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Dec. 29th, 2018


[locked to patrick g, damian w, card to newt p]

[Patrick G]

You are so lucky I'm tone deaf.

[Damian W]

Is Misha okay?

[A Thank You Card for Newt P]

[Adrian sends a small thank you card in the mail. It reads simply:] Thanks, and happy holidays. -Adrian

Dec. 28th, 2018


[delivery: patrick g]

[The box is small and white. Inside is a red velvet ribbon tied into a neat bow. Handwritten instructions tell him to unravel the bow in order to feel carefree for a day. Included within the box are a couple of enamel pins that made Santa think of him.]


delivery: damian w

[Inside of a small, glossy box lined with cotton, there is an pendant of Amazonite stone touched by the magic he requested. It comes with a small, black cord inside the box as well, may be easily removed, and won't leave any lasting effects on him.]


[Secret Santa to Mercy H]

[Sure enough, the mortgage is paid off on Mercy H's shop. It just takes the proper number of business days after Christmas to acknowledge it. There's a card with something hand written on the inside. Merry Christmas punk.]

Dec. 27th, 2018


Delivery: Destiny S

[Santa was fully prepared to go out and build the tree house, but this one still speaks the wish into the envelope -- one tree house for Destiny's little brother in the tree she designates.

For the second wish, Santa goes a little overboard. One long weekend -- five days, four nights -- in Vegas for Destiny and four of her friends of her choosing. There are five first class tickets for airfare, five deluxe panoramic view rooms with king sized beds booked at the Wynn and waiting for them, along with pre-paid Visa check cards waiting for each of them there (to the tune of $500K each), and a limo booked in Destiny's name. Santa concludes it all with a wish that they have a great time.]

Dec. 26th, 2018


[Secret Santa: F. Eames]

[A cute little Christmas card that sings "Here Comes Santa Claus" with a little speaker when it's opened. Inside there's a note that says "I O U one wish" in bad handwriting. There's a little ♥ drawn underneath it.]


Delivery: iris

[Health and happiness is something that Santa can handle, for Manning and any existing and future children they may bear. The wish slips over them as an invisible veil, shining and golden. They will not fall easily to injury, and will prove particularly resilient against illness.

It's the second bit that this Santa feels no small amount of anxiety over, even as he wills it into the universe's hands. Should anything ever happen to Iris, her desires will be remembered. He sends no note, but a bouquet of pointsettia appear on her doorstep.]


Delivery: Daniel W

[All the furnishings they discussed appear in Daniel's apartment: the bespoke brocade curtains, exactly as much black walnut shelving as Daniel desires, even the sake cups. There is also a mail-order catalogue for custom furniture, more modern minimalist than goth chic. A note in large, looping handwriting is slipped into the pages:

Order anything and everything you want, it's yours. Oh, and that other thing we discussed - if you change your mind? All you need to do is speak aloud a name while thinking of this magic, and you will get some more time.


If Daniel chooses to speak a name, he and that someone will be reunited for any length of time of Daniel's choosing. Dead or alive, near or far, willing or otherwise, this person will be summoned. There is no trick intended here. Only a name said while willing this magic to work will cause the gifted result.]


Delivery: Marta Flores

[It's another difficult wish to prove, but as per Marta's wish, Seven and Sawyer will both find that they feel good a lot more often, that they are generally found in good health. An envelope also arrives at Marta's door, just a little one, containing a gym membership card and an itinerary for classes, a couple of interest highlighted. A note on the back of the card reads simply Be good to yourself x]


Delivery: Newt P

[True to his request, Santa pays off Patrick's mortgage in full. A letter from the bank arrives in his mailbox stating as such, with the note that the payment came from an anonymous benefactor.

A gift also arrives for Newt, with a card that reads: I've left it up to you to decide if you'd like to tell him. I hope you have a very happy Christmas, Newt.]

