Dec. 23rd, 2016


Delivery: Frank C

[It's not the name, okay? It's not. But Frank seems to be more of the utilitarian type than anything else, so he gets something utilitarian. And it's less about zombies and more about the gear. Santa splurges, of course, and gets the duct taped package too. Enjoy, Frank.]

Dec. 18th, 2016


log: patrick/frank - the capital, a meetup

Who: Frank and Patrick
What: Patrick is in the wrong place at the right time.
Where: The Capital
Warnings/Rating: Violence likely

It was rare that anything could get between him and his object, especially a distraction. Instinct said it was a bad sign. )

Dec. 17th, 2016


Frank C

Are you big on Christmas wishes?

Dec. 3rd, 2016



[Sometime after this.]

[Frank C]
i get the right frank?? you know connie right?

Nov. 14th, 2016


[call: connie g]


Nov. 1st, 2016


[narrative, news update: capital]

Who: Frank
What: News update/two narratives - Frank gets up to no good
When: Today
Warnings/Rating: Gore

It must be said: the man's got great shoes.  )


[There's been another shooting of area organized crime figures. Alleged Yakuza members were the target this time, not the Russians. The killer left seven dead and one injured - a doorman who was knocked out before he could reach the hallway with the corpses. He's able to give a vague ID, and happily reports it to the local news. A big guy with a gun, military type. Police are still not ruling out the theory that the killer is working with a group, and reassure the public that the investigation is ongoing.]

As the highway lights bend and flex over the dash, they illuminate Frank's bruised knuckles. )

Oct. 26th, 2016


[phone call: connie g]

[As soon as she picks up, there's that gravel voice on the other end.] Hey. Describe where you're at, I'm at the B&B.

Oct. 24th, 2016


[Anon, public]

Big fan of dancing?



Soooo what's everyone's favorite Halloween candy? I like peanut butter cups.

Sep. 20th, 2016


atticus, B&B, frank, public

[Atticus M.]

Do you think the doggo acted out because I have Thane? Maybe he forgot all about me T_T

[B&B Residents and Staff]

Hey so who here sleeps late- past noon late??? I'm doing SPOOKY HALLOWEEN TOURS this month and i will make sure to whisper around your doors if you are sleeping.

[Frank C.]

I invented a cookie named after you which means you gotta come by and try it.


anyone good at doing spooky makeup? i need a graveyard makeover~~

Sep. 18th, 2016


[news: capital]

[A charity gala in the Capital went very badly this week. A sniper opened fire on the guests at the height of the evening's festivities, killing two inside the building and two members of the 'security team' in a building across the street. The suspect then drove off in pursuit of three party guests, including a reputable member of the local business community, and ran the car off the end of the docks into the water. The passenger's bodyguard was killed, but he and his driver survived.

Witnesses report seeing the 'eminent citizen' exchanging gunfire with the suspect chasing him. Strangely enough, this goes unmentioned in official police reports, as do the citizen's ties to the Russian mob. The suspect has yet to be identified, though rumors have linked him to two earlier shootings. These include the assumed team that took out Russian mobsters at a tea room last month. Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward.]

Sep. 3rd, 2016


Nick + Frank: the diner

Who: Nick and Frank
What: Diner food, coffee, refresh and reacquaintance
When: Recent
Warnings: Nada, unless language.

Some days, the old itch climbed back onto his shoulders and sat there like it was in the driving seat and there wasn't a goddamn thing you could do about it but ride it out, patient )

Aug. 30th, 2016



Clerk at the gas station outside town had an acid trip in the middle of counting change earlier, and it didn't look like she knew it was coming. Had to take her to the hospital, what the fuck's going on?

Aug. 21st, 2016


[Gala: Cat, Flash, Frank]

Who: Cat, Flash/Reaper, & the bad guy (Frank)
What: A very swanky gala in the Capital
Where: A converted church
When: The week after this
Warnings/Rating: Frank has a teensy problem with anger management

It made her think of Bruce. )

Aug. 17th, 2016



[It's a small town, and it stands to reason that not introducing himself might be more trouble than hiding out, so he asks the important question:]

Coffee. Black, nothing fancy. Best place in town, go.



the fuck is going on at the capital?

[And then, after this.] SERIOUSLY? THE FUCK