October 2019





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October 5th, 2019

[info]cloakndagger in [info]repose

tandy bowen: what trouble looks like

Who: Tandy Bowen
What: What summer --> fall looks like
Warnings: References to narcotics/dealing.

It felt like an exceptionally long time ago. )

[info]favoured in [info]repose

Seven M - narrative + log w/ Jamie M

Who: 7 (and eventual Jamie)
What: Picking up the pieces
Where: The Capital
When: A couple of weeks after this.
Warnings: Mentions of past murder/gore

He was good at rage. )

[info]thekidwhodies in [info]repose

[News: The I-35 Killer]

[The news cycle is constantly refreshing itself, and even the big stories usually fade to the background of public consciousness after a few days. Last summer, one such story was that of the I-35 Killer, James Walker Simms, convicted of the kidnap, rape, and murder of nine different teenage boys along a stretch of Interstate Highway 35 in Iowa. Viewers were briefly fascinated by the story of how he'd been apprehended by two of his would-be victims, but following a brief open-and-shut-case trial, the public, as usual, forgot.

The story briefly resurfaces this weekend, getting a couple minutes' airtime, every couple hours on the cable news networks, for a couple days, accompanied by stories on their websites: Simms' appeal of his conviction has been denied. It's a non-story to most: old news, nothing to see here folks. He's not getting out of prison. He won't be stalking the highways and byways of the Upper Midwest to snatch your boys away anytime soon. One station has a 30-second, where-are-they-now type sound bite from one of the boys who helped capture the killer.

The one who can be reached, that is.]

warning: story contains mentions of sexual assault

[info]bigmaoth in [info]repose


Just my luck that the one year I'm gonna be around for it there's no fucking town Halloween party. What gives? Where are the rich old assholes that were always throwing these things? Some happy fucking birthday to me, right? I guess I could at least go around and get some free candy. How's the goods around town? This reese's territory or am I dealing with candy corn degenerate filth?

[info]coryphee in [info]repose

Jamie M: narrative (ballet)

Who: Jamie Mayer
What: Picking up where he left off
Warnings: Vague ref to ED/behavior

Ballet taught you that the body had limits )

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose

[Email to Seven M.]

[Also several weeks after this phonecall.]

From: Dr. Nelson
Sent: Saturday, October 5, 2019, 7:48 PM
To: S. Morgan
Re: Patient: Flores, Marta

Dear Mr. Morgan, )

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose

[Del D]

[After things change.]


please except my appologies, but my old plans have changed and i wont be moving back to repose afterall. not for a while at least. i hope you haven't made too many changes to the room yet. if you're out any money for anything you've done, please let me know. i'll be working in town but living somewhere else. maybe i'll stop by your store some time and we can meet in person in case things change again.

Thank you for being so nice,