August 2020






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May. 18th, 2020


Mental: Holly NW/Noah NW, ETA: Call: Hugh C, Forum: Hannah S, Casey C

[During this. He already had his phone in-hand, but, the thought pops into his head. Hey, there?

Yeah, he was here. Holly doesn't hear Noah, so much as have his thoughts right there, in his head.]

Audrey? What the fuck? Are you okay? [He knows the dude is. Physically. And he knows how Holly's feeling, but it's reflex.] Do you want me to call Hugh or something?

ETA: [Call: Hugh C]
[Once he's done running, Noah tries to get the water inside, but is relegated to the waiting room. He decides to call Hugh. Ring.]

[Locked: Hannah S, Casey C]
[Locked separately.]

We found Audrey. She doesn't seem to remember any thing or who she is. She's at the hospital now

Aug. 7th, 2019


Adrian M and/or Sue

[Mental (Adrian/Sue)]

[He's planning on posting on the forums, but he checks, on a whim, and realizes that Adrian ain't at home. So, 'stead of writing, he pokes at them, and he waits on an answer.]

You can think on back at me. No one will be able to tell.

Jun. 24th, 2019


[Separate locks to Ren S, Misha B, Noah N, Holly W, Damian W, Lou R, Dietre A]

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a long-term project at the facility and will be staying there for the project's duration. As the nature of the project is classified, I won't be able to answer messages until it has been completed. Please send any important messages care of my name to the facility's address. Thank you.

[There will be no response to any replies to this message.]

Jun. 17th, 2019


Public, Mental: Holly W

[Immediately. During this. At first, he thinks it's a nightmare, but, no, no. He can't get a hold of Holly (by phone). He's tried. In a panic, he posts:]

What happened at the facility what's going on? Are they ok??? What happened?

[Mental: Holly W]
[Simultaneously, he pretty much freaks out and forces himself into Holly's mind amid the chaos. There're no words. It's just reaching, frantic and blind.]