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Mar. 16th, 2014


Who: Loki, Thor, and Tony
What: Loki prisoner transfer. Also spit.
Where: Bifrost zapping, Stark Tower party crashing
When: Backdated to a bit ago, before the Avengers found out about the sneakin'.
Warnings/Rating: Safe, no swears.

'Almost as if the man who built it had something to prove. Fit for a king, even.' )

Jan. 22nd, 2014


Who: Louis (but mostly Loki) and Chloe
What: Loki plants the final piece of evidence and does a good Louis impression for Chloe.
Where: Chloe's apartment.
When: When Louis goes back to the apartment to get a change of clothes.
Warnings/Rating: None!

'Why are you here?' she asked after a moment, instantly wary, drawing herself back into the apartment with the door open only a foot to allow for interaction. )
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Dec. 29th, 2013


Who: Lin and Louis
What: A meetup to give up the gun, pre-plot.
Where: A local Japanese place.
When: Pre-plot.
Warnings/Rating: None!

Lin prayed. He really did, I swear to God. )

Dec. 13th, 2013


Who: Remus and Loki
What: Trying to fix the werewolf problem
Where: Asgard
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Nein

Under his droll distaste there was a screeching, clawing desperation to get out, to cut himself loose of this place, to create havoc. The months of being young and naive enough to believe that life was as simple as right and wrong made him want to tear this whole realm down, piece by piece. )

Dec. 11th, 2013


Who: Thor and Loki
What: Thor and Loki share some quiet before the storm - and then there's a storm. Including sentencing, aging back up, and Thor going after his idiot brother.
Where: Asgard
When: Before Loki crashed in Iceland recently.
Warnings/Rating: None.

And when it was done, Gungnir remained upright in the sand, unmovable, the only sign that the King would return. )

Dec. 4th, 2013


Who: Loki/Louis [Narrative]
What: In which everyone made the mistake of letting Loki be bored and he gets the ball rolling downhill toward Chloe at a good clip.
Where: Louis' place.
When: After Neil's post.
Warnings/Rating: Rated M for Mischief.

Heaven forbid the god of mischief get bored, particularly when heaven had promised never to let such a thing happen again. )

Oct. 11th, 2013


Who: Louis and Casey
What: Bonding and such after Casey's accident
When: After Casey's accident when he was in hospital!
Where: ...The Hospital

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign, Life is demanding without understanding, I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign, No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong, But where do you belong? )

Sep. 29th, 2013


Who: Neil, Sam, Louis, and Lin.
What: Visiting the carnival for a well-earned break.
Where: The carnival.
When: Before the dust storm.
Warnings/Rating: None!

Neil couldn’t actually remember ever having been to a carnival. )

Sep. 27th, 2013


Who: Remus and Loki
What: A meet up and a magic showing off.
Where: Gwen's apartment (Marvel Door)
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: None!

Do play with your hat boxes while I'm away )

Sep. 9th, 2013


Who: Louis (Narrative)
What: Louis' time in the hospital, and being set free.
Where: The mental hospital he was checked into after the accident.
When: After meeting with Toby.
Warnings/Rating: Depression, various mental health stuff.

His therapist asked him why he always had to measure himself against others, even in his troubles, and he had no answer for her. )

Sep. 7th, 2013


Who: Toby and Louis
What: First evaluation at the hospital.
Where: The mental hospital.
When: Post-Louis getting booked after the car accident.
Warnings/Rating: None.

There's nothing wrong about being here. The people here can and will help you. I will help you. If you needed heart surgery, for instance, you wouldn't leave right after it's over, would you? There's still recovery to speak of, making sure that when you walk out of here, you don't end up back in our care immediately. )

Aug. 21st, 2013


Who: Loki and Flash
What: Loki gets some schooling in pretending to be a human male from Flash.
Where: The mall, yo.
When: Recently.
Warnings/Rating: None! Pretzels!

It shows people you’re confident. Or creepy, if you do it wrong. )

Aug. 20th, 2013


Who: Louis (Narrative)
What: Louis loses it at last, and the police arrive to be players in the show.
Where: A street in Vegas.
When: Today.
Warnings/Rating: Blood, mental illness.

It's not, it's not what you give but it's what you kept / It's not, it's not who you kill but it's who you left )

Jul. 26th, 2013


Who: Lin and Louis
What: Lin stops Louis from doing something very stupid.
Where: Louis' apartment.
When: Immediately following Louis' meltdown on the journals.
Warnings/Rating: Theoretical violence?

Politely as possible in a state of near panic, Lin listened to the little talk about the gun. )

Jul. 21st, 2013


Who: Louis and Neil
What: An altercation.
Where: Neil's apartment.
When: Immediately following their phone conversation.
Warnings/Rating: Sadness and some blood.

'What the hell, Louis,' he snapped, swinging high and knuckles connecting with his cheekbone. )

Jul. 9th, 2013


Who: Thor and Loki
What: Talking after Loki finally wakes up from his coma thing.
Where: Asgard [Marvel Door]
When: Before the plot.
Warnings/Rating: None! Brotherly angst and some fuzzes!

Even he knew that Loki needed to find his own way and whatever leniency he could get for him he would, but Thor would not pull him from Midgard to Asgard unless he had to. It was better that he spend his time wherever he could be happy. )
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Jun. 16th, 2013


Who: Ian, Sam, Iris, Louis, and Neil, with special guests Drake, Ash, and Joey.
What: Rescuing Sam.
Where: Ian's house.
When: Immediately following the debacle on the forums.
Warnings/Rating: General creepiness.

In the short time she'd been there, she'd gotten used to Ian coming and going and doing as he pleased, and it showed. )

Jun. 6th, 2013


Who: Louis & Seven
What: Looking for a friend
Where: Neil's place at the Aria
When: Backdated, a day or so after this.
Warnings/Rating: Rudeness?

A muscle worked in Seven’s jaw, and his gaze was a weary thing. He chose not to mention the fact that he felt like his chest might collapse in on itself if he didn’t talk to Sam, if she didn’t tell him how to stop being a selfish fuck and just be there for Liam. )
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May. 29th, 2013


Who: Loki and Thor

What: Rebuilding the Bifrost pt 2

Where: Asgard

When: Recent

Warnings/Rating: None

He thought of when he had hung from this bridge, and wondered if his brother would take him by the hand and hurl him off, try to be done with him forever. But no. Thor was loyal, too loyal, so loyal that he would not even mend his own problems with the natural, easy solution of killing them at the root. )


Who: Loki and Thor

What: Rebuilding the Bifrost

Where: Thor's chambers, Asgard

When: Recent

Warnings/Rating: Nada

'I do so love it when something escapes your capability to smash and beat your problems into submission, and I must be called' )

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