Dec. 25th, 2018


Secret Santa/Delivery: Billy K

[Delivered magically(?) to Billy is the info to a bank account set up (magically). He asked for Santa to 'win him the lottery,' so what happens is the winning ticket to the most recent pot was purchased out of Repose. The winnings are $1.3 million. In an envelope slipped under Billy's door is an investment portfolio, because, thanks, magic!, some basic investments have been made to start him up. There are a handful of real estate options (nothing purchased) in the neighborhood, all ranch houses and the like, in case Billy wants to go that route. Stuck with the portfolio is card. Written inside is a date (NYE), the address to a fancy French restaurant in the Capital, and 'reservation for 2.' Santa includes the note: Pick your own date. You know what you like, even if you won't tell me. Happy Holidays! - S]


Secret Santa: Ade P

Santa doesn't let anyone down.

Sure enough, that tree, Ade, is back. Flourishing, at the pinnacle of health. And there ain't anything that can take that tree down. It's like some super crazy armor that deflects and protects. That tree is there to stay.

Also. Someone's enrolled you in several 'cheese of the month' clubs, because Santa has sass.


News and Delivery: Claire J

[Per her wish, Santa asks for one good day for every inhabitant of the town. A day when things go well, when the town is safe, when happiness might actually be possible.

There's no way to tell when it's going to happen, but this Santa does leave a batch of strange cookies for Claire. They're covered in green sprinkles and they're shaped like dollar signs.]


Secret Santa Delivery - Gabriel R

[The requested horse is indeed delivered to the stable on Christmas Eve - mid-afternoon. She's a 4 year-old Quarterhorse Mare, with a sweet disposition. She's been trained to saddle, with the start of show training, but mostly she loves riding around.

The stable is now clean and stocked with her tack - saddle, blankets, brushes - as well as some food and clean water to keep her comfortable until her new owner can see to her.

There is her ownership certificate (with his name) and a note tucked in with her tack, saying that since Gabriel now needs a vet, the best one in town for larger animals is Manning Thorsen, and provides his work number. He's encouraged to call soon for a first appointment.

Not noted, but part of the wish that was made on Gabriel's behalf, is that should the horse be mistreated by him in any way, the larger powers that be will know, and she will be taken away from him.]


Secret Santa: Frankie G

[The how's are not completely explained, but a few strings are pulled and some hands greased, and late Christmas Day, Frankie gets word that his father has been released. Few other details are offered, but a courier comes by later with a gift basket overflowing with Christmas goodies. A small note is tucked in, nothing more than 'From Santa' written on the plain card.]


Secret Santa Delivery: Jeremiah M

[A mug with the words 'Words Matter' on the side]

'This motto might help with what you really wanted, but it'll definitely help you with that novel. Those novels. Or screenplay/s. I'll look forward to reading it. Merry Christmas'


secret santa: tandy b

[As promised, Tandy gets what she wished for. How would one know if it worked? Santa certainly doesn't. Santa wishes for it with precisely the wording she used when she described it, so she should get what she wants. No card arrives, and there is no sign or symbol to show the wish has been granted. Santa assumes she will know that it has.]


secret santa: william c

[William receives a lavish Christmas gift basket full of food which somehow stays nice and cold and fresh despite a lack of any visible ice packs. Expensive cheese, a couple bottles of good wine and a stout bottle of strong whiskey, preserved meats, smoked salmon, jams and jellies and popcorn and candy. It's enough for a proper holiday feast, and it comes with a beautifully inscribed card, reading simply, Merry Christmas from Santa.]


Delivery: Lucifer Morningstar

[A hamper arrives at Lucifer's door. It contains a small selection of things that Santa may or may not be certain about. There is a note on top that reads

Lucifer, you wouldn't wish for the break you wanted, and you wouldn't wish for the thing you really wanted. I thought perhaps you could use the things contained to give yourself a little break every so often, and bring yourself a little happiness. With love.

Inside the hamper, Lucifer will find the following;

This, this, these, these, this, and a year's subscription to this. ]


Secret Santa/Delivery: Travis B

[Cut-resistant gloves, about ten-thousand dollars, Travis' medical file (or a copy of it), and a GED test prep book. These are what Travis receives, via what appears to be magic, just inside of Travis' place. Santa is utterly unsure about the amount of money, about what's in the file (he doesn't look), about a lot of it, really, but he does the best he can with what he's been given. The card bears only a 'Happy Christmas'.]

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