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Sep. 4th, 2018


[Public & Various.]

[Text to Claire J.]

How are you?

[Forum: Dietre]

You are settled?

[Forum: Destiny S.]

You and your spells are not affected?


When will it stop?



how the hell do i get out of the historical fiction section

Aug. 27th, 2018




Anyone seen Pete in the last week? Guessing he might have skipped town, because the coffee in the diner on Ivy got a hell of a lot better and Pete can fuck up coffee better than anyone I ever knew.

Aug. 22nd, 2018


Delivery: Dahlia H

[Delivered to the front desk of Engine No. 9 in a glass casserole pan, for lack of anything better, is an imperfect rainbow cake, with a card with pink ink scribbled in the bottom right corner, that says: SORRY ITS LATE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB! xoxoxo. Hearts are squiggled in everywhere and she doesn't bother signing it.]

Aug. 20th, 2018



Anyone want to do an end of the summer party on the beach?

Aug. 13th, 2018


Various & Public

[All at an unusual (for Dahlia) early-morning hour.]

[Marta F]
fuckin basement flooded. no water here til bullshit is fixed. fyi

[Destiny S]
emergency crones club meetin tonight. im callin it now

[Steve M]
im gonna skip the part where i say sorry for bein shit at replyin to messages and ask somethin random instead: whats yr opinion on birthdays

[From here, still anon.] so uh. how was yr moon

anybody in town got a water pump i can borrow

Jul. 27th, 2018



[Patrick G.]

Have fun?

[Nish B.]

Talk to anyone new?


Where's the best place to go dancing here?


[Misha B, Damian W, 'Sue', Dietre, Lenna B, Public-Ish]

[Misha B,]
Hey you. Sorry I've been a bit quiet for a spell. Things got busy. Good busy. How're you?

[Damian W,]
Hello Damian.

[Beau W,]
Hey you, tell me the good news.

['Sue' [As 'Blath']]
Hey stranger, how's your summer going?

[Dietre A]
Just thought I'd say hello and see how you were doing?

[Leena B,]
Been having a real good time with you, I have. Just wanted to say that.

[Public, locked away from Nishka]
I'm thinking today's a good day for swimming if anyone would like to come with?

Jul. 19th, 2018


Summer Exhibition

The summer exhibition at the museum has been doing exceptionally well. I always knew there was a lot of morbidly curious creatures around. Your patronage has been most welcomed! We're open late tomorrow night, until 9pm, and I will be on hand from opening at 10am to give guided tours if anyone wants one. Ten past the hour, every hour. I'll be waiting by the ticket desk.


Public, Daniel W

hi repose!✨

[Locked to Daniel W]
guess who?? 🙈

Jun. 19th, 2016


[Note left for Ceil L.]

[He doesn't go through Webster's Vinyl, but early one morning, he leaves the folded up menu beneath one of the windshield wipers on her truck. The cafe is called Lilou's, and he wrote the address on the edge of the paper along with the word Monday? 7? and a smaller note just beneath that. No snails.]

Jun. 3rd, 2016


A series of locks: oliver k, ceil l, louis d, daniel w, cat c, sasha j, seven m, aubrey d

[oliver k]

they've done clean-up. safe as houses out there now, promise.

[ceil l]

i hear you're back in town, hello, sunshine.

[louis d]

state of the union, please and thank you.

[daniel w]

i take your silence as sulking for the non-production of libations. can i make due sacrifice at the altar of tiny feline in order to buy good graces again?

[cat c]

could you be alive? please? now, preferably.

[sasha j]

summary greeting before do you know where your sister is?

[seven m]

so there's a world of ways to begin this, but let's start with hello.

May. 25th, 2016


Daniel W

[Locked to Daniel W]
hello~ 🙈

May. 23rd, 2016



✨i'm back!✨i missed each & every1 of u!✨except the new ppl, idk you sorry.

Dec. 18th, 2015


[Harper + Ceil (and Daniel, later)]

[Harper was rather entirely uncertain about the prospect of this homecoming. She felt as if she'd left Repose ages ago, though she knew it had only been a month in the tiny town that now seemed quite small and fragile. If not for Ceil, she would stay away entirely. If she remained away, there'd be no need to explain what she was, what she was not. There would be no need to be the girl she'd been. The girl who mum and town expected her to be, that girl could go quiet into that good night, and none would be the wiser. But there was Ceil, and it was for Ceil that Harper returned.

She looked little altered. Her black sweater hung lose on her body, and her sweats were gray and careless, tucked into duck boots and slouched over socks. She wore no smile, despite looking forward to seeing her sister bounce down the music store steps, as if the world was a thing made of candyfloss. Harper liked to think that, for Ceil, perhaps the world was was a menagerie of color and brightness. Hopefully, Daniel Webster had kept Ceil good company, and Harper felt slightly better about having left her sister in the companionship of that strange relation from nowhere. Oliver and Jude, too, could be trusted, and perhaps this was all Harper's way of making herself feel better for desertion. For Harper had outgrown her skin and her life, and she was now trying to fit herself back into it.

The door to the music store jangled, and Harper entered, bag hoisted onto one shoulder.] Babygirl? I'm home.

Dec. 16th, 2015



[As 'Seven M']

Roughly how depressing is it going to be to spend Christmas alone with a baby in a new town? Money says anywhere from 'medium' to 'very'.

Dec. 12th, 2015


[Call, Public, various locks.]

[Call to the Antique Store.]

[Ten PM. Ring.]

[Public. Early morning.]

The hot water isn't working.

[Sam A. Later.]

How was your day, petite?

Dec. 4th, 2015



I do hope this sort of fog is not a regular occurrence in this town.

Nov. 30th, 2015


Webster's Vinyl: Daniel W & Ceil L

Who: Daniel Webster & Ceil Love
What: meeting
Where: Webster's Vinyl
When: nowish
Warnings/Rating: TBD; nothing egregious anticipated

Ceil didn't do alone very good. )

Nov. 29th, 2015


[Various locks.]

[Louis D.]

Did you tell Cris?

[Sam A.]

How's the stomach?

[Liam R.]

I didn't check out the book I took. It's L. Frank Baum by Katharine Rogers. The barcode inside is 203459, and the spine label is 921.1 but you should consider reshelving your biographies into the subject matter, and put it in literature in the 800s.

[Jude, Oliver, Harper and Ceil.]

[Obviously unaware of any particular person's status when posting.]

Is the furniture in?

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