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May 22nd, 2017

[info]volatile in [info]repose



we in tourist season already or something? general stores selling postcards at the checking desk, asked me if i wanted fudge with my purchase

[info]riddlethem in [info]repose

log: eddie/steph/cat steal a heart

Who: Eddie, Stephanie, Cat
Where: Loot Arcade and then beyond~
What: stealing hearts
When: whenever this log ends
Warning: violence probably

Eddie had finally found a way in.

It took him a few weeks of exploring this other world of self-told lies and fantasies built on desires, but he crawled his way through vents and passages until he found the treasure room. In there, he found nothing but a glowing nebulous, not the treasure that he had expected to see. So, the next day, he left a message on the offending teacher's computer. It simply said "You are guilty of crimes of abuse against children. We will steal your heart and you will confess your crimes with your own mouth." It was dramatic, but hopefully enough to bring shape to what Harold desired. Was it old glory? Was it twisted lust? Was it rage? Eddie would find it soon enough and take it from him.

He texted Stephanie and Cat that afternoon, telling them to meet him at Loot after it closed. He told Cat to bring her lockpicking kit and Stephanie to bring a compact first aid in case they got in trouble. There wasn't mention of any outfits or extra things to bring because it wasn't necessary. This cognitive world, a funhouse mirror of a man's desires? It would reveal their true forms. Again, Eddie was feeling dramatic.

Over by the Pac-Man machine, Eddie was kneeling next to it. The cabinet was open and his arms were in the guts and wires of the thing as he tried to fix a weird glitch where Pac-Man went nomming backwards. Working with the machine was the best way for him to stay focused before a big mission. Both women would have known that about him.

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose


[After the buses to the city have stopped for the night, and with not nearly enough money to be taking an uber or a taxi. In fact, that's why she's looking to go to the Capital - she's heard about a club where anyone can get onstage and dance for tips. And short of planting her ass back in Hookerville, that's the best she can come up with to make some fast money. For things. That she wants to buy. ...instead of asking Harry again.

Posted Anon.]

Hey, anyone got a line on a cheap ride into the city? And by cheap I mean free. Willing to trade or whatever.