Dream Event - OPEN
27 May 2011 at 12:05 am
Souji Seta ♦ 総司 瀬多
[The first thing that's noticeable upon entering Souji's dream is music -- faint, as if heard from a considerable distance, through a wall, or perhaps just via a covered speaker -- seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. The music drifts through the blue-hued room that will, to those that are familiar with such, be immediately recognizable as the passenger area of a limousine, complete with long comfy seats, a fully stocked liquor cabinet, cool lighting, and curtains.]

[A variety of odd and interesting sights -- such as a foggy town, the interior of a school, and the innermost reaches of an oddly pixelized dungeon -- can be seen passing by outside, periodically obscured by grey, white, blue, and purple fog before being replaced by the sight of somewhere else entirely. The limousine itself is odd in its own right -- from moment to moment it seems to fluctuate between being standard size, to long enough to seat well more than a hundred, to the length of a stretch limo, and so on.]

[The particularly observant might note the unseen presence of other entities in the car -- sometimes as few as one or two others, sometimes as many as a dozen at once. All but one of the many seats will seem to be occupied by said hidden presences, if one tries to approach them. As far as seen presences go, the driver's odd helmet can be periodically glimpsed between the curtains dividing the driver's and passengers' sections, but the only other person in the passenger area is Souji himself.]

[He's dressed a little oddly (additional reference!). He wears a high-collared coat and slacks, both of them dark, and an ascot at his throat. A variety of metallic objects laid out alongside him -- including a helmet identical to the driver's -- most of them resembling armor in some form. Indeed, Souji doesn't seem to be wearing any metal on him whatsoever, and though an odd sword is still laid across his lap he's clearly relaxed and at ease.]

[And understandably so! The seating is comfortable, the temperature is perfect, the music is relaxing -- there's even two drinks sitting on a small, hard-topped armrest in between Souji and the only free seat. One for him, and one for any visitors.]

[So. Care to join him?]
[Dream Event | Open]
27 May 2011 at 12:26 am
Alma Karma [Not Akuma]
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Should I Break You Before You Fall? )

{OOC: This is Alma's world. The mirrors will show each person a part of themselves, whether it be one they know or one they've never seen before. Feel free to do damage to the room! Alma sure is. Event-style threadjacking is allowed as long as permission was asked for first, and your character does not see what other characters see in the mirrors or pools unless the player(s) say so. Also be warned: Violent and disturbing content is possible in these threads.}
[dream event/open]
27 May 2011 at 12:33 am
Anri Sonohara
[Anri’s standing in the middle of her childhood home. The interior is traditionally Japanese but the rooms themselves are completely devoid of anything resembling love or family. Cupboard doors hang by their hinges; broken glass and blood splatters litter the carpet.

She hasn’t lived here in over five years, but the only thing that’s changed is the inhabitants.

No crying mother. No enraged father.

Masaomi Kida is smiling at her even in death, his chin and neck bubbling with sour blood as he lies at her feet.

Mikado Ryuugamine's glance is glassy and tenuous but utterly focused on her, not quite there yet.
] Why--?

Because, [her voice is steeled, her expression utterly impassive,] this is the only way I can love you.

[She drives Saika home, pushing downward and impaling his heart.]
[ dream - open ]
27 May 2011 at 12:49 am
Tieria Erde
{OOC: cuts are to separate dreams and not kill your friend pages. Also, each dream will be spoiler-rific for certain parts of the Gundam 00 storyline, including side stories that I have found translated.}

Dream One - Origins )

Dream Two - Human Heart )

Dream Three - Operation Underway or Beginning of the End )

Dream Four - Home )

Dream Five - Restart or Full Circle )

Dream Six - The Next Stage (spoiler heavy for 00 movie) )
[dream event/open]
27 May 2011 at 01:16 am
Ryoji Mochizuki
[It's Iwatodai's Moonlight Bride, the middle of the Dark Hour. The sky is green, the water below - blood? No, but it certainly gives that impression.

Walk up a little and you'll see someone you've never seen before. Thanatos looks from the bridge's edge into the water, and has done so for the past several hours. He's floating rather than standing, the sound of his breath laboured and heavy.

