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July 11th, 2020

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Forum: Hugh C.

Feliz cumpleaños mi amigo. This might be too last minute to actually be feasible but do you have plans for all of your meals today? I wouldn't be surprised if you did, but I do have a promise to keep to you and I thought your birthday would be a good time to follow through.

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I perform tonight at Carfax Abbey?! Not the stripper section! In the lounge section. I will be singing. I am very excited.

[Added later!]

I need your help.

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[News/Quick Log/OOC saying what you did/Whatever people wanna do with this really]

[Working with Zee a plan for Hugh’s birthday party had been hatched. It began about noon when Dante would arrive at Hugh’s mansion by the lake with a carload of supplies for setting up and making everything that they’d need for that evening. While Zee had made comment about buckets of KFC, Dante had other things in mind. A huge Charcuterie Board had been put together, along with plenty of Steak Tortas, four different homemade flavors of popcorn in special little rainbow popcorn boxes and the food grand finale was a recreation of the slow cooker cake she’d tested making back in April for Leena’s birthday. Of course, the cake was updated for what she’d learned of Hugh’s taste preferences but it had just been so damn good that there was no way in hell she wasn’t bringing one tonight.

As meats cooked and the slow cooker settled in to taking care of the cake Dante would erect the protector screen, move speakers out where they may need to go, hook up the projector itself, run all the cables and wires in a way that no one should trip, and then lay out the two picnic blankets she’d managed to snag for the occasion. While the one with skulls and flowers perhaps wouldn’t be to everyone's taste that may attend tonight she’d just loved it too much to not bring it along too and besides, they had the rainbow one too. There would only be a break to check on the guest list and make sure everyone who should be coming tonight - as per Hugh’s preferences - was well on their way.

Fate was on her side as timing seemed to line up perfectly and everything was completed and packed into two large picnic baskets to be carried outside just in the time they needed for Hugh’s arrival to his birthday lawn and picnic movie night.]

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(Minor) news: The Neighborhood

Who: Kratos and his son
What: Probably just a narrative, but I suppose open if you like
Where: The Neighborhood
When: Some balmy weekend day
Warnings/Rating: None I can think of.

Who knows what the neighbors think of Kratos, who tore up his half of the backyard to make a massive vegetable garden, who semi-regularly drags out large pieces of carpentry work to work on in the driveway, and doesn't believe in shirts when it is hot.

Neighborhood gossips are witness to an extremely heated argument between the big man and his young son, the majority of which takes place in Atreus' native Old Norse (not that most people in Repose know that's what it is). The only English phrase used is go camping and it is spoken with derision by Kratos and piping, increasingly defensive excitement by his son.

In summary, Atreus wants to do something and Kratos says no. Atreus says something that seems to snap Kratos' temper and he breaks what he's holding. It's noisy. Atreus slams the front door. Kratos leaves the chest of drawers he was working on in the drive next to the wreck of his truck (which he still has not replaced). Half the curious Neighborhood then withdraws back behind their blinds.

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[Locked to Kit V.]

[Kit Vaughn]

[Immediately after this.]

Hello. Shiloh says he knows you from somewhere and I thought I would ask where.