June 2020






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Jun. 1st, 2020


[Advertisement: D&D Automotive Starts Taking Custom Special Commissions]

[Starting today D&D Automotive has taken out some advertising to introduce a new service line they’ll be offering. This advert can be seen in a local newspaper (if the town has one), in the appropriate online forum location, and as a sign/banner at the shop. It simply reads:

D&D Automotive will begin offering, on a commission basis, custom car build orders, custom build orders and special repair jobs beginning as of June 1st, 2020. We are capable of restoring classic cars, building cars from scratch to your specifications, converting fuel systems to biodiesel, converting cars to electric, redesigning interiors, building custom engines, rewiring the electrical systems, installing new rims or stereo systems, reconfiguring internal response systems and more! Got a wild idea? We'd love to hear it! If you have any questions for the sort of special repairs or custom builds available or an idea for something completely new please inquire with the shop for commission order availability and rates for custom build or repair requests. We can be reached at [Shop Phone] or [Shop Email] and will respond to all requests within 72hrs. Not feeling those? Swing on by and we’d be happy to chat.

This advertisement will remain posted/running in various local things until otherwise noted.]

May. 11th, 2020


[news: repose]

[At around 3 AM houses, apartments and residents throughout the small town would experience strange phenomenon; there are unexplained sounds ranging anywhere from footsteps loudly running through the halls and kitchens, banging on the walls, and some even may report growling in their rooms. The sounds grow quite loud and end at 3:01 AM. If anyone goes to check the source of the noise they find nothing. Doors are still locked, windows are still shut, and there is no sign of forced entry.]

May. 6th, 2020


[News: Repose, the bookstore]

[A news story comes out around two in the afternoon: On May the 6th, at about 1:42pm, books suddenly and simultaneously flew off the shelves at The SecondHand Bookstore. There were no reports on tremors in the area. Patrons and employees were startled, but no one was severely hurt. The bookstore will be closed for the rest of the day for clean up, but the café attached to the store will remain open. Investigations are ongoing.]

Apr. 21st, 2020


[news: the capital]

[A news story comes out of the capital on Tuesday that may resonate for those that saw a certain memory - after a gruesome scene of blood was found at a local church last week, authorities have been searching for the body of its popular young priest, Jacob Montgomery, 38.cont. on page 2 )

A shocked parish grieves. The identity of the killer isn't solid, but it does bear a resemblance to other killings, more than a year ago now, all attributed to a single responsible party. The long gap makes the connection tenuous, but it is possible that the Revenant has killed again.]

Apr. 16th, 2020


[Narrative // News // Open-ish I guess?]]

[Since Sunday D&D Automotive has been in a flurry of activity. Upon hearing and figuring out what was going on, new safety procedures were implemented from calls Dante frantically made to the employees and her co-owner to keep certain distances from machines, to use a buddy system and requiring random call-and-response from employees to make sure everyone's still safe and hasn't been sucked into a machine. As of Sunday evening anyone who brings their car into the shop - if they call first - will be instructed to park in the far side of the parking lot furthest away from the shop doors while still being in the same parking lot. From there, customers are met with a new set of temporary safety procedures. Long-standing customers of D&D Automotive would notice a staple of the shop parking lot is missing as Dante will not be driving Dart for the duration of whatever the hell this all is. Instead, Dante has been jogging to and from work every day for Tuesday through Saturday with stops over in the neighborhood to check in on her dad before and after work too. Anyone she passes on the way gets a wave and a smile and if they look like they really need help with something she’s likely to stop and try to assist as she’s generally worried about a lot of shit with all the memory crap floating around Repose right now.]

Mar. 20th, 2020


News: Repose Downtown and Surrounds

[2:32 a.m., Friday morning. Some sleepers are woken by a disturbance in their very bones. It is a temporary feeling which takes several forms: despair, dread, loneliness, fear, terror. For a heartbeat, Phobos and Deimos stalk the streets of Repose. For a second, the awakened sleeper might be convinced they can smell the charnel stench of an open grave. For any so affected, this feeling and this smell pass in a moment and they are only left with the disquieting memories, and the question of whether or not it was only a bad dream.

The morning comes, and Alex White does not appear at work for his shift at the comic shop. He does not leave Mal his morning muffin and coffee. He doesn't answer his phone, nor reply to forum posts or text messages. His apartment is certainly still occupied, but it doesn't seem as if he has plans to leave it anytime this weekend.]