And, if you care to look down? Ryoji stares back from the rippling red water, standing in Thanatos's stead.
[dream event/open. Ultraviolence warning.]
27 May 2011 at 01:19 am
(Brief OOC. Gonna be a lot of pictures with this dream, mostly to give you a feel for the grimdark world you're jumping into. Good luck, and enjoy it!)

[The dream begins in a huge airship, ribbed on both sides by huge ceramite cages that look almost like bones. You and your fellows are surrounded by a group of men in black armor, over which color-shifting camouflage cloaks are draped. They have long rifles clutched across their chests, and every man-jack of them is wearing a gas hood and rebreather mask. Come to think of it, you are, as well.]

[There is a brief sussurus of speaking amongst the soldiers, both male and female, before a tall man with a red sash and peaked cap stands before them.]

"Men of Tanith and Vervunhive. Tonight we are making an experimental drop-assault on Cirenholm. We've been assigned to the secondary objective, the vapor-mill, while the Urdeshi stormtroopers take the primary hive-spike. We must take the mill, or the entire assault will falter, or worse, the city itself may be destroyed if the gases the vapor mill processes are built up and burst. You've all been training for months on how to rope from the Valkyries, so I trust you'll all make it to the city itself safely. Be aware, our enemy is of a different caliber from the normal chaos scum we deal with. They are Blood Pact, highly trained, disciplined, and possessed of significantly superior armament compared to the kind of foes you're used to facing. We'll have the drop on them, both literally and figuratively with this assault, but I need you to be aware of any tricks they might pull on the ground. Keep in vox contact with your officers, be sparing with your expenditures of ammunition."

[Gaunt pauses at this, looking over the troops.] "I know we're short-gunned on this. Only 3 magazines per lasrifle is an insultingly small amount. The Munitorium fethed things up, but we'll put it right with straight silver. I expect each of you to bury the knife to the hilt in the hearts of one of these heathen bastards by the end of the assault. Are we clear?"
[After there are nods of assent, Gaunt gestures towards the Valkyrie assault ships which will ferry the Tanith and yourself into battle. They are beak-nosed combat landers, festooned with rocket launchers, heavy bolters, and laser cannon. ]

[The ride is rough, very rough indeed. You can hear chatter from other Valkyries over the vox-systems, as they are hit, and go down flaming over Cirenholm, diving through the clouds of Phantine into the poisonous gas that makes up most of the atmosphere on the horribly polluted world.]

[The bouncing, dull thuds of flak fire going off nearby can be heard, and anyone near the twin door-guns of the Valkyrie can clearly sea the black puffs from airburst shells being described in the atmosphere outside, and occasionally another drop transport will be smashed by either a direct hit, or take fragments into one of the turbofans, starting a long, slow, meteor-like plummet as the engines catch fire, one after the other. There are no parachutes. There's nothing to drop down to, on Phantine, which is choked by gas, just falling forever, until you go mad, or the corrosive gases melt through your flight suit and end your life. Wind-waste, is the technical term for this kind of death.]

[But another kind of death awaits you all, as Cirenholm can be viewed more fully now, and the green lights of the cabin go on, indicating a drop is about to start. Tracers hurtle up into a night sky from a hundred defense emplacements, followed by randomly fired red lasbolts, some of which beat a jaunty tattoo against the armored belly of the Valkyrie Transport.]
[At this point the bolters on your craft start to clatter as their ammunition feeds cycle, making a coughing roar as they lay down suppressive fire to clear the landing Zone, a flat patch of metal on the metallic city-spire you'll all be assaulting in a moment.]

[Gaunt steps to the open hatch, grabbing onto the rope as he prepares to drop to the roofs of Cirenholm.]
"MEN OF TANITH!" [He bellows to you all, his voice crackling over a commbead as his face is concealed by a gas-hood]
"Do you want to live forever?"
[And, before he gets an answer, he's sliding down the rope some 10 meters to the deck.]

(Ooc, start posting at this point and we'll begin the fun.)
[Dream Post]
27 May 2011 at 01:44 am
Neil Dylandy / Lockon Stratos (I)
[ Scene 1 : Open to All]

It's a toy shop that you're in, now. Nothing remarkable about it, save for the utter mess of toys at your feet. Despite the young age of the boy kneeling on the floor, putting something together, the playthings are far from simple. They are action figures and scale models of what would likely be giant robots, if the comparable size to the small vehicles at their feet is any indicator.

