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26 May 2011 at 02:09 am
Ashton Anchors
"Figure your lady friend wouldn't be too keen if you got messed up in something." The man had said.

He was right. )

(OOC: Taking place after the fight with Hidan, alongside Link, from earlier today. That post is kept game canon with mod permission. Potential triggers inside for blood drinking, morbid thoughts, awful prose, etc.)
[Video | Action | Open]
26 May 2011 at 01:52 pm
[After her shift, Nakama takes Miko out for their usual walk to let her stretch her wings and get some exercise, but this time she's got an idea for how to make sure Miko gets the most out of it. Teaching her to play fetch!

It takes a few tries and a lot of repeated explanations (sure, Miko can understand her commands, but she's not the brightest bird out there), but before long, Miko is soaring through the air to retrieve the stick Nakama throws and dropping it back at her feet. You'll see a few seconds of this spectacle, either on your communicator or in person, before Nakama speaks.]

It's pretty cool that we're allowed to have pets here, huh?

Um, I was just wondering what kind of pets other people picked, and why they chose them. So if you wanna talk about it, that's cool.

[And she throws the stick again, Miko taking off from her perch on Nakama's shoulder to catch it.]
[Video | Filtered from Gundam00 cast and Sakura]
26 May 2011 at 07:26 pm
Lacus Clyne
[Her smile is a little -- different today. Efforts have been made to cover it, makeup for the discoloration and a sweep of her bangs, but it doesn't take much observation to see that Lacus has a few injuries to her face.]

Good evening. I'm wondering if anyone might have an extra bed, or space on the floor, for a night or two? [a smile that verges on sheepish] I'm not certain I should go home looking like this.

[Voice | Private to Neil]
Neil? I believe I'll be needed to cover the night shift at headquarters for a few nights.

((OOC: Please give a girl a place to dreamhop crash! Thread leading up to this is still unresolved, so I'm being intentionally vague about her exact injuries but I had to get this post to get out of the way before the event! Neko, if you want corrections made to this please give me a poke <3 ))
003: Plagiarism? Certainly not. [voice]
26 May 2011 at 09:54 pm
Good afternoon, fellow inmates. This is Light Yagami.

To better predict the pattern at which the stabilizer functions, I'd like to conduct a bit of a survey myself, just as Mister Holmes had done just a while ago.

If each of you don't mind, do reply to this post with the following:

1. Whether or not you are human. If no, please specify what you are, exactly
2. Your origin world or planet, and the respective country if any
3. Your gender and age

If you would like to remain anonymous for this survey, by all means, go without providing your name - it would not affect the survey results in any way. The results will be broadcasted later on, just as Mister Holmes has done. But in this instance, if you would like copies of the results, feel free to leave me your name, so I may send you a copy through the mail.

Thank you.
[ dreams ]
26 May 2011 at 10:03 pm
Allen Walker
[the circus]

[You're inside a circus tent. It's pretty standard, if somewhat oldtimey-- there's a scattered concession stand here and there, amongst performers with doing acrobatics and little improv shows, and little games where you can knock over pegs and win a prize or bob for apples, with the arena lit by sunlight pouring in from the open flaps of the tent. You can interact with any and all of it.

Allen is dressed as a clown, wearing full makeup, balancing on a ball and juggling. The crowd seems to walk around him without seeing him, but he doesn't notice. Just cheerfully going through his routine. He'll perform for you, too, if you come over to him, but he won't say a word.

There's nothing terribly out of the ordinary about it, until a clown in a big round suit walks by with his dog, and then Allen's focus is entirely on him. He steps down from the ball, breath catching.

"Mana?" he whispers.

The tent flaps slip closed. The music stops. The crowd slows to a halt. Some of them might even seem strange now, as if there's something lurking under their skin, and staring fixedly at you. But Allen doesn't notice; not them, not you. And he runs off into a shadowed corridor of the tent, vanishing into the darkness.

...If you follow him, you might come out...

[the empty house]

Read more... )

((ooc: both "dreams" are open! tag in at the beginning of either scene and we'll play through as far as you like! so if you're going with the circus dream, put [the circus] in your subject and start with encountering Allenclown in the normal circus~))
26 May 2011 at 10:34 pm
Jade Curtiss
[ Endless, endless snow as far as the eye can see. The cold is biting, bone-penetrating, intense enough to make you ache. The world around you is barren, like a frozen desert, and the snow is driving. As you walk forward, your footsteps disappear behind you, but you can keep pressing forward and you might see a figure in the distance.

Jade is on his knees here, dressed in his usual attire except for the gloves. He digs in the snow with his bare hands -- slowly, determinedly. His fingers are bright red and raw from the cold.

