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November 17th, 2015

[info]thinnies in [info]repose

[Lake: "Sparrow" & Luke]

Who: "Sparrow" and Luke
What: Omens
Where: The lake's dock
When: Recentish
Warnings/Rating: Angst and not-okay-in-the-headness

She doused the lantern lights at the end of the dock. Two of them, and normally they shone yellowed and muted in the Repose night, but the ringleted blonde doused them, and the evening was cast into darkness. )

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Mini-log, the B&B: Clementine M/Reece E

Who: Clementine Murphy & Reece Eos
What: a brief run-in
Where: The B&B
When: after this
Warnings/Rating: not much

He needed to prove his competence. )

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A scarf was lost last night, perhaps near the movie theatre.

Blue and grey. Wool.

If anyone has seen it, I would appreciate it being returned.

Thank you.

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dead serious: first person to bring me a real cheeseburger (with mayo, you fuckin heathens) drinks free here for the rest of the night

not a joke

(don't tell my boss)

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[Locked: Jude, Harper, Ceil, Oliver.]

[Locked: Jude, Harper, Ceil, Oliver.]

[After this, and unwilling to return in person.]


[Call: Sam A.]


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[As 'Angel']

Favorite computer game to play right now? Go!

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The five stages of parent/teacher conference night.

Denial: Usually sets in the morning of parent/teacher conference night. When you wake up and think, no, it won't be like it was last year.

Anger: When you arrive at school and see the children you gave low marks to hand their signed report cards back to you with a smirk.

Bargaining: You ask your student teacher to take the lead, you tell him that you've got so much confidence in his skills and he's been such a huge help thus far, and you feel he's really ready to take this next step. If by some chance he agrees, your administrator will never sign off. Ever.

Depression: 2:45 PM. Final bell rings. You look at the schedule for the hundredth time. You have no idea how you're going to handle it all. You play every scenario out in your head. You begin cleaning you classroom from top to bottom, you wonder if the rabbit looks sick. You wonder if you really were too hard on your grade marks. You start to question every choice you've made.

Acceptance: 5:30 PM, the classroom begins to fill up with parents, there is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. This is your fate, if you can make it through - there are donuts in the teachers lounge that will be like a sooting balm to your crushed soul once its all over.

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Call: Lou D

[After his conversation with Sam, and the morning after he went to her place.]

[Call to Lou D, from an unknown number]