June 2020





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May 10th, 2020

[info]hearsesandhexes in [info]repose

Who: Miles & Damian, not the one from The Omen
What: Miles, signing up for a duo of new feline responsibilities
When: The afternoon after this fateful offer
Where: Wainright Manor
Warnings: Good question (Probably not?)

just don't talk when we're inside )

[info]isconfetti in [info]repose

[Nighttime: Hannah & David]

Who: Hannah and David
What: Walking home from Hugh's.
Where: Lands End, and into the Neighborhood.
When: After the party.
Warnings/Rating: D for David?

She'd danced and she'd danced, but mostly she'd watched and listened. She'd wandered the halls of the home she'd lived in for a tiny, tiny while, and then she'd found a chair and curled up in it. Among the throng, but apart, and she'd people watched until the night grew late and she grew sleepy.

She'd gone then, and outside was cool, but nice, and she was dressed for walking, and she hadn't been dressed for a party at all. And maybe she should be scared, since the streets were poorly lit and the long and winding walk back to the Neighborhood was a quiet and wood-lined thing. But she wasn't scared, and bad things didn't lurk behind trees. Monsters walked down sidewalks and in broad daylight, and the mistake the world made was to think bad lurked beneath the bed. Bad didn't lurk at all. Bad stood tall and proud, and it made itself look really, really trustworthy. Which wasn't too say there weren't non-alive, non-human monsters, but you kind of knew them when you saw them.

She'd known them nearly her whole entire life. Her life. Hers, because Rey had helped things become clearer, and clarity brought its own troubles. But right now, right now she was just walking home. She hummed to herself, nonsense and nothing, and the stars smiled down from a clear sky that offered no clouds for celestial games of hide and go seek.