The brown-haired boy notices you after a moment and grins wide, blue eyes glimmering with excitement as he pads over. "Hi! Are you here to play, too?" He grabs your hand and plants a red transformable fighter in it. "That's cool, but you have to be the bad guys!" Because the green model he's holding is clearly the hero.

[Scene 2 : Semi-Open]

It's raining. )

(ooc: "Death-buddies" only for the second scene. Existing CR who were taken from as close to dead as they could get by with Marina's rules, or who have since learned they were close to death.

ETA: I might only be tagging one scene at a time because, as you can see, the moods are drastically different. ^^; So please don't be upset if you see tags happening in one thread but not yours!

ETA2: As of 5/28, no more new threads please. I feel rather stretched by what I have, and I am going to have enough trouble working with what I have. Thank you for your understanding!)
[Dream Post]
27 May 2011 at 02:33 am
Jeanne Fránçaix
It's a beautiful night. Jeanne is in the drivers seat of the blue convertible as you both cruise down along the highway. The canvas top is pulled down to let the summer air in. She's wearing her hair longer, now; with waves instead of curls or rolls in it. Her outfit is colorful, as usual, with the blue tie-die shirt hanging just low enough to cover the edge of her shorts.

What was the plan, tonight? Pull up to the local drive-thru theater and catch a late night showing, with an empty parking lot? Or maybe find a back-roads diner for a midnight milkshake. Perhaps she'll just steer on over to that cliff-side parking lot, switch off the lights and you both can watch the stars together.

Whatever the destination, it should be pretty clear what Jeanne's plan is. The music on the radio is pumpin', her lips are painted, and she just can't help but sneak over more glances your way than should be allowed while driving.

The night is hers, and so are you.

((ooc: Open to existing CR! Does not have to be significant CR. Not sure what direction this will take with all parties, but the above destination that you pick will affect the outcome. If you're unsure about something, hit me up on her contact post. Consider this a warning for potential sexy-times~))
[ dream event | open ]
27 May 2011 at 06:42 am
[ dream 1 - labyrinth - walk along a dark, narrow hallway lined with doors. you cannot see the end of the hall, and if you turn around, you won't see where you came from. a minute passes, and then another...

eventually, you begin to hear it: a faint voice. you have to strain to hear it at all, it's weak and it trembles as if through tears. it seems to be coming from behind a door far ahead, off to your left.

behind you, you can hear footsteps; starting softly, the staccato rhythm growing louder and louder--

until a door immediately beside you slams open, and Kamui barrels out. his eyes are slitted and gold, his expression wild.

it takes him a moment to notice you, another to recognize you, if you're someone he knows. in the meanwhile, he snarls, claws raising--

the voice cries out again.
Kamui! and then a sharp cry of pain. Kamui whirls around, panicked. he begins to throw his body against doors, calling a name: Subaru! Subaru!

none of the doors open. no matter how hard he tries. and Kamui himself begins to look like he's in pain. but he keeps trying.

Kamui! another cry and a sob. ... help... me, Kamui... ]


[ dream 2 - wasteland - dust, grime; the smell of something faintly acidic -- it gets in the back of your throat and won't fade. there is a window covered with a ratty plastic tarp; rain patters against it from outside, occasionally dripping into the wall, eating into a small groove from past leaks. it seems that, every so often, the whole building seems to shiver, and a little more concrete dust falls.

Kamui stands by the window in a heavy cloak, watching the rain. on the other side of the room stands a blonde man with an eyepatch. there is a faint, gleaming thread between the two of them.

You made me, the man says. So Subaru wouldn't, is the reply.

