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April 15th, 2018

[info]curandera in [info]repose

Reece E

[Text to Reece]
[Out. After Jack and Adrian, the morning after the carnival, and while the pond is being installed.]

We're going to house a potentially homicidal entity of dark magical energy. Also I hate men. All men. All British men. Old British men of the ginger variety that bleed on doorsteps and can't duck flying books.

[info]reposeverse in [info]repose

[Off the Record: 4/15 - 5/1]

→ It's officially spring, and Repose alternates between sunny days in the temperate 70s, and freezing nights in the low 30s. But the fluctuations in the weather aren't what's strange about the town during the last two weeks in April. No, it's the fact that the nights are so quiet. There's not a peep to be heard in the woods around town. No night animals, no night insects. None of the regular sounds that come from a town surrounded by a dense and untamed wood. During these nights, and for no reason that anyone can determine, everything is silent and eerily still.

→ During the last two weeks in April, the Capital is alive with music. Buskers seem to be singing and strumming and banging at every street corner. From the university, to the Village, to the shopping district, music is in the air. The days are warmer, and the sounds all mingle together to give the city a constant thrum of background noise. And it's not magic, but venturing near these musicians seems to make people feel happier. Their steps are lighter, and they want to drop dollar bills into open guitar cases and overturned caps. But, like we said, it's not magic.

→ Speaking of magic, those residents of Repose and the Capital with magic in their bones - witches, wizards, necromancers, vampires, werewolves, elves, reapers, shapeshifters, etc. - all see fliers up around town. The fliers indicate that there's to be a street fair in the Hall Way, and that the fair will features stands and wares from magical beings far and wide. The fair, which is slated to run through the end of the month, promises to be fun for all!

[info]volatile in [info]repose

Dylan & Mary: the movies

[Who: Dylan M and Mary M
What: The date of awk.
Warnings: This is probs gonna be PG at most

Dylan asked the guys at work.

He woulda asked P but it seemed like the kind of thing a guy just knew how to do. The other guys, the ones who bunked with him and who had ordinary duty they signed up for, they knew he could beat the tar out of them if they said anything wrong. He wouldn't, but he could. It was a perk of being permanent state of limbo and waiting for the crackle of the intercom. So he asked one guy, who looked like the kind of guy who had been on a lot of dates and when Dylan showed up, it was dude-approved purple button-down over clean jeans. The jeans were old and they were kind of beat-up, as were his sneakers but the shirt was still almost-new.

The guy had been running on edgy tension and it had nothing to do with the date. Nah, it was all about counting down the days until the inevitable and this morning had been a blood-draw, sat in a medical chair with the smell in his nose and the ball in his fist and he had squeezed and squeezed until he had to be told for the third time to stop. He took the tension to the gym. Whaled on a guy for a little while (the guy was fine, and it was appropriate whaling, everyone signed up to it) and his knuckles showed none of it.

He had a prickle in the back of his head, and a tight feeling in his throat but Dylan abandoned it deliberate as he crossed the street to M's place. He didn't know if she had a roommate yet. He saw the post, he'd talked to her, but he didn't know if she'd found a roommate and this seemed like the kinda thing you knew before you showed up to a girl's place. And there was the conversation with P lodged in the back of his head along with the blood-draw, and Dyl was determined to do this thing the right way.

He knocked, and he shuffled around on her doorstep, hands in his pockets and staring at the tips of his sneakers.

[info]revenir in [info]repose

log: arcade - hannah s, david p, and eddie n

Who: Hannah, David, and Eddie
What: Meeting up at the Arcade
Where: The Arcade
When: After closing

The Capital was a whirlpool dragging him in its direction, and it took real force of will to resist its pull after dark. )

[info]sylvan in [info]repose

Mary M, Destiny S, Newt P

[Radio: Mary M]
[Early am. While out checking tree growth and logging the numbers.] Moreau, are you out there being a workaholic?

[Locked to Destiny S]
Did you get your monetary situation settled, or will you be stubborn with me for asking?

[Locked to Newt P]
Good morning, my man.

[info]innumerable in [info]repose

Jack P, Adrian M, Cat C

[Locked to Jack P]
Hello, Jack.

[Locked to Adrian M]
Adrian, how are you?

[Locked to Cat C]