Mar. 11th, 2020


[News: Repose/Lake]

[Hours after the unsubstantiated chaos, the waves that wash up along the north shore of the lake leave behind a thick, salty-smelling residue. The sticky remains of... something—chemical runoff, maybe?—are a mess, smeared on the muddy strand like so much jelly. Cold and gelatinous, it gives to the touch, sucking up anything that comes into contact with it. Those brave enough to actually reach down and see what it feels like are greeted by a caustic burn that raises blisters in seconds and that will heal slowly and painfully. Too, something strange happens. It doesn't linger, the strangeness—and, as a rule, it's forgotten—, but most, when and if they do try to prod the substance, suffer an immediate forgetfulness of their intent. The forgetfulness doesn't extend further than this moment, nor is the person who has forgotten aware of having forgotten. They just fail to move further with their exact intent to probe deeper. This oddity likely saves several from worse injuries. In some of the bigger clumps of... whatever it is, small bouquets of bones bloom—fish bones, mostly, if you look close enough—, but most of the jelly is too thinly broken down to carry much. Most who encounter it agree on two simple, but stalwart points: it's weird and it stinks.

Residents are advised to stay out of the lake and avoid the beach until the substance is identified and/or cleared.]


[News: Repose, Lake]

[It's obviously a fake, they say. A good hoax, though no one can seem to figure how it was managed: Tonight, just around midnight, there were multiple viewings of something winged flying over the lake houses and the lake itself. The wings, say those who saw it, were inky black, and no one could make out what they were attached to. Some theorists claim aliens or UFOs, and some claim the creature was some sort of winged cryptid. As for damage done, the only report made involved some unspecified destruction to a local home. Though witnesses do say the winged creature seemed to terrify their pets, and residents on the lake also report the ground was glowing red and hot during the apparition, Yet no one managed to record footage of either the creature or the molten ground and burbling water, and in an age of social media that pretty much means it was all a hoax that resulted in some mass hysteria.]

Mar. 4th, 2020


[News: Repose/Lake]

[Bored and done with it, Lear undoes his... adjustments to Liam's afterlife bullshit, leaving the ghost as he had been at the start—nothing more than a shitty haunt.]

Mar. 3rd, 2020


[Help Wanted]

[A simple 'Help Wanted' sign is hung in the window of the gas and garage that her and Diego own. It reads: Seeking: Cashier for gas station, shop cleaner, and additional mechanics. Inquire within or call [The shop's number] for additional details.]

Feb. 26th, 2020


News: Capital

It's a bad night to be a bad guy in the Capital.

A certain masked and caped vigilante in purple begins making an appearance slightly after 11 at night. It starts with a john slapping around a working girl with a little too much joy; he ends up with a broken nose and a broken arm for his efforts, and happily in police custody. The girl is fine, and after insisting, is back at work after being patched up. A low level neighborhood piece of scum that likes to take money from old ladies and immigrants that can't afford it for "protection" is next and the money, or what remains of it from tonight's pinch is returned. As for him? He's left hanging from a light fixture in his stretched out, stained whitey-tighties.

As the night continues, they keep coming, from the drink druggers to the purse snatchers, and as many end up in the hands of the police as end up in local hospitals.

Shortly after 7, she seems to go back to wherever she came from and leaving questions in her wake.

Feb. 25th, 2020


[News... kinda: Audrey's house, the bookstore, Mal's kitchen]

[It's the pie that sets him off, rather the proverbial straw that breaks the back of the camel. And while he would not describe himself as a camel, he is entirely aggravated by the world and his universe. And Shiloh is prone to dramatic reactions, but he thinks it's completely justified when he drives up to Audrey's new home and slams the pie in front of the door, at the landing, in a glorious explosion of colorful sweetness. Because, seriously, this town is mad with entitlement, and a person is allowed to remain angry if they so desire.

As for his next move, it's a stop at the bitter man's job. Shiloh isn't much of a reader, but this town is the size of a pin's head, and he knows Ren on sight. He storms in, leans over the counter (where Ren is working), grabs the condescending prick behind the neck and yanks him forward for a kiss that is nothing more than teeth and pressure and anger. When he lets go a moment later, it's to brush the back of his own hand against his mouth. He offers no farewell or explanation or introduction. He does not remind Ren that he, Ren, is a hater asshole. He merely leaves the way he came.

Lastly, he leaves a note on Mal's fridge, one to be found later:] I have been a very bad boy, and I refuse to allow this town to guilt me into apologies. Back in a week. [And with that, he drives out of town and toward the Capital, where he intends to spend an entire week detoxing from Repose's bullshit.]