Ah, how cold... the man jokes, but it seems flat. Kamui doesn't look away from the window. It's not my problem.

the building shivers again, and Kamui does look up, now -- at you. his eyes narrow.
What do you want? ]

((OOC: In dream #1, feel free to jump in any time after Kamui appears; in dream #2, Fai will just smilesmile at you and not speak, then eventually fade. And feel free to tag just one, or both!))
Location: Day 116 / Sector 2, Apartment / Early Evening
[Dream event | Open]
27 May 2011 at 07:11 am
The Hands. )


The Return. )
[ Dream Event // Semi-Open ]
27 May 2011 at 07:31 am
(( OOC: It’s a mystery game! You join Sherlock in one of his former cases, which he is reliving and has conveniently forgotten the details of. The storyline can be influenced by your character, or you can just be along for the ride/social aspect!

It is assumed that you will be Sherlock’s assistant, but minor roles are open for villains who wish to join in. Please PM/IM if the villain role is your intention and I will see if I can’t fit you in. Interested? Read on! Everyone should realize I’m very wordy by now.

The ‘Semi-Open’ case is first come, first serve. If you see someone replying to that case, PM me to see if you can’t be worked in as well. ))

Premise and Warnings )

Case One - Closed )

Case Two - Closed )
Case Three - Closed )
Case Four - Semi-Open )

[Dream Post | OPEN]
27 May 2011 at 08:29 am
Zero Kiryuu
[The dust surrounding you burns your throat with every breath you manage to take, inhaling the debris from the large building beneath your feet that still came up like smoke from the ashes of a fire. The weight of a weapon at your hand, lifted, targeted. Heavy. Your finger on the trigger, all it would take is to pull it. Pull it and it would end everything.

Yet the gaze that stares back at you is familiar. If you've been in Marina for any period of time, you'd recognize her instantly. Tiny in stature, she doesn't appear to be a threat to anyone but she's likely one of the most dangerous and powerful in the dome. Dressed in a black school uniform, her long brown hair catching the wind occasionally the only movement she makes. The weapon she holds, a scythe that appears larger than she is, is poised to defend herself. Eyes clear. Understanding. Monstrous. Just pull the trigger. Don't think about it. Her gaze never strays, determined to hold your own and not look away. Your hand shakes, unable to gather the strength to pull the trigger.

Don't think about it.

Don't think about it.

And everything suddenly goes black...]

OOC Notes )
[Dream Event]
27 May 2011 at 09:59 am
[It was rather strange. Normally he didn't feel tired until well into the night, after the network had gotten pretty quiet. But tonight Fuuma felt like he was going to fall asleep standing before dinner. Maybe... just a nap. He didn't bother with heading over to the bedroom, he'd just crash on the sofa. It was too early in the evening to actually bother getting completely ready for bed. And it was just a nap.]

Dream.A )

Dream.B )

((OOC: First dream is completely open, but please tell me here if you plan to tag in. I've got final projects to finish this weekend, so I don't want a flood of people, and I might be kind of slow. Second dream is closed to Kamui, Kamui, and Subaru. But if you really want in it, bug me and I will see what I think. For the second dream, most replies will come from the account [info]foundastray!))
[ dream event | semi-open ]
27 May 2011 at 11:47 am
[ has never been one to forgo a cat nap, no matter what time of day it is. when she begins to nod off while playing with Beagle, she kisses his little head and then curls up on Lelouch's bed, perfectly content. ]

[ the one-room house is small, but cozy and well-kept. it seems even smaller because of the dozen or so people milling about, their attentions centered on the bed in the corner by the window. a handful of adults mind the children -- who keep running up to the bed and grasp at the hands of the old woman in it; they call her Oma and hand her flowers that look like they've been pulled from the meadow outside, dirt still clinging to the bottoms. the old woman just smiles and accepts them, curling wrinkled fingers around them.

a few of the adults have dark hair and gold-colored eyes, though others appear totally ordinary. one little boy has green hair and blue eyes. all different color combinations, but they all faintly resemble the old woman. she seems familiar to you, too, despite her wrinkles and pure-white hair; her unremarkable forehead. and as you look around, you notice a few things that seem out of place -- a plush toy in a corner, faded and well-loved. you might remember it being bright orange, last time you saw it. there's a smell of pizza being made on a stone over the kitchen fire, though no one here looks worldly at all. an aged beagle dozes at the foot of the bed, undisturbed by the children who occasionaly play with his ears.

eventually, she notices you -- and smiles, her eyes filling with happy tears. she reaches out a frail hand for you, and the adults shoo the children away to make room by her bedside.

