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Dec. 28th, 2018


[News: Repose]

[He don't open this 'til after Christmas, seeing as he's busy with Damian, with Leena and Sadie, with real fine Christmas Eve dinners, and with mass at midnight, so he just don't get to it right off. And once he does read it, his version of holy light ain't near as contained. It originates as a real visible and hot ball of fire, high overhead and spanning the lake entire, and then it sparks off angry and like a starburst of blinding light in all directions. It's brief, but it's like looking at the sun, and anyone holy or damned would know it was anger splayed out wide and brilliant and real wildly uncontrolled.]

Dec. 25th, 2018


News and Delivery: Claire J

[Per her wish, Santa asks for one good day for every inhabitant of the town. A day when things go well, when the town is safe, when happiness might actually be possible.

There's no way to tell when it's going to happen, but this Santa does leave a batch of strange cookies for Claire. They're covered in green sprinkles and they're shaped like dollar signs.]

Dec. 24th, 2018



Mid-evening on Christmas Eve, a flash of light travels through town. For most, it's a single bright wave that fades quickly into the darkness, leaving only the full moon and the bright stars behind.

For those who are particularly sensitive? The light comes with a set of feelings - shock, anger, pain. Betrayal.

For the few that know Lucifer, it will be easy to tell that it's him. And that there's a scream beneath the emotions.


Delivery: Nel L/News

[As per her request, the day after Christmas is unseasonably warm. Mid-morning, slate gray rain clouds appear on the horizon, but it isn't until afternoon that they open up into a pleasantly warm, almost spring rain.]

Dec. 23rd, 2018


[News: Secret Santa]

[The magic of holiday wishes continues through the 26th, at which point wishes can no longer be granted. However, the seal of secrecy on the Santas is magically lifted on the evening of the 23rd and, should Santas wish it, they can now reveal themselves to their gift recipients (but only once they have granted their assignee's wish).]

Dec. 22nd, 2018


[News: Live and Breathe]

[Sometime in the week before Christmas, the front windows of Live and Breathe are painted. It's simple, done only in white paint on the glass. In the lower corner is tucked a small piece of white paper, no larger than a standard business card, that reads in very careful handwriting:

Many thanks to DW for the window painting.

With it being a winter scene, the trees will stay up well into the next month(s).]

Dec. 5th, 2018


[News: Secret Santa]

[Wednesday, Secret Santa assignments are sent to all residents of Repose possessing forum accounts. This happens in the same way as it has during previous holiday seasons: Somehow, the assignments find residents wherever they are. Also included is information for an anonymous holiday account to be used to learn what recipients most desire this holiday season.

This year, however, things are a little different when assignees open the envelopes containing their recipients' names. A small cloud of golden dust wafts out in a poof!, covering this year's Santas, and, from that moment forth, they have the ability to grant whatever wish their recipients truly yearn for. They have the awareness that they can do so, and feel that they must, as if it were an imperative thing. The parameters remain consistent: Anonymity is to be maintained until the 23rd of December, and tangible gifts will be delivered from Town Hall to recipients (for security and privacy, physical addresses of recipients are not given.) Magical wishes are granted with, predictably, magic.]

Dec. 3rd, 2018


[News: Repose]

[Reports of a medium-sized coyote running east along Main Street start filtering in around 10 pm. He retreats and disappears back under the cover of the woods off the side of the pavement when a couple of cars slow down and pull over in a misguided attempt to get a closer look, then reappears about a couple of blocks north as soon as the sounds of engines fade into the distance. He lopes along at a good pace, and the only man who manages to get close enough reports that he thinks the animal might have been hit with buckshot at one time due to a smattering of smallish bald patches along the coyote’s left haunch.

Residents of the B&B who were paying attention to the reported animal notice that he makes a wide, deliberate berth of their chosen residence - and when he’s just past the property, someone manages to record a snippet of his solitary song on their phone.

A particularly territorial Malamute mix who was let outside to free-roam in her unfenced backyard returns home with her tail between her legs, and an outdoor tabby cat shows up ninety minutes late for dinner with the fur on the top of her head looking wet and sticking up the wrong way, with a thoroughly disgusted expression on her face.]

Oct. 18th, 2018


Posted all around Repose in shop windows, bulletin boards, and the like )

Oct. 12th, 2018


[News: Repose]

[If the lake 'reeked', it doesn't anymore. The ghosts linger. The deaths that have occurred in its depths over the past centuries still stain it. Children still talk about monsters in the black. There's no undoing any of that. But, it's clean as a whistle, pristine and reflecting back the gray fall sky. No one's sure what really happened, but, who's going to complain about a good Samaritan or twelve taking the time to clean things up?]