Jan. 27th, 2020


[News: Arcade]

[On Monday, the arcade on Main reopens (after a brief closure). The owners have purchased the space adjacent, and the new sign declares the name to now be Neon Arcade & Mini Golf. Flyers appear near the cash registers of neighboring businesses and in shop windows throughout town, stating that all games are 2-for-1 through the end of the month, while arcade credits are doubled for that same period of time. Additionally, hours are extended for 18+ on the weekend, in the hopes of drawing in young adults from neighboring towns. Sadly, the place isn't haunted at this time... well, with the exception of that one Polybius machine.]


News: Repose

[One of the more modern lakeside mansions is purchased, as is. It had been commissioned by a renowned architecture firm five or six years back, before its original owner opted for somewhere less... exciting. Rumor states it was bought by the man whose sister had owned the photography studio, though little about him is known. If you seem interested or sympathetic enough, some of the chattier Reposians might even go so far as to mention the odd hours the lights are on or the constant coming and going of the Mercedes, and how that all fits into their extensive speculation.

In separate news, there is a small craft advisory for the lake, as the weather whips the waters in a lather lasting a few days. It is recommended residents steer clear of the shores and stay off of the water until the advisory is cancelled.]

Jan. 7th, 2020


[Not really news: Music Store Occupants]

[(TIME FUZZ. So it happens whenever it's convenient for you.)

The contents of the first apartment of the music store, whose only occupant is currently the white cat Mimi, has been lately altered. The changes are subtle and take a moment to notice, but anyone who goes in there often enough might figure out what is different about this picture, if they weren't distracted by more monumental events.

The furniture is unaltered, the great bed with its missing canopy still a king of white duvet and fluffy pillows, the stout bookshelves still crammed with old books forced in at all angles. Daniel's various odds and ends are still largely housed in wood crates the size of steamer trunks stacked somewhat haphazardly against one wall. Blue tea towels still hang from the oven door. The reading lamp is still plugged in over the big armchair, and the chipped mugs and silver tea set are all still in place, if a bit dusty. Mimi's toys are still scattered about, and her litterbox is in the otherwise untouched bathroom.

However, the microwave is gone. So is the phone charger, which used to be by the bed. The record player is gone, and the radio too. There's a straight razor hidden in a drawer instead of an electric one charging on the bathroom sink. Rather than the old brick of a laptop computer, there's now a manual typewriter in astonishingly good condition with a strange linen-paper sheet set onto the roller. The sheet is blank. The typewriter doesn't have a plug, but it clicks every now and then, as if waiting.

All the modern newspapers that used to stack up by the door are gone. So are the magazines. And the paperback novels--and in fact, anything published after Queen Victoria's death is MIA. The place feels kind of spacious... and anticipatory.]


[News: Repose]

[Near 9PM, a miniature explosion rocks the trailer park and scars the night sky with an angry sear of red. A single-wide, near the front of the park, goes up in flames. The lone occupant makes it out safe, if shaken and slightly scorched. She's taken downtown and given space in the station as first responders attempt to decipher the cause of the fire. No one else is harmed and no other trailer is so much as singed.]

Jan. 6th, 2020


News: About Town

[On Monday, the puddles appeared.

Throughout town, puddles of water began to appear with no rhyme or reason to their source. Large, dirty puddles, stinking of lake water, soaking into carpet and spreading out over tile. Not everywhere is so lucky to be assaulted by the spread of the water, though. No, it seems limited to certain locales. The Bed & Breakfast. The library. Vade Mecum. Several of the mansions that border the lake. The carnival.

Wet, cold, and seemingly impossible to mop up. No sooner is the water cleared that it appears again.

It lasts through the week, and by Saturday, the puddles seem to dry up for good.]

Dec. 30th, 2019


[News: Mean-Eyed Cat]

[Flyers show up in windows and such on the night before New Year's Eve, all saying drinks will be 2-for-1 New Year's Eve at the Mean-Eyed Cat, and that everyone inside the bar at midnight will get a drink for just a dollar. There's even promise of different music for the evening, no offense to Johnny, with music requests welcome all night long.]

Dec. 14th, 2019



[Just prior to this and this, all archived posts/comments by Damian Wainright and Misha Bellamy are gone from the forums. Existing conversations show a gap where their responses should appear.]


News: Repose

[Methane trapped beneath the surface, is one theory about the lake. The second is geothermal. A third, seismic. Others posit its another effect of climate change. A smaller contingent point to the supernatural as the obvious culprit. But, whatever it is, for the moment, it has make the lake impassable (to most). The surface of the normally tranquil body of water is choppy and rough. Waves break high on the privately owned docks, battering boathouses. Boats that dare brave its waters are quickly swamped. There are times, hours even, where it seems calmer, but, blame the undertow or something like it, even skimming along near the shore has taken on new dangers.

No signs are placed to dissuade those who wish to try their luck. But, such foolhardiness is strongly ill-advised.]

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