[Action/Open] All day post
14 June 2011 at 09:03 am
[It's a rare day that you can find all three of them together like this. But since it's mostly Akito's fault, it's understandable; the light has a lot of persuasive power when he needs it.

Air Treck are not easy to learn, even when you're technically re-learning after 3-4 years of not riding. But Akito's trying his best, riding after Lind and just managing to keep his balance. He's in a good mood, having spent the night at Alle's and enjoying the new day. Eyepatch is off and both golden eyes are open, a suggestion made by his other. It seems to be helping, since he's only a little bit wobbly. Lind, on the other hand, is riding backwards easily like he was born with the skates on. Which is quite possible]

You're getting better. [Akito's not falling over as much anymore. The original has set the light to riding in a wide circle in the park at speed, watching him carefully. The dark is watching nearby, leaning on a tree trunk and petting Kasumi, the cat draped across his shoulders]

Nyu...I don't remember it being this hard the first time. [The light pouts and tries to stop, though it ends with him landing on his butt once again. Lind sighs and walks to his side, making Akito smile sheepishly at him, ignoring the soft laughter from his other]

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013: Nostalgia [action, open] Backdated to late afternoon
11 June 2011 at 11:02 pm
[it's been quite a while since she practiced, so she's at the tennis court today, dressed in simple tennis wear, playing against the wall as practice for the time being.]

[if anyone was here and interested in a game or two, just approach her, and she'll be sure to oblige. She's pretty good at it, after all!]

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10 June 2011 at 09:15 pm
Why - why would Acumen arrest a ghost? I don't think it makes much sense...Ghosts should be able to move on, right? I don't think it's fair to keep one here with m-me - with people. [does she sound a bit stressed?]

I really, really, really hope Acumen doesn't arrest any more...That would be the worst.

[Anyone who passes through Sector 1 will see Sakura slowly inching along the way. She's just left the headquarters and she's on her way home. It's dark and she looks more than unhappy being outside. In fact, she even has her wand out - just in case.]

[ooc: there is a 99.99% chance that Sakura will flail and accidentally hit you with her wand if you sneak up on her in the dark. She's had a traumatic day okay]
10 June 2011 at 07:49 pm
Fine, if loving my daughter is a crime, then lock me away!

[ Already the theatrics are practically oozing from her voice. ]

Obviously I deserve it, how dare I treat a young woman with love and respect? Oh, you're certainly teaching me a lesson. Never again will I be a loving parent, is that what you want from me? I've seen the light, the error of my ways, how dreadful of me to look out for her well being.

[ Her dramatics swell, dropping almost immediately, and she sounds agitated. ]

Are you happy now, is that what you wanted to hear?
09 June 2011 at 11:48 pm
[ for the last few hours, Riku's been a good boy and followed all directions, while restrained. after a bunch of gardening, he's dirty, but he sees no bad thing about it. he's dirty, but he's alive, he's well, and he doesn't see anything inherently wrong with this system besides the fact that he's a minor and he's in a prison. he's not being mistreated. as the camera loads and sharpens onto his face, there's a faraway look in his eye as he tries to assimilate all the information he's gathered. ]

Hey. [ he finally looks down, hair falling in his seagreen eyes. ] I'm new here, I guess being social's part of the charm of this place.

[ a bit of quiet as he looks off, but he starts again. ] I was wondering who's here, and how long.

[ finally, a sigh. ] Got what I wanted.
09 June 2011 at 04:28 pm
[Backdated to Late Morning]

It's My Party )

[Video | Filtered from the Order, except Allen and Lenalee]

[Alma is grinning into the screen, but he also looks a bit embarrassed.]

So it's getting a lot warmer around here. That means it's summer right? Or almost. June! Which is what is important. [He laughs and scratches the back of his head.]

June is a very important month. My best friend is born in June so his birthday should be around now and that means my birthday was a while ago, but neither of us have ever gotten to celebrate a birthday together. Which sucks. But today we will! Because I'm throwing a birthday party for him--us--tonight at the hall in the Education Center.

But I don't know all of Yu's friends here, so anybody who wants to say happy birthday to Yu Kanda should really come! There will be cake, food, drinks, balloons, and maybe even a singing-game like at the club! [The karaoke machine, he has it. He just has to figure out how to get it to work.]