Scattered on the snow around him are intricate formulae, written in the fonic notation; don't expect to understand them. Even if you spoke the language, these dream calculations are muddled and nonsensical to everyone except the man who drew them painstakingly in the snow. ]

((ooc: Open! Come one, come all.))
[Dream Event] [Possible sexual content and violence]
26 May 2011 at 11:00 pm
Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
[Dream 1 | Home Sweet Home | Open]
[Surprise! You're not in Kansas anymore or in an underwater dome. You're in a ravaged landscape. There used to be a city here. There used to be families and lives and trees and birds and laughter. Today there is a super battle. You might want to take cover if you're going to be useless. Otherwise, join in. You might face Apocalypse's horseman, Holocaust; a genetically-modified legion of armored infinites, or a fleet of robotic sentinels several stories tall. Kitty is already part of the fray.]

OOC 1 )

[Dream 2 | Orphan | Open]
[Welcome to Chicago! Land of deep dish pizza, hot dogs that have never been touched by ketchup, the Cubs, and thirteen-year-old Kitty Pryde. Six months ago this wasn't her life. Six months ago she was top of her class, popular even if she had a nerdy side, always busy with computers or dance practice, and her biggest concern was whether or not her parents would ever stop fighting. Today her biggest concern is whether or not the mutants who killed her parents would find her and just under that came worries about finding food and shelter. It was nice of you to volunteer to help though. You won't be needing your wallet, right? Or that watch? She's pretty good at this. After all, you can't feel what you can't touch.]

OOC 2 )

[Dream 3 | Strange Bedfellows | Open to CR]
[It's a familiar scene—the Marina club. There's a girl sitting on the bar and she's looking at you. Maybe she's had one too many. Maybe she's had just enough. Either way, you're starting to look like a good idea.]

OOC 3 )
[Dream Event | Open]
26 May 2011 at 11:21 pm
[In a chilled but cozy hole-in-the-wall of a planetside tavern, the Valhallan 597th celebrates its latest victory.]

[Decorated officers, men and women alike, dominate the building as they carouse and joke, cheeks flushed red with the joy of another victory, as well as due to a fair amount of alcohol in their bloodstreams. Delicious food is plentiful, and whether you like to flirt or gamble, opportunities for both are abound.]

[In a fashionably late manner, Cain strides into the tavern, standing tall and proud with a goofy damn grin plastered on his face, wearing a fresh greatcoat and uniform. Right behind him, his rather malodorous and less-than-easy-on-the-eyes aide Jurgen slips inside. Fortunately, most people should be too drunk to care about his absurd body odor, or the skin diseases which are amazingly resistant to the finest medical technology the Imperium has to offer.]

[Gesturing over to the woman running the bar, who looks sufficiently impressed when she realizes who he is--the famous Commissar Ciaphas Cain, hero of the Imperium, admired and respected across the galaxy.]

Barkeep, a round for the finest men and women to have ever served in the Imperial Guard. It's on me. [Gathering up a waiting mug, he raises it and strikes an incredibly perfect dramatic pose, his voice booming with equal dramatic flare.]

A toast--to Valhalla! To the Emperor! [And amid the enthusiastic cheers, Cain chugs down the brew without stopping for a breath.]

((OOC: Eat, drink, and be merry! Everyone here is human, and either a citizen of the Imperium or a member of the Valhallan 597th! Don’t worry if you don’t know the canon; Cain’s subconscious will basically ignore any discrepancies.))
[Dream event | OPEN] NSFW warnings all over this one~
26 May 2011 at 11:39 pm
General Cross Marian
So very NSFW )

((OOC: So who’s behind door #1? This could be a dream or a nightmare~. Entirely OPEN, with the hopeful exception of any muse under 15-16 years old please? Cross has been topping the hell out of whoever it is, but you’re free to (try to) turn the tables! Level of consent is also up to you, but please do add trigger warnings if applicable.))
[Dreams | Possible violence]
26 May 2011 at 11:53 pm
Dream One | Repentance | Open
[You're inside of a church. It would be so very beautiful--if it wasn't so dark. If you look closely at the cold, marble floor, you might catch glimpses of blood. Look too hard, and they vanish. Maybe you're just imagining things. Still, everyone has to be guilty of something. In the shadows, your sins are lurking, and the more you try to ignore them, closer and closer they'll creep. In front of the alter, you'll find Eddie--but few will recognize him without his symbiotic skin. He's dressed in a priest's garb, and he seems to be praying. Bodies lie at his feet.]

Dream Two | It's Hiding in the Dark | Open
[You're in the city. It's dark, and it's wet, and it's cold. The street lights keep flickering, and Eddie is standing underneath one, looking frazzled--and more importantly, scared. Suddenly, there's a roar from the shadows, and something big with far too many teeth comes hurtling towards you both. All you can see are those white, menacing eyes, and its chilling grin even as it tries to swallow you whole. You'd better run for it. Somehow you know that staying to fight will be a fatal, stupid mistake.]

Dream Three | Super Heroes | Open
[Welcome to New York City. Suddenly, you have super powers, and your good pal Venom is busy smashing up some nasty bank robbers that are holding the poor people inside hostage. But what's this? Here comes your arch nemesis, planning on wiping out the entire city! You've got to stop them and save the innocents!]

Dream Four | Dream Boat | Open
[You're on a date. With Eddie Brock. He's big, he's handsome, he's witty, he's charming. Wait, why are you here again? What are you two even doing?]