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Jan. 6th, 2019


Marta F, Pippin P

[Marta F]
[After receiving her card.]

I did. I wanted something good for you.

[Pippin P]

I hope you had a very happy holiday. How are you finding Repose?

Dec. 23rd, 2018


Secret Santa: Aedan Byrne, Marta Flores, Jesse Thomas, Pippin Pinkerton

[The gift takes the shape of cards. The envelopes are white with golden lining inside, and there's one card in each, embossed, rectangular, and printed in gold. That the cards are magical is without question, and when each envelope is opened and warm, bright gold light shines from under the flap. Even handling the cards is warming and soothing, and that's an effect that lasts long beyond Christmas. Each card has the same words printed on the front:]

Good for one happy day of your choosing. Hold the card, and wish, and the next 24 hours will be happy and perfect. From: Aedan Byrne

[Envelopes go out to three Reposians: Marta Flores, Jesse Thomas, and Pippin Pinkerton. An additional card goes to Aedan Byrne, but this one is signed from "S.S.," and it functions the same way as the others.]

Dec. 20th, 2018


[holly w, travis b, destiny s, aedan b, seven m, billy k]

someone told me you have a butterfly plague.

don't be mad, but i heard you don't have plans for chrsitmas?

so what am i getting you and wyatt for christmas this year?

i'm sorry i'm so bad at keeping in touch.

is it too soon or weird to ask about getting something for you and sawyer?

i have a weird question.

Dec. 8th, 2018


Aedan B

Do you think it's bad if we can have anything we want for Christmas? I'm having my doubts about this entire thing. I think there's a reason Santa's gifts all have to fit inside a lawn bag.

Nov. 27th, 2018



I'm starting to see all these holiday decorations. How bad is it that I totally forgot Christmas was coming? My mom would smack me in the back of the head. And having just got here I don't have any decorations. So I think I'll wander around the shopping district to see what I can get.

Points of interest?
Number of coffee shops and the distance between them?

Nov. 14th, 2018


Wrap up: Spin me right round/Rocking

Who: Spin me right round / Rocking
What: Wrap-up
Warnings: Probably none.

A book )

Oct. 9th, 2018


Aedan and Destiny

Who: Aedan and Destiny
What: When you're in need of a witch...
Where: The trailer
When: After this
Warnings/Rating: Probably low, maybe some grisly stuff.

Help me Destiny Kenobi, you're my only hope )

Oct. 3rd, 2018


Aedan narrative

Who: Aedan Byrne
What: Receiving a grisly delivery
Where: His home
When: Current
Warnings/Rating: Uh, fingers.

A package )

Sep. 20th, 2018


[Nel, Destiny, Aedan, Seven]

tomorrow or saturdya

[She hasn't seen the message from Destiny, lost in the scrolling and not enough time to go back through.]
are you back? wyatts babysitter took him when things got shitty. i tried. i'm sorry.


out of town but coming back soon.

Sep. 9th, 2018


[Marta narrative; Forum: Aedan B; Call: (After)Life]

[The Clary house nearly sparkles inside, having been cleaned from top to bottom for the last several days. Every moment she can, Marta has been cleaning - doing her best to appease the specter of the old motel manager that lingers behind her, murmuring words of filth and threat. So she cleans to keep him at bay. Her hands still shake, only now they're also red and chapped from the cleaning products and constant scrubbing.

Days earlier, Wyatt's babysitter had stopped by, and in Destiny's absence, had convinced a momentarily fully-lucid Marta that Wyatt should be removed from the town while everything was so chaotic. Marta couldn't disagree with that, as she'd already pulled Wyatt from school when his bus driver was shot. The babysitter had a sister in the city, and that was where she went with Wyatt. Marta has the contact information. ...somewhere.

She thought once that she saw a man disappear right from the street when she looked outside. And another time, she thought she heard a big bird flying by. And always, that sound that wouldn't stop long enough to let her focus on anything else.

Like getting to the city for her group session, check-in with her social worker, or the regular drug test she needs to take.]

[Aedan B.]
[Picking up from their last conversation.]

things are bbad

[Call to (After)Life - to whoever picks up.]

Aug. 28th, 2018


[Patrick G, Dahlia H, Aedan B, Destiny S]

[Handwavey timefuzz, sometime after meeting Ragnar and her discussion with Seven.]

tell me something good?

need a day or two.

are you ok?

[Just a chunk of her last paycheck on the kitchen counter.]

Jul. 29th, 2018


Adam and Eve

Free Eve,

I must recommend being entranced at first opportunity. (Though, does Netflix not entrance you? I worry about this if the answer is no.)

Please know that I don't think you should feel guilty at all for unloading, as you seemed to need it.

Shall we continue?

No longer,

Jul. 17th, 2018


[Aedan B, Patrick G, Steve M, Destiny S, Daniel W]

[Aedan, Patrick, Destiny, Billy, Daniel**]

[Locked separately, but the same message.]
are you writing postcards?


[Includes the above, but also another line:]
i feel strange asking, but i don't know how many steve ms there are in town. was all that stuff about captain liberty you?


[In an envelope on the kitchen table when she leaves for work one morning. A good chunk of her first paycheck, as well as the cash that Lear gave her. If she keeps it, she knows she's going to spend it on something she shouldn't. On the outside of the envelope is written: for rent and food. -m]

**She'd add more people she knows, but she's starting small in her reaching out.

Jun. 18th, 2018


Log: Loki (Nish) and Aedan

Who: Loki (Nish) and Aedan
What: Playful adversaries meet for a drink…
Where: The Cat
Rating: tbd

It wasn't every day Loki met someone who could match his wit... )

Jun. 12th, 2018


Public [as 'Loki']

Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars. Go.

Jun. 3rd, 2018


Marta F

[Marta F]


Apr. 16th, 2018


Jessica R

[Phone call to Jessica R]

Ring! Ring!

Apr. 14th, 2018


[Patrick G, Aedan B]

[The messages are left Saturday evening, with one day left to the trio of days she and Patrick agreed on to meet weekly for breakfast. And since she never quite knows when Aedan might invite her over. She has a bruise taking over the majority of one cheekbone, which would be painful but possible to cover, but there's also a cut in the middle of the bruise (still not quite scabbed over), which makes coverup nearly impossible.]

[Patrick G]
hey. you don't have to show up at the diner tomorrow if you don't want. i can't make it this week. i'm sorry.

[Aedan B]
hi. i might not be able to come over for a while. are you okay with [...] meals?

[Flash M]

hey. doing okay?

Mar. 27th, 2018


[Forum] SALE!

Hey Guys,

Shameless plug. I'm having a 20% sale on all menstrual products this week (sale ends Monday), so come on by and stock up!

Cut to protect the mens' weak dispositions... )

Spring is the perfect time to try something new!

Mar. 11th, 2018


[Aedan B, Patrick G, Dahlia H, Steve M, Destiny S, Daniel W, Tim D]

[After she sees some of the posters up around town. She thinks about it a long time before posting anything. Same message, but individual locks, as usual for her.]

[Aedan B, Patrick G, Dahlia H, Steve M, Destiny S, Daniel W]

how are you? do you think you'll go to the book thing?

[Tim D]
[She took the card when he'd left it on the seat next to her. And because she no longer things anything is coincidence in this town, she looks through the forums and finds a "Tim D". Posted Anonymously to start.]

Detective Tim D?

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