((OOC: Open to castmates and any current CR! She will recognize you and be happy to see you maybe she's senile, if you didn't have that good of a relationship in Marina.))
Location: Day 116 / Sector 4, Casa di vi Britannia / Early Evening
[Dream Event | Open]
27 May 2011 at 12:16 pm
花村 陽介|Yosuke Hanamura
[You're standing in what looks like a department store, specifically, an electronics department, filled mostly with TVs. Two of them have images on them - the largest TV shows Souji, wielding a sword and swinging it at a giant creepy rainbow eye. Another TV shows the rest of his friends -- Kanji, Chie, Yukiko, Rise, Teddie and Naoto all casually talking to one another.]

[As for the other TVs? Creepy red vortex! Yosuke doesn't seem to be paying any attention to those TVs, though. He's standing in front of the largest TV in his school uniform, facing away from it.]


[After saying that, he calls out, but the only sound that comes out is white noise - something like static on a television. Who is he calling out to? It's a girl, also in a school uniform. Her hair is long, light and curly; anyone who knew her well enough would immediately recognize the silhouette as Saki Konishi. Those who don't will just see the vague image of a girl.]

[She's walking away, and not turning back. Yosuke is trying to call out to her still, mouthing the words, but still, it's white noise. As she disappears into one of those creepy red vortexes, Yosuke slumps down.]

[His eye catches the largest of the TV, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, and without Yosuke even noticing, his clothes change into this crazy disco ninja frog suit. Unsure of what to do, he looks at the screens. On the smaller screen, each person slowly fades out of the image, until the screen is blank and replaced with more vortexes.]

[The largest screen shows Souji falling after being hit by Ameno-Sagiri, and then fading as well, the image also replaced by a vortex. With that he just stays on the floor, kneels pulled to his chest.]

OOC notes! )
27 May 2011 at 12:37 pm
Yuri Lowell
[ Welcome to a lovely little city. There are plenty of people about, and they're cheerful and friendly; they'll wave at you as you pass on by. There might be something a little bit quaint about the buildings and the way people around you are dressed. Cobblestone streets, arching doorways -- and the tallest building anywhere is the castle, not so very far away but somehow distinctly remote. On some level, you just know you can't get there.

Do you need any help? Directions, a tour? Have you lost any possessions? (Because the people here are mostly nice but some of them might steal your purse.) Well, never fear, because a young knight is heading your way.

He looks to be around sixteen or seventeen, and his eyes are bright. Yuri won't recognize you, but he is so pleased to be useful. Let him be useful for you? Or just gawk a little at the tiny puppy following in his wake. ]

((ooc: Opennnn.))
010: Dreams of immortality [dream | semi-open | part 1 of 2(?)]
27 May 2011 at 12:57 pm
[Scene 1 | The 'Gift' | Semi-Open]  )

[Scene 2 | The Accident | Open]  )

((ooc: there will be another 4 dream sequences for Minako, but they will not necessarily take up a post each - probably just another 1 post.

Both scenes are especially open to Mokou and Lambdadelta, but any other people who might be able to dream of living under the same roof as Minako could do so! Namely Nakama, castmates, and just about anyone else she's met while she's here, maybe.

Scene 2 is open to anyone and everyone. It will eventually end with Minako being knocked off the building and onto the ground below, nonetheless.

Scene 3 will be open only to participants from Scene 2 + a few friends of Minako that might have heard of her demise from the participants of Scene 2, and will be added on to this post itself, once Scene 2 has been concluded.))
[Dream Event]
27 May 2011 at 01:55 pm
Princess Zelda
[The dream begins with a view of the castle courtyard, a small clearing of grass and flowers surrounded by high walls of stone. A set of steps leads up to a raised area underneath a darkened window with the symbol of the Triforce engraved above. It is clear from this viewpoint that besides the trees, and the flowers, and the grass, there is nothing living in this scene. For this one moment, everything is still, and everything is silent.

Without warning, the view switches to a close-up look at the window. It is impossible to see what is on the other side though the layers of dust and dirt that have built up over the glass, but that does not seem to matter to Zelda, who has suddenly appeared to stand beside it.]

