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May 24th, 2017

[info]heir in [info]repose

News: the Capital

[The vigilante in the green boots has become something of a permanent fixture, a part of the Capital's nighttime skyline, over the last handful of weeks. Moving from watching from on high to involving himself in minor clashes between gangs and crime families, he's already earned a reputation for himself of being dangerous to the criminal factions that grease the wheels of the Capital. He leaves the little old ladies to the hero in white. No one has a name for him yet, or even a composite sketch as he seems to operate from the shadows, but there's already a bounty on his head. Small, for now.]

[info]deteriorate in [info]repose

News: Repose

[Over the last week and a half, rumblings have been heard in the Repose rumor mill that the train station, once owned by a woman named Ella who has since disappeared, was bought once more. Since then, trucks have been coming and going with furniture, contractors have been patching things up, and it's been just busy. It has all died down now, and it looks as if the new owners are ready to move in. Rumor once again has it that it's two young people, unmarried, can you believe it? Not surprising in this day and age. The young couple is rich, but not new to town. Too bad they live a little too far from the neighborhood for behind-the-curtain watching.]

[info]ladymacbeth in [info]repose

[News: Capital]

[The girl with the webs makes a reappearance midweek in the Capital, and she seems to have upped her game during the time away. Okay, she still saves the occasional puppy running into traffic, but she spends a inordinately long night slinging her webs (and jokes) at muggers and assailants. Her calling card is pretty distinctive, since the bad guys are all webbed up neatly for local law enforcement to find, and it can't be easy for those guys in lock-up. After all, they got bagged by a girl wearing a white-and-pink hoodie, and that has to be tough. Sorry, not sorry, says the girl with the webs, and she doesn't quit swinging until sunrise.]

[info]tithe in [info]repose


[Locked to the Near-Drowned Lake Boy]
[And he ain't got no clue if this'll even work any.]

It would be a whole lot easier to lock to you if you had a name.