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Jan. 8th, 2019


Atticus M, Dietre A, Archie W

[Locked to Atticus M]

Sir, I wish I could give you more notice, but I think if I don't go now I won't. I'm resigning my position. Take care.

[Locked to Archie W]

I thought this would be easy Thank you for that night, and the night that followed. Thank you, for everything. I have an opportunity to leave town am leaving town, but I hope one day I'll see you again.

[Locked to Dietre]

[...] This isn't any easier. [...] I'm sorry I couldn't stay. You are wildly talented, Dietre, and you deserve all the best that life can offer. I hope one day to see you again, but if I don't, I wish you only the best.

Jan. 6th, 2019


Lucifer; Misha; Daniel; Destiny

[Text: Lucifer M]
[After a lot of thought and prayer.]
Was any of it real?

[Misha B]
Talk to me. What happened?

[Daniel W]
When are you making more soup? Having Holly around is good for you.

[Destiny S]
[...] I do not have many friends that are women, and I was wondering if I could ask you something.


Marta F, Pippin P

[Marta F]
[After receiving her card.]

I did. I wanted something good for you.

[Pippin P]

I hope you had a very happy holiday. How are you finding Repose?

Jan. 5th, 2019


public - anon

[public, anon ]

if I were in need of fake ID, where would I go?


Narrative: Christmas-time

Who: Tandy Bowen
What: Christmas unwrapped
Warnings: Nada

Traditionally, 'seeing' involved dinner, and strained conversation and maybe a gift picked up in Walmart. )


Ren S

OMG I totally forgot to thank you for the New Years Eve party! I had a blast! And I never have fun at parties. Usually I live in a corner and watch while imagining everyone is laughing at me because I have toilet paper stuck to the back or my jeans or something equally humiliating. Anyway, thanks! You're the best!


Ragnar L & Pippin P - Museum

WHO: Ragnar Lothbrook and Pippin Pinkerton
WHEN: Saturday afternoon
WHERE: The museum
SUMMARY: Pippin is looking for ghosts. Ragnar is watching.
STATUS: Ongoing

“Museums )

Jan. 4th, 2019




How was everyone's New Years and stuff?

Jan. 2nd, 2019


locked to claire j

Hey. Long time no talk.

Jan. 1st, 2019


WHO: Jeremiah March & Hannah Smith
WHEN: New Year’s Eve
WHERE: Mostly a party in the Capital.
SUMMARY: Jeremiah invited Hannah to spend New Years Eve with him and she accepted.
WARNINGS: None currently, will update if that changes.

New Year’s had always been for parties. )

Dec. 31st, 2018


public; anon

Anyone have any advice for what to do when you feel pretty depressed and don't see a way out? Please don't tell me to take a bath or listen to Enya, self-care isn't really cutting it.


log: lear l, leslie l, nel l; a picnic

Who: Lear, Leslie, and Nel
What: A meeting out by the orchard.
Warnings/Rating: None yet.

It could not have been further from a picnic. )


Ren's New Year's Eve's Party )


Des S, Marta F

[Marta F]

Do you like French food? I'm thinking more along the lines of pastries, rather than snails.

[Witch Sib Lock]

Spill. Was your Santa good to you?


I feel like some wires got crossed and I somehow wound up on the Nice list.


Forum: Re:Secret Santa gift

sum1 left a howse made of cloth nere me in the woods did sum1 looz a big cloth howse?

Dec. 30th, 2018


Log: Mercy/Jamie

Who: Mercy Hunt & Jamie Mayer
What: Introductions
Where: The Mean-Eyed Cat
When: Hand-waved to before Secret Santas went out
Warnings/Rating: Nada

That was one thing he had to hand to wolves. At least when they wanted to rip your throat out, they let you know it until there was no doubt. )



[Posted anonymously.]

[Because curiosity killed the cat.]
I'm looking to ask some questions of the man from the maze. You know who you are.

Dec. 29th, 2018


[locked to daniel w, misha b, damian w, jack p, newt p]

[locked to daniel w]

Thank you so much, Daniel, for the lovely dinner. It was very kind of you to have the whole gaggle over.

[locked to misha b]

Hello Misha. How are you?

[locked to damian w]

Did you enjoy the dinner?

[locked to jack p]

Thank you for the gift, Jack, it was very kind.

[locked to newt p]

Thank you for the book, Newt, it's beautiful. How are you?


Various, Adrian M.

[Group: Adrian M, Hannah S., Claire J., Pippin P., Charlie P., Dietre A., Noah N, Patrick G, Bea H., Jamie M., Tandy B., Ronan X., Archie W.]
I'm guessing most of you have plans for New Years already, but if you don't, I've got a new festive apartment, and I'm gonna have beer, and music, and probably really terrible appetizers, and if any of that sounds better than your current plans, come, bring a friend, I won't turn anyone away until we don't fit in the apartment anymore.

[Adrian M.]
Your poster has a place of honor over my sofa, cause damn if that didn't make me laugh.



[locked to patrick g, damian w, card to newt p]

[Patrick G]

You are so lucky I'm tone deaf.

[Damian W]

Is Misha okay?

[A Thank You Card for Newt P]

[Adrian sends a small thank you card in the mail. It reads simply:] Thanks, and happy holidays. -Adrian

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