Will you look through the window?

((OOC: Zelda dungeon-style dream! This post is closed to those with permission, since I will shortly be going on a trip and will not have much time to tag. If you would like to tag in, please poke me first on plurk or Zelda's contact post.))
[Dream event] Open
27 May 2011 at 02:01 pm
Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima
[It's dark here. The water all around is difficult to see through, but it's possible from the light from a moon that can't be seen, except for a few dark patches. Despite being underwater, breathing is still easy. Should you panic and try to swim to the surface, it's covered in ice. Breaking through is impossible, even though it doesn't seem very thick.

The teen whose dream this is hasn't bothered with trying to escape. He's distracted by the cold and the very heavy scent around him. Those darker patches of water? Aren't water. It's blood, fresh and a lot of it which is taking it's time to disperse.

Lind lets his body hang in the water, both hands near his head. Eyes are tight shut, trying to block out the dream. But he can't, not with the sharp smell of blood bothering him and the feeling of water all around him. It's a memory he hates, that he doesn't want to remember. He's shivering violently, but not moving aside from that. He can't open his eyes, he can't try to find a way out. He's too afraid that he'll find the rest of this memory, of finding her dead...

He grits his teeth, trying not to remember that. Have to block out the memory, had to make it stop...]
[Dream Event | Closed] The ground -- can you cover me... ?
27 May 2011 at 02:08 pm
Ken Hidaka
[Ken had spent the day fixing up the place he was going to move into within the next few days and while he is sure to not have done anything overly strenuous, maybe all that dusting, cleaning and moving furniture about caught up with him... but it was still early...!

Oh, never mind the bare mattress -- maybe a quick nap would be okay. Just a quick one, thirty minutes, even fifteen! Just... a little...]

----- I - Black -----
What's the point in trying to get away? The never ending search to find escape -- It's gonna leave you cold. )

----- II - White -----
This is the last breath I think I'll ever take, this is the last move I think I'll ever make. )

(( OOC: Dreams are closed to Hei, Otoha, Ashura and Buffy. If you'd like to hop in, feel free to poke Ken's contact post so we can work something out! Also, I will be VERY SLOW in replying but I'll be backtagging FOREVER. ;; o7 Lyrics credit: "Cover Me" by Mae. ))
[Dream Event | Closed] So now I'm branded for taking the fall
27 May 2011 at 02:21 pm
Sasha (Athena)
[The downpour earlier had only served as gentle music as she pored through books in the library. Pictures and words drew her into worlds she doesn't know of, making it easy to lose track of time. But was it already evening? She should perhaps be heading home and make dinner but her eyes felt tired. Maybe closing them for a few minutes would be alright, no harm in that...]

----- I - Home -----
And all that I have is all that I want.... and all that I have is yours. )

----- II - Battlefield -----
Painted skies -- I've seen so many that cannot compare, to your ocean eyes. )

(( OOC: Closed to Zelda, Tobias, Gaunt, Greed and Tieria. If you'd like to hop in, feel free to poke Sasha's contact post so we can work something out! Also, I will be VERY SLOW in replying but I'll be backtagging FOREVER. Lyrics credit: "The Sun and The Moon" by Mae. ))
Dream Event | Open
27 May 2011 at 02:27 pm
[It was a battlefield.

That was the basic sense of it, anyways. It was much more complicated than that. All around people roared and cried out in mixtures of pain and victory. The place smelled of blood, if one could smell in dreams that is. The mind could play so many tricks, could it not? Ashura remembered it though and smelled it, smelled the acrid scent of smoke and burnt flesh. That would always be imprinted in his brain, no matter how the years passed. Of that he was sure.

He was astride his dragon horse, a large, four legged creature lined with dark red scales and a long, narrow face. Add in a maw filled with fangs and claws that could gouge through rock, and the creature was a death machine in and of itself. But then, that was why they were war animals. He was dressed in a simple white and black outfit with a single shoulder plate and a red obi wrap around his hips. In his hand glittered his crystal sword, clean of blood, though a pool of it lay beside Ashura and his mount - a perfect little spattered circle. His golden eyes watched the scene from his rocky overlook, the roaring and the screaming. He was dispassoniate, seemingly detached. Men fell and he did not so much as blink.

