June 2020





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May 18th, 2020

[info]isconfetti in [info]repose

Jamie M, Si M, Rey S, Hugh C

[Locked to Jamie M]
Hi, Jamie. I think you're out of town? But when you're around, I kind of wanted to talk about something with you?

[Locked to Si M]
[Once she's back in Repose for a few days.] I think I found a good place. It feels good? Bright good. No dark shadows in the corners or bad feelings, and it's an apartment, so there isn't even a basement. Hi.

[Locked to Rey S]
Hi. I just wanted to thank you.

[Locked to Hugh C]
Hi. Has anything new happened? I'm back in town now.

[info]ladymacbeth in [info]repose

Mal R

[Locked to Mal R]
Am I alive? Why, yes, I am alive. It's so considerate of you to inquire after my continued oxygenation and survival, seeing as the town was nearly consumed by horror-movie style antics recently. What is that, you say? You didn't notice. Allow me to inform you. THE TOWN WAS NEARLY CONSUMED BY HORROR-MOVIE STYLE ANTICS RECENTLY. The only excuse I'll accept for your lack of care or attention toward my person, is some juicy gossip about the small and fragile peach and your privy parts.

Yours in utter and desolate abandonment,

[info]loud in [info]repose

Mental: Holly NW/Noah NW, ETA: Call: Hugh C, Forum: Hannah S, Casey C

[During this. He already had his phone in-hand, but, the thought pops into his head. Hey, there?

Yeah, he was here. Holly doesn't hear Noah, so much as have his thoughts right there, in his head.]

Audrey? What the fuck? Are you okay? [He knows the dude is. Physically. And he knows how Holly's feeling, but it's reflex.] Do you want me to call Hugh or something?

ETA: [Call: Hugh C]
[Once he's done running, Noah tries to get the water inside, but is relegated to the waiting room. He decides to call Hugh. Ring.]

[Locked: Hannah M, Casey C]
[Locked separately.]

We found Audrey. She doesn't seem to remember any thing or who she is. She's at the hospital now

[info]girlisgrim in [info]repose


Is anyone hiring?

[Phone Call to Matilda M] )

[info]nightglow in [info]repose

shiloh & harlow ; night wandering

Who: Shi and Harl.
What: Leaving Hugh's party.
Where: Hugh's house to start.
When: Recent.
Warnings: Mischief.

Rising from elsewhere...

Everyone had their own particular laurels of comfort, the ropes one could lean on after getting hammered in the ring, a little something to take the edge off. For some people, their thing was drugs, and having never been rubbed raw emotionally by the addictions of another, she thought that was fine and dandy. Harlow's thing, when she had the freedom to do as she pleased, was hooking up with strangers in the kind of places that one could rent by the hour. Neither comfort was particularly safe, but neither was the world around them. This is all to say that the drugs didn't bother her. She too liked to drink at parties, and she too had taken her share of little lilac pills in club basements. The fact that those things were a far cry from getting blitzed and spun every single day was a little beyond her for the moment. She figured that he just liked to have a good time.

And anyway, she really liked Shiloh. If he had flaws, she couldn't see them yet. She'd even allowed herself to mostly forget about that one rumor about him being a murderer. He was no allegorical wolf, not to her. The boy was all prince, and she vowed to follow his lead wherever it took them.

It was a keen idea to escape the party before they got kicked out. The night was young, and it was best to keep things on a high note. She kept close to Shiloh, his hand in hers, as they migrated from indoors to out, swiping a bottle of rum on the way like a pair of good-looking cat burglars with very particular(although not particularly expensive) tastes.