August 2019





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August 9th, 2019

[info]lawmaker in [info]repose

Adrian M, public

[Adrian M]

[After hearing nothing.] Kid.


Got to say. For the record? Glad I didn't get caught up in this one. I'm not musical.

[Newt P]

My turn to check in. You heard from Adrian, much?

[ETA: Dietre A]

Hey kid. Heard from Adrian?

[info]nepenthe in [info]repose

[Diner: Aleksi, Hannah, Si]

Who: Aleksi, Hannah, Si
What: Pancakes!
Where: The (bad) diner
When: 8:00 pm
Warnings/Rating: Nay, probably not

Hannah was having a really, really confusing week, and she was glad of the distraction that dinner with Si and Aleksi would provide. She hadn't seen Aleksi since the coffee shop, and she wanted to hear all about him and Dietre. Hearing him talk made her feel like the pictures written on pages could becomes real in the real world, and she liked it very much. Plus, she liked him, and she thought maybe Si could use some friends that were nice. And Aleksi kind of knew about Si, since their shared dream had kind of been about Si too, and so she was glad to bring them together, and she did like pancakes.

She left Albin at 7 p.m., and she showered and changed into something comfortable, and then she walked to the diner on the bad side of town. She didn't go to the good diner ever, because they weren't very nice to any of the working girls on the good side of town. Here, they didn't care very much, and she was in this diner a lot. There wasn't much space for cooking in the airstream, and she didn't really know how to cook. So, the diner was where she usually ate, or at least on days when she had a good john come through.

Tonight, there was money in her pocket, and she picked the cornermost booth, thinking Aleksi might want the safety of a wall at his back. She was there first, which was easy enough to realize since both Si and Aleksi were big, and she slid into the booth and asked for a coffee when the waitress brought the menus. She didn't really need the menu, but she looked anyway, long hair obscuring her face in messy strands still shower-and-change damp.

[info]chainsofmemory in [info]repose

Delivery: Hugh Christian

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