Sep. 12th, 2018


News, Dietre A, Louis D, Steve M, Damien W

[News: Sonrisa]
The day after the infrasound is silenced, while Repose is quietly trying to reassemble itself, the local art store's doors stay closed. The store is quiet, and the boy who'd been looking after the place is not seen around town at all in the days that follow.]

[Package delivered on Thursday AM to Dietre]
[The box itself is unassuming, sent from a packing store on the other side of the Capital. Inside are the typical packing peanuts and some bubble wrap around a box of sprinkled cherry poptarts, a pack of clove cigarettes, a men's cardigan sweater of green and yellow. It's a size small and smells like Oliver. At the very bottom of a box is a note wrapped around a small box of used watercolors. The note reads:]
So I'm gone. I guess you might've realized by now. I never wanted Repose to be my home and with all of the bad shit that keeps happening, I decided to stop making it be. I don't know if you'll understand, but it is what it is. I've included in this box all of the things that make a gray day a blue one for me. Try them, they might work for you too.

~ Romeo

[Letter slipped beneath the door of Louis' store.]
It's time for me to split town. Thank you for everything you did for me. If Cris and Sam ever come back around, tell them thank you too.

[Taped to the note is the key he kept for Sonrisa.]

[Envelope addressed to Steve at the Mean Eyed Cat]
[Inside is a folded up watercolor. On the back, there is writing.]
Take care of yourself. I'm going East to do the same.
~ Oliver

[Left outside the Wainwright mansion with a note on top saying, To: Damian.]
[With no idea whether Damian and Misha still stay there, a small box is left on the steps of the old Wainwright place. It is brown cardboard and unassuming. Inside is a pewter tea canister with red tea leaves within. There is also a scrap of paper that simply reads Goodbye with a little O in the bottom right corner. And although it is addressed to Damian and makes no mention of Misha, there are two plain tea cups inside the box.]

Sep. 11th, 2018


News: Capital (Kinda?)

[After the sniper attack on the waterpark, the injured are taken to one of the hospitals in the Capital. This is not particularly newsworthy in itself. On the contrary, it would be news if the injured didn't go to the hospital. No, the news (which is really more of twitter rumor thanks to a lot of blurry pictures/shaky videos) is that within five minutes of arrival, a group of halberd-bearing Pontifical Swiss Guards swooped into the hospital during the chaos and removed one of the victims by means of diplomatic orders, an unidentified young woman that did not even make it to triage. It's a little weird (suspicious, maybe, to those in the know?) that Vatican security is so far away from Rome, but no weirder than the rumors that come out of Repose, right?]


[News: Repose/Capital]

[The blog piece is anonymous. It's written at the height of the chaos, over a series of days and it summarises theory as to the cause of the chaos in the small town and tracks the social media and video online, both the blurry video of people from Repose emerging into the Capital and the video of disparate citizen-journalism that springs into action when vigilantes are seen in the city. It is neat, summarising events as they happen, drawing together the theory of why, ranging from the military facility on the edge of Repose's town to debunking suggestions that it is all down to madness and illness in a lone shooter. The posts come short, with photographs taken clearly at the epicenter of the chaos: the sky over Repose's woods, the contents of the lake, the edge of the Facility. It is picked up here and there, by the non-mainstream and once it is referenced in the broadsheet press, before the FBI pick it up and run with it and the news emanating on what has happened is extinguished. ]


[News: Repose]

[There's a senselessness to war. It can feel that way, when waged for the wrong reasons. When the price of blood is for profit. But, when it's just, there are sides. What's happening in Repose is madness without any reason at all. It's not about profit, it's not about freedom. It's carnage.

Then that unbearable, enduring sound is stopped. An hour or so after the worst begins its reign. It's like the sudden removal of fingernails from the chalkboard. It's like rest after grinding exhaustion. It's relief. It's gone. The effects of the various other entropic forces dissipate, coming apart slowly over time. But, the sound, at least, stops.

At the epicenter, inside the rigorously-protected facility, the devices themselves that cause the vibroacoustic nightmare, are destroyed beyond repair. Rumor slips out about a shield with impossible geometry, with implausible velocity. But, as with most things, the military remains tight-lipped. If questioned, they deny anything has occurred out of the ordinary, outside of some electrical problems. (Compensation, notably, is still being offered to those who make formal complaints, with, of course, the usual bureaucratic runaround.)

New security measure as still in the process of being implemented. However, there are no further apparent attempts to harness infrasound for this specific purpose. For now, anyway.]


