December 2019






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Dec. 11th, 2019




*who wants to go caroling with my off key ass this weekend? i promise **shots of courage will be provided prior to the expedition

*pls make something from my bucket list come true
**pls don't let me sing loudly on a street corner alone

Dec. 9th, 2019


[public, group, Leena B.]


Does Repose do any holiday stuff? Does anyone want somewhere to go for any of the upcoming major American holiday’s that doesn’t have anywhere to go? I don’t really do anything for Christmas but no one should be alone on the holidays.

[Group Lock: Audrey C., Leena B., Clover W., Hugh (C?), Chris F., Hector Z., Diego C., open to others Dante has been friendly with that I may be forgetting (Aka use your judgement but feel free to jump in too)?]
New Years plans? Who’s Got them? Don’t got them? Now you do. Party at my place but you’re all getting a Mexican New Years so prepare your asses for that. Everyone gets a +1 or a -1.

-1 = If you need to have someone uninvited tell me and I’ll uninvite them, no questions asked. Hell, want to ask a cutie along and too shy to ask for the +1 I’ll do that too if you don’t have the guts. 😉🙃😘

[Locked: Leena B.]
So the other night
The fuck still
How the hell am I supposed to

How’s your nose? 💜

Dec. 3rd, 2019



Yeah so, winter is not the best time for broken windows. Can whatever is acting up just calm the fuck down? You overdid it. Cool it with the bullshit. Thnx~<3


[Locked: Chris F, Hector Z, Leena B, Diego C, Hugh C (M?), Audrey C, Clover W]

[After this. ]


Is everyone okay? What the fuck was that?


If your car is having alarm issues bring it down to the shop. We’ll get it turned off for you.

Nov. 25th, 2019


public (as Hugh C.)

If your plans for Thursday involve anything that is sitting by yourself or drinking by yourself, I'm going to offer an alternative.

I'm going to make food, have a well-stocked bar, and push furniture to the side so that I can really try out the sound system Mal put in for me.

If that sounds remotely of interest to you, you are welcome to come over and join in. Bring a favorite pie or dish or beer, whatever works for you.

I knew I was going to regret not putting cranberries in the freezer. They're all out locally, can you see if you can find any in the Capital?

Nov. 24th, 2019



Hey. So. Sup. I am Clover as you can probs tell from this system-journal-thing. I don't mind being called Clo. Cee. Clobear. Basically, I am just fine with nicknames. ANYWWWWWAAAAY. I am going to be moving in with the incomparable Sage-babe. We should be fully moved in this week, I wanna say???

I am from Florida, yes hell is real, and I am a Junior in college, I do yoga and can break a walnut between my thighs (hay boys, hay) and I pretty much will love you forever if you give me snacks.

What's up and all that stuff.