So if you want to come celebrate our birthdays, show up before six o'clock! Just don't tell Yu. I really want to surprise him. And Yu doesn't like gifts, so don't worry about it unless you really want to!

[And with a happy grin he cuts it off and moves on to his next call.]

[Private to Yu]

Hey, Yu... Are you busy today?

{OOC: I will be putting in a [Video] thread where anyone who wants to respond to the video post can. Otherwise you can respond with [Before] or [Party] to let people know when you get there? Feel free to be brought by the friend of a friend, crash, and mingle all you like!}
[ video | voice | action ]
08 June 2011 at 11:23 pm
[hello all, a new resident of the dome has appeared today in... a rather unfortunate place.

It seems he's stuck in the middle of the ice rink without skates. He's... quite confused and disorientated and sitting on his bum. SO SAD. but no he can figure this out. So far he's gathered he's a prisoner and things of that nature so he holds the communicator up to himself to greet the community]

--Ah, right, it's on now. Hello! Wait.

[a sigh and he just kind of switches to voice and anyone in the ice rink that day will see Shinra crawling on his knees and hands to try and get out of the ice rink. Lots of slipping and falling! But meanwhile, he's blabbering away into the headset]

Right so, now that that's taken care of-- I very much appreciate this visit to... an ice rink? Yes, it's a very nice ice rink you have here, and I compliment it greatly. In fact, whoever-is-in-charge-san, I would quite like to ask if I could borrow it one day! Ah, how I'd love to take my sweet here. She'd blush and tell me how silly it is and we'd slip and slide andsheesh my hands are cold-- OW.

[it seems he's slipped and landed face forward on the ice. skidding a bit across the ice, he whimpers]

Okay, yes, the point here was that I do quite wish whoever decided to send me here in this... place, that they would lend a poor man a pair of skates first.

Though I suppose I'm not in a position to argue, yes.

[grumble grumble] Is anyone even listening to this--
09 June 2011 at 02:46 am
[Closed | Defense Force Headquarters]

[The arrival of Schuldig is for Ken, a cause for great concern. He may be alone, but this was one of the more unpredictable members of Schwartz, and there is no knowing what the telepath/speed demon can and will do in a prison where the guilty and the innocent are mixed together.

Ken did not want to have to do this, but without Weiss, without a team he can work with, he knows he needs help. And quietly, using the brouhaha caused by the coming of new inmates, he heads towards the Defense Force Headquarters, and addresses the first person he sees --]

Um. Excuse me, I need to speak to someone --


[Open | Sector 5 - Convenience Store]

[Looks like someone's spacing out over the tofu, or maybe even the poultry section. Or he's finding the nutrition facts of a can of water chestnuts far too interesting. Either way, this is not the lively florist/soccer fanatic the prison has seen so far...]

(( OOC: Thread with Suzaku at the DF HQ is closed, while he needs to snapped out of his reverie at the Convenience Store after. :3 Have at~! ))
07 June 2011 at 12:14 pm
[ after waking up in a koi pond, and then simply lying in it for long enough to guess what happened -- which didn't take very long, really; he doesn't remember said pond, but he recognizes the sky of the domed prison well enough -- Murata has begun to suspect Acumen doesn't like him.

oh well... he climbs out of the pond and drips on the grass for a moment before turning on his communicator. ]

[ voice ]

The koi pond is a very nice addition to things, I must say. Though I think the fish might be a little angry with me!

I think I should probably take a bath...

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06 June 2011 at 10:48 pm
[Static crackling for a brief moment, before it clears to reveal a pretty young girl with long, rich mahogany brown hair falling past her shoulders. For those who know her it's Yuuki, dressed, up and ready for her day early, for once. The usual smiling face is somber today, business like as she clears her throat. Eyes steady, she takes a breath before addressing the dome.]

I'd like to speak on behalf of my father, Kaien Kurosu. I know he was hoping to take on greater involvement with the school and educational facilities. I don't know how deeply rooted if at all that was, but for the parties that would need to know he's gone.

[She remains orderly, brushing her hair over her shoulder with the flip of her wrist. The pain surely inside is well kept under control, perhaps much more professional, for once. Still, the expression deep set within her chocolaty brown eyes is evidence that she isn't without emotion. It's simply controlled, for the time being.]

