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November 12th, 2018

[info]innumerable in [info]repose

Call: Patrick G, Jack P, Claire J+Destiny S, Daniel W

[Call: Patrick G]

[Locked to Jack P]
All right, Jack?

[Locked to Claire J & Destiny S]
How're you both?

[Locked to Daniel W]
Are you well, Daniel?

[info]loud in [info]repose

William C, Dietre A, Adrian M, Public

[Locked to William C]
Mr. C?

[Locked to Dietre A]
Hey dude did you party

[Locked to Bea H]

[Locked to Adrian M]
Bro how was your party?

Ok but wtf

[info]ripe in [info]repose

newt & pat, claire j, daniel w, billy k, marta f, connie g, hannah s, holly w

[Newt & Pat]
I don't think I was in the right mind to tell you both so before, but thank you.

Do you have any scientific findings to report, Scully? I'd appreciate some right about now.

In gloom, Mulder

[Daniel W]
I'm out. I've been out a lot, but I'll be back around tonight. Are you alright? I'm picking up a few things, a couple boxes of wine and some nachos. Can I bring you anything? An extra box of wine with your name on it?

Obligatory big sister check-in asking who you fucked this time. I'm envisioning a hunky Santa. Or Kurt Russell in a hunky Santa costume. Cheer me up with the dirty details please. But mostly tell me you're okay.

[Marta F]
I haven't abandoned the house entirely, I promise. We can have a girly sleepover once I stop being a magical mass murderer. Also, are you good?

[Connie G]
Hi. I never get to see you anymore. I feel like I need to start asking now to make plans three weeks from now so, do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?

[Hannah S]
Are you still staying in the village? I came through earlier this week but didn't get a chance to see you if you were.

ETA: [Holly W, thoughtfully added.]
It's time for me to return the favor and see if you need anything?

[info]thedanseur in [info]repose

Mayers + David P, Kratos S, Louis D, Holly W, Public

[Mayers & David P]

Is everyone okay?

[Kratos S]


[Louis D]

way weirder than postcards this time.

[Holly W]

how're you doing, man?


that was trippy.

[Edit: Public]

Whoever kicked me in the chest btw. Hi.

[info]moondrunk in [info]repose


What the fuck was that.

[info]vii in [info]repose

Marta, Public

[Marta] Are you alright?

[Public, thoroughly disgruntled]

As if it's not enough to live one version of a life in this world and the bullshit that entails. This better not be some vindictive genie bullshit. If one of you made a misguided wish, I'm awarding you the title of supreme asshole.

[info]isconfetti in [info]repose

Public, Rory B, Ren S, Claire J, Mars M, David P

To the man at the bonfire with the sick girl, thank you. You were really, really nice.

[Locked to Rory B]
Rory? Did you dance with anyone?

[Locked to Ren S]
Ren? Are you okay?

[Locked to Claire J]
Was it better than ours?

[And just in case she doesn't hit Jamie's lock soon.]
[Locked to Mars M]
Just tell me you're okay when you can, Mars. Please?

[Add on, when he doesn't hit Jamie's post in a timely manner.]
[Locked to David P]
David? Are you okay?

[info]reposealternate in [info]repose

Wrap-Up: Crown

WHO: He who wears the Crown.
WHEN: Following the Halloween Party
WHERE: The outskirts, then the lake, then home.
SUMMARY: All spells must come to an end.

Armor, knight in shining. )

[info]caeteradesunt in [info]repose

[locks to patrick g, dietre a, misha b]

[locked to patrick g]

Hey. Were you at the party? If you were, how was the nonsense?

[locked to dietre a]

There's donuts on the breakfast table downstairs if you want some sugar.

[locked to misha b]

Hi you. Did you party?

[locked to blath]

How was the party?

[info]ebb in [info]repose

Public (anonymously), Connie G

[Public, posted anonymously]
I'm sorry for mocking your Amazon wand, wizard friend.

[Locked to Con G]
Sis, regale me.

[info]alibi in [info]repose

Public, Trio lock

What a disappointing night.

[Trio Lock]
Any bloodletting?

[info]othala in [info]repose

Iris M

[Once he finds his phone. Texted.]


[info]rasatabula in [info]repose

Public, Leena B, 'Jane', Kratos S, Louis D, Patrick G


Well. If I'd ever wondered what being a woman was like, that's that taken care of.

Eddie, wherever you are, I hope you made it through.

[Leena B]

It's been a year. Please tell me you weren't dead.


All right? No necromancy this go-round?

[Kratos S]

Well that wasn't postcards.

[Louis D]

All right? Did the current occupier budge up and make room?

[Patrick G]

All right?

[info]reposealternate in [info]repose


Who: empty rooms
What: sort of a reveal
Where: Orchard --> House
When: the morning after the night before
Warnings/Rating: Tame, but talk of injuries

an almost merciful morning )

[info]sonataind in [info]repose


[Posted anonymously.]

I was dressed as a ghost and you were wearing tweed, we met in the corn maze. I'm wondering if what I saw is how you really are. ...Is it?

[info]lionessrises in [info]repose

Damian W, Misha B, Sadie M, Ronan X

[Locked to Damian W, Misha B, Sadie M, Ronan X, all separately.]

Please confirm you are alive and not in need of immediate medical attention.

[info]heir in [info]repose

Call: Misha B, Louis D, Sadie M, Daniel W, ETA: Public

[Call: Misha B]

[Locked to Louis D]
Louis Donovan, how was your night?

[Locked to Sadie M]
Hello, Sadie.

[Locked to Daniel W]
Did you attend the gathering?

ETA: [Public]
I wish for the man, who bore a guitar and a wig, whom I kissed once upon the lips, to know that it was meaningless and I am seeking nothing further from it.

[info]atrophy in [info]repose


[As anon.]

i told you to jump and you did. sorry.

[info]reposealternate in [info]repose

Wrap up: Consumed/Board to death

Who: Consumed / Board to death
What: Wrap-up
Warnings: Themes, etc

Dazzle, dazzle shine. )

[info]solus in [info]repose

Louis D.

[Filter: Louis D.]
Did you make it out of the party alright?