From behind him a soldier leaped, a war cry on his lips. Ashura twisted on his perch on his mount's back (he rode bareback), not at all worried and with a single sweep of his arm brought his sword around and sliced open his dream opponent. The man cried out and fell, tumbling over the side of the outcropping and Ashura went back to watching over the battlefield as if nothing had happened at all. ]

[ooc: totally open, and this is probably a side of ashura most people have never seen. You may choose to get hurt on the field or not, up to you since it IS a dream after all. Ashura knows it is and if he sees someone wander in he will come to 'defend' them. Also, you just might see some things from his past, if you're interested.]
[Dream Event]
27 May 2011 at 03:21 pm
[It's starting to get late. Allelujah doesn't usually go to sleep this early, but today he's pretty tired. Hallelujah's rather quiet, too… so he might as well go to bed.]

Dream 1 )

Dream 2 )

[[ooc; First dream is open to anyone who's got some CR with Allelujah! The second one is completely open.]]
[Dream Event | Open]
27 May 2011 at 03:30 pm
Hiling Care
Track 1: Trau, schau, wem!

[Welcome to the CBS Celestial Being. From this colony spaceship overlooking the Earth, humanity is ruled over by the gods of this new world. Victorious over the terrorists who dared challenge them, the Innovades are revered as the saviors of mankind. Years have passed since then and the peace is strictly enforced.

In Ribbons' absence, Hiling was left in charge. Having no pressing matters to attend to, she can do as she pleases. But a peaceful world means no battles for her to fight. She often grows restless with boredom. Occasionally, she will invite a guest to entertain her, though if she requires attention at that very moment, a servant will do. A number of captives are also kept for this purpose if she happens to be in the mood. She hums a tune to herself as she enters the room, flanked by two taller Innovades, and favors the occupant with a small smile.]

Track 2: Human After All

[The only light in the room comes from the soft glow of a clear chamber. The sleeping form inside is recognizable as Hiling, only with certain modifications. From what is visible, one might notice her figure is distinctly feminine, in contrast to her usual ambiguous form. Somehow, she has become human. She begins to stir and open her eyes.]
[dream post]
27 May 2011 at 03:45 pm
#1 - The Cage // Open
Only you can ease my loneliness. )

#2 - Having Fun Yet? // Semi-open
Is a murder a murder if it is forever lost in history? )

((OOC: First one is completely open. Second one is open to those she has a fairly good amount of CR with. Second one--minor gore warning. Or medium gore warning. Point is there will be a bloody corpse chasing Mokou (and YOUUU, if you choose to intervene) around.))
[Dream Event | Open]
27 May 2011 at 05:53 pm
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
[You are surrounded by the harsh geometry of a ruined kingdom. There is no sign of life--only molten gold, fire, and the dark red of congealing blood. All around lay the corpses of white-shelled men, women, and children, clad in gowns and tunics of beautiful pastel hidden by blood and gore. They’ve been slashed cleanly apart at head or torso by an unthinkably sharp blade. Great idols of frogs have been cleanly beheaded and defaced, and once-proud towers dozens of stories high stand like broken tombstones over the kingdom. Nonsensically, the occasional pile of sand rises up in the middle of a street or the edge of a room.]

[Above, the sky splits in two with a strange juxtaposition of day and night: on one side, an orb of the most gorgeous and perfect blue sky where white puffy clouds drifting along lazily, and the other, a velvet black void streaked with the red trails of an uncomfortably close meteor shower. Several hurtle toward the planet, only for a shifting spirograph portal to appear in time to swallow it up and send it elsewhere.]

[Among the silent and eerie landscape, a woman’s voice pierces the silence with a song. Her voice is thin and weak, but the words come easily, like a well-worn hymn.]

...they wait for she who would thaw solid flesh, and resolve it into dew...