If there is anything I can do in his place, please let me know. I think most everyone who has been here for a little while already knows me to some extent, but if not my name is Yuuki Kuran. My apologies to anyone this might affect.
[Video / Action | Open ]
06 June 2011 at 09:04 pm
[A certain returned spirit medium appears via video at the Training Hall, though something is a little off about her. Specifically, she looks rather unsteady, but nevertheless smiles at the camera as if nothing is wrong.

Nothing is wrong, after all, other than this mysterious migraine that just started out of nowhere.]

Um, has anyone seen Missile hiding around? I tried looking for her for a while, but whatever she's hiding as, she isn't reacting, and I haven't found two of anything yet...

[There's a brief pause, though she leaves the message public still.]

Oh, and sorry, Jennifer, but I don't think I can make the picnic today... Something's come up. It's nothing big, don't worry.

[Shortly after finishing this, Maya winces quite visibly, even through the smile, though that sinks a bit as her eyes go wide at something unseen and not in the direction of the camera.]


[Looking back up at the camera, Maya blinks in confusion, forces a smile again, and reaches for the buttons on the side of her communicator.] Oh, um, talk to you later... [The video quickly winks out.]

((OOC: She's been canon updated through the end of the third game.))
[Action/Video || Open ]
06 June 2011 at 07:15 pm
[Everything hurt. He felt like he was defrosting, and when he looked down at his hands, he guess he kind of was. He was dripping water, mostly because of the ice melting from his armor and his hair. He shook his head, clearing the haziness, ice crystals flying as he slowly straightened up off the grass he was laying on beneath... a tree?

Had there been trees before? He didn't think so. Not in the graveyard. There had been nothing in the graveyard but desolation...]

Aqua! Terra!

[He jerked up, groaning and clutching his head as a headache spiked through it. He looked around, not recognizing a thing, though he did spot what looked like... well he was not sure what it looked like. A visor for your eyes? What he didn't know was that the communicator was recording him as he slowly came towards it and the welcome basket beside it. He poked at it briefly and then looked back around, eyebrows drawn.]

Aqua? Terra? Are you guys here?

Guys? Guys?!

[His voice rose a bit in the start of restrained panic as he looked around, grabbing the visor as he did, stumbling to his feet, steaming as he defrosted, looking around.]

Is... anyone here...?

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07 June 2011 at 09:41 am
[There is a sleepy Pokemon nestled into a random corner of the clocktower. Considering this isn't where she went to sleep 'last night', Latias is naturally rather confused when she wakes up and blinks at her surroundings]


[Communicator goes on! Sleepy dragon is sleepy] I don't remember going to sleep up here last...did someone move me after I fell asleep? [Yaaaawn]

It's kind of comfortable though...maybe I should sleep up here more often.
[Video//Action | Open!]
06 June 2011 at 07:33 pm
[The video feed opens to the side of the dome, smooth polished glass tinted blue from the waters beyond. A hand comes out to touch it -- a hand made of what appears to be blue-grey pebbles? Some of the darker ones, interspersed throughout the flat slate of the rest, shine a bit in the artificial light.]

[The hand sweeps over the glass, almost thoughtfully. The feed then shifts, the user setting the communicator on the ground to reveal a tall, lithe figure swathed in beige, complete with cloak, hood, and cloth mask covering his face from the nose down. And a restraint, of course, so heavy that it’s bowing the floor beneath it. What you can see of his face is more stone, his eyes framed by yet more dark blue rocks. He ponders the dome for a long moment, then reels back and delivers a very hard *punch* with his stone hand, all his two thousand pounds of weight behind it.]

[Nothing happens except for a spectacular noise. The stone man reaches up to pluck off his mask, stroking his chin.]
Hmm. Must be a magic seal of some sort.
[Audio; Filtered from Anri]
23 May 2011 at 09:38 pm
Well, my fellow residents, it seems we may have something of a dangerous situation on our hands!

Assuming I'm not making an incorrect assumption, that is.

[There's a very brief pause.] So let's sort this out, hm? When we're... incarcerated, things such a weapons are generally confiscated, correct? Some of those who've earned a position on the Defense Force, however, are permitted to carry them.

Please, do correct me if I'm wrong. [Though he's nearly positive that he isn't; based on what he's seen and his own experience. Carrying only a small switchblade which is now gone... it made sense to him.]

