August 18th, 2008

[info]regenerating in [info]parabolical

WHO: Claire Bennet (future), Angela Petrelli
WHERE: the Hyperion; specifically, the stairwell and then wherever Angela takes them
WHEN: during the events of this, so backdated
WHAT: An unexpected moment of bonding.
STATUS: thread; in-progress

That meant the hotel had just locked down with -Sylar- inside. )

[info]patientlykira in [info]parabolical

WHO: Kira Ford & Heather Mason, maybe Sam Winchester.
WHAT: Kira's visiting, and maybe there will be Sam talk.
WHEN: Day after Kara and Kira's vamp hunting, around noon.
WHERE: Hospital.
STATUS: In progress.

Read more... )

[info]number_four in [info]parabolical

Who: The Fourth Doctor {possessed} & Open to the Winchesters
What: The Doctor is possessed and needs the brothers help
When: Evening
Where: Dark street
Rating: TBD
Status: In process
The Darkness has come to the Doctor )

[info]ex_wondy889 in [info]parabolical

Who: Diana Prince and Lois Lane
What: Roomies! Er...talking about the Kent family
Where: Their apartment, Bradbury building
When: A few nights after the JL meeting
Rating/Status: PG, in progress

She had been so busy, but she knew Lois was self-sufficent.. )

[info]thelonelyangel in [info]parabolical

Drinking Buddies, WHAT? (Ten, The Master)

Who: The Tenth Doctor and The Master
What: The Doctor receives a message, which he thinks is from The Rani... but boy, is he ever mistaken.
When: Monday evening, perhaps?
Where: a local bar of some sort
Rating: PG-13, at the most R, because apparently when you put these two together, and there's bad things afoot. :p
Status: Complete

He wasn't sure what this was about, but he found himself unable to ignore it.  )

[info]faithinthedark in [info]parabolical

WHO: Faith Lehane & Lindsey McDonald
WHAT: Another bar another fight with the angry Slayer
WHEN: Monday night
WHERE: a bar in the sleazy area of Downtown
RATING: In progress
STATUS: fighting, swearing, gonna start with R

Faith laughed as another demon hit her across the face. )

[info]ex_gwendy66 in [info]parabolical

Who: Gwen Stacy, NPC photographer and The Joker
What: The Joker is crashing her photoshoot
Where: first floor of a rented out abandoned warehouse
When: lets say last night around 9pm
Rating: R; violence, and all that other stuff that isn't appropriate for kids and those sensitive to the subject

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[info]knivesandreo in [info]parabolical

Who: Jo Harvelle, Heather Mason
When: Shortly after their conversation on the boards
Where: Heather's hospital room
Rating: I doubt there'd be more than language if that
Stauts: In Progress

hospitals suck )

[info]mugglelover in [info]parabolical

WHO: Merope Gaunt & OPEN
WHAT: Merope goes out to try and get the lay of this new land.
WHEN: After this
WHERE: Random LA streets
RATING: TBA, but likely not high
STATUS: In Progress

This was definitely not Little Hangleton. )

[info]robinindahood in [info]parabolical

Who: Jack Landors, Chris Kent Kira Ford, Tori Hanson, Buffy Summers, and whoever else got invited to the beach venture that turned into a shindig.(posting order maybe? ;D)
What:Small beach gathering turned party.
When: Monday afternoon
Where: Generic mc random!beach.
Warnings: TBA probably no more than PG-13 I'm guessing o_O

small gathering turned party! )

[info]harlequinlady in [info]parabolical

WHO: Harley & [OPEN].
WHAT: Shop-lifting...I mean, shopping!
WHEN: Last night.
WHERE: Some elite boutique that doesn't have a name. XD
STATUS: Incomplete.

Little Miss Sticky Fingers. )

[info]faithinthedark in [info]parabolical

WHO: Faith Lehane and Sabretooth
WHAT: He invited her for a drink and the crazy Slayer wasn't going to say no...
WHEN: Very late Monday night. (after the thread with Lindsey)
WHERE: One of the few bars neither of them have trashed yet.
RATING: It's Faith and Sabretooth... it's safe to say it's R at least.
STATUS: In progress

call her crazy, but Faith was curious. )

[info]shadow_lust in [info]parabolical

Throwing punchlines, no one wins

WHO: Nick & Joe Jonas, Gambit, and Psylocke [OPEN to Kevin Jonas after the fight scene, and Arthur Mumby].
WHAT: The Jonas brothers move in with the X-Men and Arthur; Gambit's not happy.
WHEN: Few days after their arrival.
WHERE: Psy and Gambit's two-bedroom...yeah, they've moving soon, LoL.
RATING: High PG-13 (language, fighting, sexual situation references).

We don't have to fight tonight, we just gotta try tonight. )

[info]newtlivingston in [info]parabolical

Who: Newt Livingston & Open.
What: Still trying to get in contact with people he knows.
When: After lunch.
Where: At one of those little children's tables at a bookstore.
Rating: G-PG.
Status: In progress

'Cause long distance relationships will kill you. )

[info]hislight in [info]parabolical

Who: Jenny and Julian
What: Dreaming
Where: Jenny's Dream
When: Tonight
Rating: TBD
Status: In progress

Out of the mist a voice is calling... )

[info]shootsclowns in [info]parabolical

Who: Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan
What: Brennan's first vampire encounter. Booth the Vampire Slayer xD
When: Later evening
Where: An alleyway near an all night diner
Rating: PG-13 and bound to go up with Booth's language

Bones wanted proof and she finally got it. It just wasn't the way Booth would have wanted her to get it. )

[info]futureunwritten in [info]parabolical

Where The Hell Am I? (John, Tori)

Who: John Connor and Tori Hanson
What: John wakes up to find himself in the last place he expected.
When: late Monday night
Where: wherever Tori's staying
Rating: PG(?)
Status: In progress

Living 'off the grid' didn't exactly have many perks. )

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