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May 27th, 2013

[info]soundofwings in [info]doorslogs

Who: Iris and Ian
What: A Vegas Reunion (aka Surprise, I'm not Dead!)
Where: Ian's rather large estate
When: The same night he finds her on the journals, and as this
Warnings/Rating: Their relationship is skewed and she's unstable. That being said, nothing bad happens here. It's actually sort of sweet if you ignore the creeper factor.

She didn't know what to do )

[info]mcrory in [info]doorslogs

Who: Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn
What: Girls just wanna have fun, and so, they do
Where: Gotham: a museum, a toy store, and a car
When: Backdated: pre-Crane plot
Warnings/Rating: Thievery and ladies on the loose.

Ivy hadn't been bluffing when she'd told the riddling man that she intended to find out just which kind of Harley had wandered back into Gotham this time. )

[info]flirty in [info]doorslogs

Who: Lin Alesi & Tristan Sable
What: Tears for fears, hugs for thugs, and a confused hermit.
Where: Passages
When: Backdated: pre-13th Fairy Plot
Warnings/Rating: Allusions to murder, lots of crying, some swears.

It both wasn’t what he’d expected, and yet made perfect sense, and he found himself studying the decaying lines of the building, knowing that they would make it into a painting soon. From the feel of it, maybe something about nightmares. )

[info]grandemauvais in [info]doorslogs

Who: Rose and Wolf
What: Rose is minding her own business and Wolf tries to eat her. Not in the sexy way.
Where: The forest around Rose's cottage, then the cottage.
When: Recently.
Warnings/Rating: A is for Action, P is for Paranoid, C is for Count on some bloodthirstiness and gore.

Nature had always loved her, as had the creatures that roamed the woods and the greenery beyond. This was home, and she felt safe. )