[Perhaps you are standing on a street, or wandering a corridor. Maybe you are in a grand cathedral with defaced religious icons, or in a ruined room that opens up onto a balcony. No matter where you may be, the singer is just out of view.]
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27 May 2011 at 06:07 pm
Euphemia li Britannia
[Dream 1 | Fun and Games | Open]
[The room is lavish and elegant. It's spacious and not just because the furniture within is proportioned for a child. There are dolls, toys, books, and games all neatly arranged within the space. There is also an area set up for a tea party. Maybe you were invited? Or you could play with the realistic dollhouse or the dress up clothes or the puzzles or the chess set? Really, anything at all is fine with the little girl that occupies this room. She loves having visitors.

There's only one rule—don't open the door.

But you wouldn't do that, would you? No, it's better to stay in here. Stay away. Stay safe.]

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[Dream 2 | Revealing | Open]
[Suddenly you're dancing and across from you is a girl in an elaborate ball gown. Her face is hidden as is yours, but the long, pink hair might give her away. You're in a magnificent ballroom and there seem to be other people around, but her eyes are only for you. There is just something in the air, isn't there? Dance, talk, have some punch, and follow wherever the night leads.]

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27 May 2011 at 06:16 pm
Lacus Clyne
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((OOC: Mood music from SEED by FictionJunction YUUKA, for anyone interested! Anyone may tag or just observe, but if you'd like to observe please make a brief lurker tag just for my information~ Also, pilots can feel free to be using the various mobile suits in the battle!))
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27 May 2011 at 07:26 pm
[Otoha's already asleep, in a hospital bed. The bots wouldn't let him leave with his arm injured like it is - he's lost too much blood already.]

The dream - warning for LOTS OF BLOOD. )

[[ooc; For reference on the setting, see this video at about 4:21 in. This dream is open to all! Feel free to come across Otoha in the darkness. He's not going anywhere.]]
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27 May 2011 at 08:12 pm
[There are wide, rolling green fields all around with trees scattered on the landscape. The sun is high overhead, the skies a bright blue, and the air is warm. A great sense of peace seems to stretch over the land, and if one wanders enough, they'll come across a vast lake of pure, cool water. Link is sitting on the shore, a fishing pole in his hand, and he casts it occasionally but doesn't seem perturbed by the fact that he isn't catching anything.]

[A beautiful red mare is grazing nearby, saddled, and she'll lift her head to watch suspiciously if anyone comes close, but she won't move. The boy stretches a little, and occasionally murmurs affectionate things to the mare, who flicks her ears and snorts in return. If you watch him long enough, you'll see a glowing, light blue orb circling around his head--a fairy.]
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27 May 2011 at 10:14 pm
[ Dream Option 1: Open ]

Where the fuck did this fog come from! [ Fou tripped over a tree root and landed her on hands and knees, biting her lip. Kicking the root for good measure, she looked over her shoulder before finally pulling herself up against the nearest tree trunk. She really couldn't see much at all :| ]

Whatever. The fog has to end sometime. [ Sulking, Fou took another tentative step forward, keeping her hands spread out wide. But that doesn't help the next time she trips over something. Something soft, something weak. Something… that looked like a human body. Biting her knuckle, Fou scrambled for a pulse. There was none.

Swearing, she traced her fingers over the bone structure, trying to paint a mental picture, but that was a vain endeavor as the fog lifted just enough for her to make out Wong's features. Dear, kind, compassionate Wong… dead.

Sobbing, Fou got back to her feet, stumbling further into the fog, picking out the lumps of tattered flesh and mangled bodies. All strewn out in front of her. Wong, Roufa, Jerry, everyone. All there. Picking up her pace, Fou ran, searching for her friends, her loved ones… For Bak. ]

((ooc: Feel free to come in however you please be it a random run-in or a corpse coming back to life. I'm good with anything.))

[ Dream Option 2: Open ]

You stupid, fucking pot! I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't stop being a pain in the butt! [ Fou kicked the black metal and hopped on one foot, cursing. She'd been at washing duty for several hours already but this, this just took the cake. Mumbling, Fou got back down on her hands and knees, crawling into the confined space and got to scrubbing. Somehow, someway, that pot was coming clean! ]

((ooc: I know I had three options up originally, but after sitting down and really thinking about it, I couldn't come up with an easy way to incorporate story-telling time. Nor did I have the time myself to look up some Chinese folk tales/stories either so I had to let it go. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to that!))