February 4th, 2009

[info]moonlightpath in [info]parabolical

WHO: Remus; Tonks later on
WHERE: Lazarus Pits
WHEN: Tuesday Evening
WHAT: Remus does what he always does. Sneaks off and tells people after the fact.
RATING: TBA, though I'm guessing highish for language...
STATUS: Incomplete

Remus Lupin? Run off and do something stupid and not tell Tonks? NEVER! )

[info]ex_onlygirl487 in [info]parabolical

Who: Ginny Potter and Niki Sanders
What: Random encounter of the "Hey, wait, you had your brain sucked too, didn't you?" sorts
When: Feb. 4th, early afternoon.
Where: In the city, outside a variety of shops
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

stupid woman from hell )

[info]faithinthedark in [info]parabolical

WHO: Faith Lehane and OPEN
WHAT: What do you do if you're an emotional minefield Slayer? You hit things a lot of course!
WHEN: after dark
WHERE: downtown LA
RATING: TBD, but rated for violence
STATUS: In progress

there was a delicious satisfaction in that crunch as fist meets face. )

[info]nightherald in [info]parabolical

Who: Alema Rar and Jacen Solo
What: The Bugslut finally has a reckoning
Where: A busy LA Mall. Eventually the Pits.
When: Not long after Jacen's Grafitti.
Rating: TBD (Suspects violence and lightsabers. And ooh lightning wars)
Status: In Progress

[info]mamapetrelli in [info]parabolical

WHO: Angela Petrelli & Adam Monroe
WHAT: Angela has things that she wants to discuss.
WHERE: MacArthur Park
WHEN: February 4th; Afternoon; Prior to Claire's disappearance
STATUS: In Progress

Either way, it was nice to get out and get some fresh air, and if she was going to die, at least she would die in a nice setting. )

[info]her_my_oh_knee in [info]parabolical

Who: Hermione and Anya
What: A meeting
When: Early Afternoon
Where: A magic shop
Rating: PG
Status: Incomplete

[info]intheclock in [info]parabolical

Who: Babs and Terry. [Bruce, feel free to tag in whenever!]
What: Terry wakes up in Babs' clocktower and some interesting things are discovered
When: Thursday Morning
Where: The Clocktower
status/rating: incomplete/PG-13

Babs considered it a failure on their part that just three weeks into their acquaintance and she was already playing the part of nurse )

[info]demonvanguard in [info]parabolical

Who: Talia and Jack Harkness
What: Jack wants to talk to Talia about the Pits
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: The Pits
status/rating: incomplete/PG-13

Read more... )

[info]demonvanguard in [info]parabolical

Who: Talia and Cassandra
What: Baby's Mama meets Baby's Daddy's adopted daughter.
When: Wednesday Night
Where: LA Streets
status/rating: incomplete/PG-13

Talia never went out on routine patrols like some of the people she knew. )

[info]morallydamaged in [info]parabolical

Who: Lindsey and Faith
What: She asked, he offered.
When: Backdated before the disappearences
Where: Random bar
Rating: PG-13 (Possible swearing?)

Drinkin' just to drink. )

[info]stein_and_lace in [info]parabolical

Who: Chase, Old Lace and OPEN
What: Vampires and dinosaurs and teenagers who don’t know when to shut up.
When: After sundown
Where: Downtown
Rating: TBA

I can melt your skin off, using only the power of my brain  )

[info]talbotb in [info]parabolical

Who: Bela Abby Talbot
What: Getting out of the Hyperion and trying to get on with life
When: After everyone's gotten word of Mary and Claire going missing
Where: The Hyperion and an apartment
status/rating: complete/PG

Longitude, latitude, zip code. )

[info]turbocharged in [info]parabolical

Who: Tommy Oliver and Ron Weasley
What: Magical wards gone wrong?!
Where:New youth center.
When:Wednesday night
Status: In progress.
ooc: I totally meant to have this up earlier! Sorries. ♥ Got caught up in RL. D=

this was also important )

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