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May 1st, 2019

[info]housebroken in [info]repose


[Living out in the woods, his disappearance should largely go unnoticed. The cottage way out in the woods remains dark with no sign of life after the dreams. For those that know him and might try the forums to contact him, there is no response from Rory B. It doesn't ping back as from a dead account, but rather remains unread for now.]

[info]plagued in [info]repose

[(After)Life: Nel & Mars]

Who: Mars & Nel
What: First day of work
Where: (After)Life
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Nel intends to eat no one during this log

Nel had just finished a shoot. Her client, a high-fashion model from New York, was now safely in the limousine that had brought her from the Capital's airport to Repose; the too-thin waif was now nothing save a memory on gelatin emulsion.

The shoot had been a rather early one, but one did what one needed to do. Models were notoriously difficult to accommodate, and waking early was nothing to Nel. She wasn't a sleeper at all these days, and night rolled into morning light with little notice on her part. She'd even forgotten that Mars was coming, and this was precisely why she required an assistant. Her choice of assistant was, of course, rather deliberate. She knew Lear was spending quite a bit of time with Mars, and she'd a vested interested. Also, the girl had proved somewhat interesting during the entire Christmas gift exchange, which was all the more reason to bring her into the fold. Nel seldom found anyone unrelated to her truly interesting, but she was curious as to what her brother saw in this one little girl living in this one little town.

Currently, Nel was sitting on her couch in white, knee over knee and feet bare. She'd not yet begun to process the day's film. Instead, she was seated, a drink in her hand and a cigarillo burning down in the ashtray beside her. The door was unlocked, and moody music played as Nel paged through a magazine, one which featured her work on the cover and center spread.

[info]ax3 in [info]repose

log: pizza & introductions; Pippin, Dietre & Aleksi.

Who: Pippin, Dietre & Aleksi.
What: Pizza & introductions.
Where: Pizza parlor.
When: Wednesday evening.
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Aleksi still felt as though his social interaction skills were not quite up to par )