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March 6th, 2013

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I suggest someone put a muzzle on that man before I stop playing nice.

Family/Friends filter

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We may have a problem.

March 5th, 2013

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So, would you care to explain why you are so upset, or do I need to drag it out of you?


You aren't planning to go after that witch, are you?

[Tenel Ka and Jaina]

Do we have a consensus that Jacen is not to go anywhere near that witch?

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[Filtered away from evil, Maleficent, Jacen and Anakin]

I think I have a problem.

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[Filtered to Family and Tahiri (who basically is also this filter]

Are you all well?  

If not, tell me, don't hide it. Its better that I know now.


I don't know what exactly you want but at some point we will likely cross paths if you target anyone I care for.

I was going to say don't but you will anyway, your sort always do. When you do though, be ready.

By the way, all the little 'Fun with senses'. Inventive. I'm actually impressed.

February 7th, 2013

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And people say the Dark Side is...
Its difficult not to just
Kriff I can't

[Tenel Ka]

It seems he's back my love.

And if he is...

The urge to just find and end him is overwhelming. He hurt our child.


I apologise if I was overly...angry with you. But you know why I worry


How are you settling?


How are you since he left? I know we don't speak and I know there are clear and very good reasons why but all the same, we were close once. I'm allowed worry.


I still very much want to tear that creature apart limb from limb with every ounce of power I have

Tell me, How to make them understand...

January 4th, 2013

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Blue? Syn? ...Mom? I can't feel th KRAYT! Doesn’t matter what primitive piece of kane a bar you sleemos dump me on, it won’t stop me from killing every last one of you! You reading this, Krayt? How many of your Sith’d I kill at the temple? Dozens? Hundreds?! I’ll kill ‘em all. I’ll kill them all and then I’m coming for you, and this time I'll make damn sure you're dead for good, you miserable piece of dung!

(OOC: Yes, Forcies, the word of the day is RAGESPIKE.)

December 16th, 2012

Filtered to Tenel Ka

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Are you still upset with me?

December 5th, 2012

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Some have returened. I suspect at the whim of the seal.

If she is not one of them I will tear this world asunder before Lucifer looks up from licking his wounds.

And I can.

(OOC - Usual deal Force/Psychics. Not quiiite Caedus but not super far away. Made of darkside angry)

December 3rd, 2012

Had about enough of your bullshit, evil

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The medbay is secure. We... I... Martha didn't make it.


I'm sorry. I tried. I never wanted
I couldn't save her
I need

December 1st, 2012

Filtered Against evil, Jerry, Katherine, possessed people, and minors

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So during this discussion with Hermione, she's brought up some fairly good points. Kids are more likely to lose things, so depending on the amulets may not be enough. I don't like the idea of allowing kids that young to get a permanent tattoo, but getting some temps made up might not be a bad idea. Or, if we ever get this power inhibition sorted out, perhaps looking into some way to create an imprint on the skin using magic so that it is painless.

Though, like I said to Hermione there, even if you have the tattoo, somethign could happen to damage it. So, those of you with the tattoo, I'd recommend wearing the amulet as well, especially given the current situation.

That matter aside... I've been thinking. The Seal seems to like sending kids through to this shithole far too often. And I know some of them are getting old enough that they can manage on their own, and others show up and have family here that can look after them. But then we get ones like Hermione, who are far too young to be living on their own. It might be a good idea to set up some kind of foster care system for kids, say, 15 and younger, or thereabouts. We could set up a list of volunteers, stable adults who would be able to look after a child until the Seal pulls them back or sends an adult they know and trust through. Any thoughts on this?

November 29th, 2012

filtered against evil

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I know people have things on their minds much weightier than this seems, but I hate this newest wish reversal, I really do. When I adopted my dog, Daisy, she'd been rescued from a dog fighting ring and was blind in one eye, had a back leg that had been amputated, and a bunch of scars. I used my wish to heal her and so now... it's just awful, having her follow me around the apartment crying because she can't understand what's happening and why I can't fix it or where Krypto is. I can accept this seal taking its spasms of whatever this is out on me, but my dog never did anything to anyone.

Stay at my place tonight? We should stick together right now.

Family minus Anakin and plus Tahiri
Everyone's all right? Staying safe? I've been waiting to talk to him, there's only so much unfamiliar anyone can handle at once and if he doesn't remember this place or us...

Filtered from Evil

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Its actually not that difficult to fight when people actually work as a team as opposed to a bickering mass.

Still nothing close to being considered an army but, progress

[Tenel Ka]

How do I tell my brother I
I haven't even been able to tell you the extent of
Tenel Ka...

Well this has gotten more complicated. Any advice on how to proceed my love?


Whereever you are, whatever you are doing. You will come to me now. Consider it an order.

And before you talk to him. There is much we have to discuss.

[Family Filter sans Anakin]

So, any advice on how to break it to him?

November 26th, 2012

Filtered against Evil, Jerry, Katherine and Jacen

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Does anyone else have a fucking problem with the fact that Jacen Solo is deliberately not filtering and refusing to say why? Because I don't know about anyone else, but I was led to believe letting fucking Lucifer hear about that kind of shit was a BAD idea.

Anyone else care to explain what the fuck he thinks he's doing, since he's decided he's fucking above everyone else and doesn't have to let anyone else in on his grand fucking master plan?

Suspicious activity and condescending assholes aside, I know there's people here who make weaponry or know people who do. The hunter's armory has been fucking emptied out, so if you are looking to arm yourself right now, you are shit out of luck. We need to restock immediately, ESPECIALLY since everyone seems to be back down to normal human capabilities right now.

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Since we have a credible threat once again, patrols, every hour. Leaving and returning back to the complex.

If anyone doesn't 'play well with others' I don't want to hear it. Understood.

[Tenel Ka & Allana]

Be ready and keep safe. If you must patrol then fine, but nothing stupidly heroic, alright.

[Jaina & Mara]

The hunt will keep. Get back here


Are you prepared to fight Tahiri? Can you? If you can't, tell me now.

November 16th, 2012

Filter to Tenel Ka

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How are you about her being here?

Tahiri I mean. From that point in time?

November 14th, 2012

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What is this? Where am I? Return me now, or you will regret it. I must face the mistakes I've made and pay the price Krel os'a hmi va ta

[ooc: no exact translation, but a general exclamation of defiance against unknown odds]

October 24th, 2012

Filtered to parents, against Storybrooke

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My daughter turned 29 yesterday. I've only known her a year. Does it get easier?

October 23rd, 2012

Filtered Against Evil

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It's been so long since I'd been to the library, I had missed it. There's a job position open.I highly recommend those of you that have not been checking out the local library.

I do not know a number of you, but my name is Tenel Ka. I am one of a number of jedi here.

At one point I piloted a book club with a group here, but the group dispersed after some drama without our little community. I had asked Darcy to take the reins on it, but she has been gone for some time now.

Would there be any interested in attempting this again?

Also, which candies are the best? I need to pick some up for 'Halloween'.


I think I'm going to apply for an open position at the library.


I'd like to do something soon, just the two of us, what do you say?

September 22nd, 2012


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I do not want to have any discussion with your current company, but I want you to know that I do want to work things out between us.

I love you and despite what happened I do not want to lose you or separate completely. My father does not agree I do not want to go through what Jaina is facing I married you and I want to work on our relationship. Should Caedus become a problem again I won't make the same mistakes.

We should discuss what we want to tell Allana.


I made a decision in regards to my relationship. I've noticed that another person from your home has shown up here. Is she a friend of your's?

How is your son?
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