[News: the Capital]

[The details in the news are sparse amid the chaos in the Capital, but multiple streams of witness video are posted online showing what seems to be a pair of caped and masked vigilantes capturing the man the Capital PD has been hunting for the past nine days. Thought to be responsible for countless random killings, along with an attack on a water park, the man is left dangling from a streetlamp in front of the nearest precinct, some sort of cabling tied around his middle. In his pocket is a USB stick. Not released to the public is the knowledge that the thumbdrive contains evidence of the man's various attacks, along with several some startling evidence that this behavior might be caused by a psychotic break, which in turn was triggered by infrasound. This information is paired with the stories coming rapidly out of the small town of Repose, about an hour away. The FBI takes over the investigation. If the case is investigated any further, no inside source is sharing.

Not knowing the details, most just breathe a sigh of relief that the man is off the streets. There are the usual detractors. But, after the sprees, there are even less of those than normal.]

Sep. 10th, 2018


[News: Repose (near the churches)]

[He can't cancel it all, and he realizes, after trying that tact some, that he ain't doing a lick of good. So, he does the only thing he can think of to do: He makes a safe area over near the churches, 'tween them, stringing religious buildings together with Grace and real unconcerned with denominations. The path to the churches is blessed, and he ain't alone. See, this mess, it's real awful for The Balance, and so others come and help make things better. The west side of town is blanketed in safe. The infrasound don't reach there, and the madness caused by other divine things, it don't manage to get through the protective circle. Folks that can't leave town, they gather inside, and there's blankets and camping gear spread out. The churches feed folks and folks rally, and, for a tiny spell, there's a quiet place 'mid the chaos.]


News: Repose

[As the town swells and bilges in un-satiated hunger and un-slaked desire, spinnerets of sharpened inspiration trail in their wake. It begins with lust that drives men-folk home, who see old loves and forgotten desires in the shape of them around them. It couples together those who hallucinate themselves in love, in lust, in anger and anguish but who slake it with one another violently, over and over in a glut of sexual satisfaction that will not truly extinguish. It is in the knives people take from their kitchen drawers, and the malice of opportunity, a carefully placed foot that knocks a man into the road until the cars squeal an inch from his forehead. It is in the drink, as the grocery store is broken into by night, windows smashed and alarms squealing and every drop of alcohol that can be stolen is stolen and the drunks sleep on the benches in the park. It is in opportunity taken and seized and plundered, over and over in attempt at bloody fulfilment.]


[News: Repose (Neighborhood)]

[There's a girl seen wandering the town late, late on Sunday evening. Pale, blonde, petite, with piercing blue eyes, the girl seems to be in her late teens. She wanders barefoot throughout the evening, passing along neighborhood sidewalks and along storefronts. No one dies in her wake, but she doesn't pass without leaving a mark. She walks in a swirl of bottomless hunger, and she carries that gluttonous voracity in every pore. It reaches out, into windows and doors, and it brushes against the skin of those maddened and wandering the streets. The hunger infects them, swirls within them, and it leaves them craving everything they can never have. Those affected greedily reach for each other—in love, in lust, in unabashed worship. Out come the faithful, and the streets the girl travels become a parade path for ancient rituals to honor false gods. Porches and yards and streets are lit with bonfire lights. Prayer comes to Repose, but it is no prayer to a fatherly messiah with a beard. As for the girl, she feeds off this, and her skin is rosy and warm as she continues her aimless meandering through Repose's battlefields. It's not death, but it'll do.]

Sep. 8th, 2018



[It starts in the forest and spreads outward, like a stone dropped into a lake ripples irrepressibly outward. The electrical signals build and build until they crash outwards knocking out the infrasound completely in the forest in a wide radius centered north of the lake. As the knock-out frying of electrical signals, equipment, widens out past the forest toward town, it weakens.

It sets off car-alarms on the fringes of town and it frazzles low-grade electrical equipment. Those who pass within the diameter of the electrical brown-out would find the sound weakened a little, and dead completely by the time they hit deep in the forest.]


[News: Repose]

[It's real easy for him, since folks are hallucinating left and right, and hiding ain't as important as it could be. There's rumors of burning feet leaving imprints on Main, and the sound of wings can be heard real regular 'round the rough parts of town. Folks, believers and non-believers, crowd the town churches, claiming they saw shadow wings protecting them from townfolks gone violent in their madness. Residents that take to violence, they find themselves soothed without explanation and with their bloodlust gone quick as it came. At the hospital, where things are frenetic, some real critical folks heal up without explanation and doctors just put it off as misdiagnosis 'mid the chaos. 'Long as the infrasound is affecting folks, this keeps on and on and on.]

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