Does storing a weapon in one's own body make them exempt from standard practice?

[A half-hearted, unamused chuckle.] That's a dangerous way of handling things. Interesting, I suppose, though it does seem to defeat the purpose.

Well, unless I've missed some pertinent information, of course. Really, that's all I was curious about, so I think I'll be on my way for the time being.
[action / SO OPEN]
12 May 2011 at 01:03 pm
[Calling all lllllladies! And you other people too. Timcanpy is a magical golem belonging to one Allen Walker and created by one Cross Marian and he has been sulking for a while now! His boy has a new best friend (man's best friend, in fact) and there is only so much clinging to Cross that a golem can do. Plus, new people have arrived, and that is exciting. Tim wants to meet all those new people.]

[So here is your chance to strike up a rapport with a little animated gold ball with wings! Timcanpy likes the ladies best, but he will accept petting, food, and attention from just about anyone.]

Still not a Gig 011: Tobu-chan! [Video!]
08 May 2011 at 03:49 pm
[the video flips on to show Yui adjusting the view for a moment - it seems she's set it down on a table of some sort. Anyway! She'll settle just a short distance from the feed, before she starts speaking, a wide smile on her face.]

Ne, ne, everyone!

[she pauses a moment, as if to catch people's attention first, then bends over and goes out of view, before returning to view, with a little pig that appears to have-- are those wings?!]

Meet Tobu-chan! Say hi, Tobu-chan!

Pu, puhi! [It goes, almost as if it's greeting people as well]

He's so cute, isn't he?~

Puhi, puhi!

((ooc: the little piglet with wings would be a porcavian pig from Valkyria Chronicles!

Also, /late! This is backdated to late afternoon! :x ))
[Video - filtered from Sam | Action - Open] Club
07 May 2011 at 05:15 pm
Hey! Who out there wants to come on down to the club—[ slaps Sam's hand out of the way ]— and give Sam a lap dance, huh? It ain't a birthday without a—

[ the video shakes as Sam snatches it out of Dean's hand, ending abruptly in a disconnect. Well, guess you'll just have to come on down and wish the boy a happy birthday yourselves. Or convince Sam to give Dean back his communicator :| ]

((ooc: Event style. Threadjack, talk among yourselves, already be at the club... Whatever. Go for it!))
[Voice | Video]
07 May 2011 at 03:47 pm
Not that I think there are many here who would, but...

[Yuuki, just appearing on screen looks deadly serious for a moment. Dark brown eyes clear and intent, focusing on the screen with a well of passionate emotion behind them.]

Wasting food is the worst.

[Giving a sigh, a hand moves to rest on her slim hips, the other lifting up to her head in the appearance of tired exasperation.]

If something happened again where the dome was to shut down and the food supplies get cut off, that could turn into a real issue. [She lifts a lecturing hand.] Playing with the supply catered to a particular group's nutritional needs is even worse. [Probably Road doesn't care all that much (actually, the worry and chaos it causes is probably something she likes ...Damn it.). Anyway she can only imagine Kamui's irritation.]

Just try not to take it for granted.

[She exhales one last time.] Anyway... [Eyes softening, she gives a small hopeless smile that tugs the corner of her mouth. Anything too serious and she feels out of place.]

Out of curiosity, is there anyone who plays chess that wouldn't mind teaching me? I know how to play a little, er...mostly, anyway... just not well. If so, I'd be grateful! I promise I'm a great student!

[Her hand lifts after flashing a bright smile and peace sign at the device, covering the screen after as she reaches forward to deactivate it before suddenly halting.]

AH! [Hands falling away she has an afterthought, only just remembering now!] I almost forgot. Suzaku-kun, can I speak with you?
[ action - open | voice - closed ]
05 May 2011 at 10:31 pm
[Tieria is out and about today. He'd spent the last few days keeping mostly to himself. However, he needed a few things, so he's out getting them. He's also going to check in at DF HQ, as he's been keeping his patrols as assigned, but has been trying to keep himself distanced from the investigation on Allelujah and Hiling for obvious reasons. However, he doesn't like being out the loop, and it's time to do some poking.]


[voice - private to Cain]

Ciaphas Cain... have you been able to contact Acumen about that footage we discussed?