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Jul. 29th, 2018


"Beauty," Newt P, Aiden B, Steve M

[Locked to "Beauty"]
[He doesn't bother with anon.] Still interested in that coffee?

[Locked to Newt P]
[A few days after the moon. Un-anoning.] Didn't kill me. Thank you for that.

[Aloud: Aiden B]
[In his study. No one's dying today, so he's not sure if anything will come from it. But old Mrs. Bailey, on the first floor, is failing rapidly. Might be enough. Aloud:] Need to find a less morbid way to talk to you, Aiden.

[Outside Vade: Atticus/Steve]
The moon had been a quiet one. Still had the same aches and pains that always came after, but at least he hadn't tried to bite his own leg off. Was left wondering what the pack did, but it was idle thought. Had never really belonged to the pack, so not spending the moon with them wasn't really distressing to Atticus. Had found an abandoned building by the docks and holed up there. Might have been a bad idea, staying in the city for the moon, but had been counting on the potion to work, and it had. Wasn't sure if he'd keep using it, but at least there was the option now. Was glad of the option. Choice, Atticus found, was heady stuff.

Now, was waiting outside Vade. Was under-dressed, and he looked worse for wear, but figured Steve would forgive him. Had only been back to Repose a few times over the past weeks, and that was to pick up books from his study. Was hard for an old man, living out of a duffel bag.

May. 24th, 2018


[Aiden B]

[Aloud: Aiden B]
[(Fuzzy timeline) He wasn't sure this would work. Probably wouldn't work. No real reason why it should work. Old Jasper in room 4 was getting close, but he wasn't there yet. Another week, at least, by Atticus' count. Close enough that the haunts in the B&B were sparse on the ground, but there wasn't the stench of death on the air that the wolf so hated. The haunts didn't want to encounter the reaper. Atticus was counting on it:]


[On the desk, in front of him, was an offering: A book.]

Apr. 26th, 2018


aiden b.

[Locked to Aiden B.]
[Though he does not think this will work at all and hardly expects a reply, he tries it anyway.]

Yo, Aiden? Do you internet?

Apr. 16th, 2018


Log: Nish & Atticus & Aiden

Who: Nishka and Atticus (& Aiden)
What: Closure
Where: B&B
When: Recently

Her head still wasn't right since the book event... )

Apr. 3rd, 2018


Log: Capital - David and Aiden

Who: The Revenant and a Reaper
What: The Revenant is delivering up souls, and the Reaper is reaping them.
Where: The Capital - a no-name brothel by the docks.
When: Recently.
Warnings/Rating: Violence.

The Revenant didn't need a bullet to kill Charlie. )



[A package appears on Mao's doorstep overnight. It is neatly wrapped in yesterday's newspaper, a feeble attempt to weatherproof its content.
Inside are three sub-volumes: Yin, Yang, and Wind. By the state of the paper's texture it is obvious that they are old, drawn by hand, possibly first editions, none of the mass-produced replicas done by woodblock print, they are not bound in the traditional Western way but as scrolls. They might also heavily smell like mothballs.

They come with a note, in neat handwriting that at the same time manages to be barely legible:
TO: Mao
FROM: Japan

Because, obviously, they are from Japan.]